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  1. 1. Sherwin Lu 3241 N. Clifton Ave, Unit #3 Chicago, IL 60657 (312) 224-8959 B.A. Computer Information Science University of California, Santa Cruz 1993 Objective Seeking a senior management position at a dynamic and exciting company with a promising future. Career Skills • Business Development • Customer relations / training • Systems Architecture • Planning/Budgeting • Design Specification • Staff Supervision/Training • Product Management • Project Management • Software Development Methodology • Testing / implementation Career Achievements • Over 13 years of IT industry experience in multiple engineering organizations (software architect/development/consulting, technical support, and release management). • Over 10 years of managing, architecting and developing web-based enterprise applications. • Over 4 years recruiting and managing development teams. • Experience introducing and enforcing development standards and processes to startup environments. • Proven track record for leading teams to deliver shippable products on time and on budget. • Negotiated features and timelines as part of a collaborative multi-University development project. • Worked with executive and development teams to identify functional requirements, generate analysis documents and software application specifications for different phases of the product. • Managed and architect several successful applications that were shipped to customers. • Responsible for overseeing the architecture for an engineering division that included over 50 engineers. • Speaker at the JBoss World. Architected a project that won honorable mention for the JBoss Best Practices Innovation Award. • Strong technical development background (Java, J2EE, C/C++) and relational database skills (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PL/SQL). • Experience designing and building E-Commerce, Supply-Chain, Enterprise Information Retrieval/Management and E-Learning applications. • Sit on the board of advisors for several San Francisco Bay Area startups. SHERWIN LU • 400 N. LA SALLE DR., APT. #4201 • CHICAGO, IL 60610 PHONE (312) 224-8959 • FAX (707) 202-7689 • E-MAIL SHERWINLU@HOTMAIL.COM
  2. 2. Career Experience Director of Enterprise Architecture La Petite Academy, Chicago, IL Apr 2005 – present As a key member of the senior IT management team, my primary responsibility is to define the enterprise architecture for La Petite Academy, including identifying hardware and software systems required to support the service oriented architecture. In addition, worked with the CIO to define the IT strategy and ensure the business goals were aligned. • Responsible for selecting all the software and development tools used in the company, including IDE, Application Server, UML, Data Modeling, ESB, O/R Mapping, Web Framework, Build Tool, Testing Framework, Functionality Testing, Performance Testing, Web Development, Source Control Management. • Introduced Java/J2EE technology, including newer technologies such as JMS (Java Messaging System), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Web Services and open-source/cost-saving technologies (MySQL 5.0, JBoss/Tomcat). • Developed the architecture for the company’s Optimal Program Staffing (OPS) application. The application allowed the company to improve its execution by providing decision makers with real-time staff status of all 650+ schools. The application is anticipated to reduce labor costs by up to $25.3M or 15% annually. • The OPS application was designed using a mix of open-source technologies (JBoss Application Server/Portal, Hibernate, Spring, JSF) and proprietary technology (Cape Clear ESB and Fair Isaac Blaze, Information Builders WebFocus). • Responsible for defining the IT developer roles and recruiting and hiring the developers, including phone screening and in-person interviewing. • Negotiated with vendors for pricing the software and hardware for the company. Worked with the La Petite lawyer to draft up contracts (software license agreements, maintenance services agreements, and service level agreements). • Responsible for overseeing and selecting consulting agency selection process, including writing the Request for Information (RFI) and being the company’s liaison for all questions. • Responsible for developing Proof of Concepts (POCs) to prove that the architecture works with the hardware. • Oversaw the remote development team in Overland Park, KS and an external consulting agency to ensure that the projects are developed according to the architecture that was laid out. Skills: Java/J2EE, Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Service Bus, JSF, EJB (Message Driven Beans), JMS, Hibernate, Subversion SCM, Windows 2003, JBoss Portal Server, MagicDraw UML, Apache Ant, Apache Log4j, Jakarta Tomcat, JBoss Application Server, Microsoft Visio, Eclipse, Fair Isaac Blaze Advisor, Cape Clear ESB, IBI WebFocus Business Intelligent Senior Architect / Technical Lead (Independent Consultant) Various Companies Aug 2002 – Apr 2005 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Chicago, IL Helped Blue Cross Blue Shield IT meet aggressive deadlines. Worked closely with the program manager to help architect and build the BCBS Insurance Product Catalog Workflow Management software. The application was built using JSP, J2EE (Servlet) and Struts technology. • Attended meetings with various internal BCBS divisions to understand the requirements as well as to determine the architectural requirements and design. SHERWIN LU • 400 N. LA SALLE DR., APT. #4201 • CHICAGO, IL 60610 PHONE (312) 224-8959 • FAX (707) 202-7689 • E-MAIL SHERWINLU@HOTMAIL.COM
