Architecting the Enterprise


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Architecting the Enterprise

  1. 1. Architecting the Enterprise
  2. 2. Contents Architecting the Enterprise Ltd global reach 35 27 30 29 51 30 49 32 37 19 21 36 40 39 43 67 23 20 34 31 38 68 7 12 17 22 Overview 16 8 5 12 3 14 9 13 28 45 41 44 64 66 56 4 1 2 18 65 50 48 63 10 15 6 11 61 60 54 71 55 53 69 Why is Enterprise Architecture 26 necessary and what is TOGAF? 70 62 25 Architecting the Enterprise Ltd 24 52 can help you 51 57 58 59 Business Services Current coverage areas Proposed for 2008: USA Canada 33 Stone (UK) Africa: Central America: Exit Interactive PDF 1 Atlanta (GA) 19 Calgary (AL) 34 Telford (UK) 51 Cape Town (South Africa) 61 Mexico City (Mexico) 2 Charlotte (NC) 20 Montreal (QC) 35 Warrington (UK) 52 Johannesburg 3 Chicago (IL) 21 Regina (SK) 36 Brussels (Belgium) (South Africa) South America: 4 Dallas (TX) 22 Toronto (ON) 37 Copenhagen (Denmark) 62 Lima (Peru) 5 Denver (CO) 23 Vancouver (BC) 38 Paris (France) Asia: 6 Garland (TX) 39 Berlin (Germany) 53 Bangalore (India) Europe: 7 Green Bay (WI) South America: 40 Darmstadt (Germany) 54 Delhi (India) 63 Prague (Czech Republic) 8 Idaho (ID) 24 Sao Paolo (Brazil) 41 Munich (Germany) 55 Mumbai (India) 64 Bratislava (Slovakia) 9 Mahwah (NJ) 25 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 42 Amsterdam (