  3. 3. • Designed the application to be J2EE application server agnostic as well as RDBMS vendor agnostic. • Application ran on both BEA Weblogic and IBM Websphere as well as Oracle database and Microsoft SQL Server database. • Used ERWin/Visio to design the physical data model and Rational Rose/Visio to design the UML diagrams. • Implemented a tree-structure relationship between different components of the application using the composite design pattern. Sylantro Communications, Inc., Campbell, CA Represent Sylantro at a strategic customer site -- SBC Communications Chicago. Worked with SBC developers to build SBC's PremierServSM Hosted IP Communication Service application on top of the Sylantro EJB API. • Responsible for keeping management informed of the SBC development progress and acted as a liaison between SBC & Sylantro. • Helped the SBC developers understand the Sylantro EJB-based API and how to implement certain functionalities. In addition, was responsible for implementing the Call Treatment functionality of the application. Network Appliance, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA Worked with the NetApp IT development team to help them design and implement various components of the SupportEdge 1.0 release -- a web CRM-based application that allows NetApp customers to create and manage their technical support requests. • Managed the day-to-day activities of the other NetApp contractors. Provided technical guidance and broke the project into granular parts and then distributed the workload to the different NetApp contractors. • Responsible for designing and implementing an object cache to store CRM Case-related data. Several modules use this cache to optimize the query retrieval. Worked with different development team members to finalize the API for the caching mechanism. • Architect and coordinated the efforts to design and implement the attachment module. The module allows users to upload a file and associate it with the CRM Case from the JSP UI. • Developed the SOAP protocol for the attachment module to allow external clients to access the attachment functionality. Developed the corresponding SOAP Client initially using Apache SOAP and then upgraded it to Apache AXIS. Stanford University, Stanford, CA Responsible for designing the architecture for Stanford’s open-source Assessment and Assignment Manager (AAM) application which will be deployed on-campus and used by 20,000 users including students and faculty. • Represented Stanford University as part of the Navigo consortium -- a joint venture between Stanford University, University of Michigan and University of Indiana to build an open-source IMS and OKI compliant assessment application that can be deployed in any environment as a web-based application or as a web-service application. • Managed and delegated the development efforts to the development staff based upon their expertise. • The eLearning assessment application was designed to be IMS and OKI compliant and was deployable in any environment as a web-based application. • Developed AAM from its inception, including determining the best of breed technologies that satisfy project requirements and available resources. • Designed the schema for the project with multiple database considerations (Oracle and MySql). • Developed Stateless Session EJB that uses Jakarta OJB technology (O/R mapping technology) for the persistence layer instead of Entity EJBs. SHERWIN LU • 400 N. LA SALLE DR., APT. #4201 • CHICAGO, IL 60610 PHONE (312) 224-8959 • FAX (707) 202-7689 • E-MAIL SHERWINLU@HOTMAIL.COM
  4. 4. • Introduced industry-standard development technologies into the department (e.g. JSP/Jakarta Struts/J2EE and O/R Mapping) and development practices (e.g. design patterns, consistent builds, code reviews). • Considered a non-traditional XML-based architecture representing the data in native XML and using a Native XML database (NXD) to persist the data. • Researched and recommended an open-source database (PostgreSQL and MySQL) to be used for the application. FastPhase Inc., Cupertino, CA • Reviewed the company's architecture and helped them develop a roadmap to revamp the existing architecture. • Worked with the development team to help them remove any dependency on proprietary 3rd party software. • Replaced the company’s existing architecture with a SOA-based architecture using OpenJMS and Tomcat. Stalworth, Inc., San Mateo, CA • Developed the algorithm used by DQ*Plus application to detect and report bad data entries in large CRM systems (up to 10 million records) • Developed the code that parses the rule and walks the syntax tree generated by JJTree (a preprocessor for JavaCC). Vistor Design Pattern was applied to separate the parsing logic in the compiler from the code generation logic. Skills: Java/J2EE, Jakarta Struts, EJB (Session and Entity Beans), Oracle Database, Peoplesoft/Vantive CRM, JTA, JMS, Multithreading, File I/O, JSP, Jakarta OJB, Apache SOAP, Apache Axis, Perforce SCM, Windows 2000, Sun Solaris, Oracle Application Server Portal, PushToTest TestMaker, Jython, Microsoft ASP, Cygwin, ERwin, Rational Rose, Apache Ant, Apache Log4j, Jakarta Tomcat, Verity K2, Verity K2 Spider, Parametric Index, Verity K2 Recommendation, Apache Xindice, CVS, BEA Weblogic, JBoss, MySQL, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Microsoft Visio, Bugzilla, JUnit, XML, Apache Ant, Jakarta Lucene, JBuilder, Eclipse, Eclipse Profiler, JJTree, JavaCC Development Team Lead Fasturn Inc., Redwood City, CA Jan 2002 – Aug 2002 Joined the company as the second team member in the Redwood City office to help the company build a suite of integrated software products that enable organizations to solve and manage complex supply chain and people-centric operational processes in a global enterprise. • Managed the daily activities of the business tier application development team. • Reported the status of the team to the Vice President of Engineering located in Century City, CA. • Key developer in creating the modules used in the modeling processes phase of the Fasturn OPN product. • Used Rational Rose to develop supporting UML diagrams (Class and Sequence Diagrams). • Abstract Factory and Composite design patterns were used to represent the process/task/metric/rule and network/party relationships. • Developed the Java classes that were called by the JSP/Struts layer. • Created an XML-based UI Framework so that the Swing-based Menu layout was constructed dynamically at run-time. The DOM parser in JAXP was used to parse the XML file. SHERWIN LU • 400 N. LA SALLE DR., APT. #4201 • CHICAGO, IL 60610 PHONE (312) 224-8959 • FAX (707) 202-7689 • E-MAIL SHERWINLU@HOTMAIL.COM
  5. 5. • Used Java Reflection API to dynamically load and execute the menu operations based upon the XML file configuration. The DTD and XML files were created using XML Spy. Skills: Java/J2EE, Windows 2000, Sun Solaris, Jakarta Lucene, Cygwin, Eclipse, JSP, Oracle Database 9i, Microsoft SourceSafe, CVS, Jakarta Struts, Jakarta OJB, Tomcat, JBoss, MySQL, Computer Associates ERWin, Bugzilla, XML, DOM Parser, Java Reflection, Java Swing, Microsoft Project Chief Architect (co-founder) Spindingio, Sunnyvale, CA Jun 2001 – Dec 2001 Managed the team to deliver a Single Sign-On hosted application that allowed customers to log onto Web Portals (e.g. Yahoo, Excite, MSN) automatically. • Met with potential clients to assess product requirements and develop a roadmap for the company. • Developed the architectural roadmap for the product. • Built a lightweight Proxy Server using Java Servlet technology and Java sockets to act as gateway between the customer’s machine and the destination portal. • Managed a development team to build the prototype. Skills: Java/J2EE, Servlet, Socket, Multithread, Windows 2000, Cygwin, Eclipse, JSP, Oracle Database, Microsoft SourceSafe, CVS, Jakarta Struts, Jakarta OJB, Jetty, Tomcat, JBoss, MySQL, Computer Associates ERWin, Microsoft Visio, Bugzilla, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Project, Microsoft PowerPoint Software Architect / Development Team Lead / Senior Software Engineer Ventro Corp. (formerly Chemdex Corp.), Mountain View, CA May 1998 – May 2001 Molded the company’s architecture and technical vision. Contributed to the company’s success, which led the company to become the first B2B Marketplace to IPO and achieve an $11B market capitalization. • Worked closely with the executive team to plan the strategic releases for the company. • Met with potential strategic company partners to evaluate whether or not the business initiatives of the two companies were aligned. • Assessed external software vendor’s viability and the applicability of the product within the company’s architecture. • Led and managed the development and QA team through several major and minor releases of the Search and Catalog system for over two years. Came up with feasible timelines and allocated resources to ensure that projects were completed on time. • Worked with various organizations in the company to establish a common development platform and environment. Worked with the development team leads to reach a consensus on J2EE compliancy and on the Operating System, JDK, and Application Server to use in each of the disparate sub-systems. • Kept the group morale high despite the economic downturn, collapse of the economy and company- wide layoffs. Skills: Java/J2EE, C/C++, Perl, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, Verity SDK, Tibco RV, Tibco Adapter SDK, JSP, Oracle Database, CVS, BEA Weblogic, Microsoft Visio, Rational Purify, Rational PureCoverage, Apache Http, EJB, JTA, JMS, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Powerpoint Software Engineer / Senior Technical Support Engineer Verity, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA Jan 1994 – May 1998 • Worked with the DBA to develop an internal web-based CRM-lite application by integrating Verity technology with the custom-built Oracle Forms based application. SHERWIN LU • 400 N. LA SALLE DR., APT. #4201 • CHICAGO, IL 60610 PHONE (312) 224-8959 • FAX (707) 202-7689 • E-MAIL SHERWINLU@HOTMAIL.COM
  6. 6. Skills: C/C++, Perl, Sun Solaris, Windows NT, Oracle Database, CVS, Microsoft Internet Server, NCSA/Apache HTTP, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual C++, Sun Forte (Sun ONE Studio), Rational Purify, Rational PureCoverage, Socket, CGI, gdb Technical Support Engineer / Builds & Tools Engineer Borland Software Corp., Scotts Valley, CA Jun 1992 – Dec 1993 • Supported the entire suite of Borland Development Products, e.g. Turbo C/C++, Pascal, Assembly. Skills: C, Pascal, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroup, DOS, OS/2 SHERWIN LU • 400 N. LA SALLE DR., APT. #4201 • CHICAGO, IL 60610 PHONE (312) 224-8959 • FAX (707) 202-7689 • E-MAIL SHERWINLU@HOTMAIL.COM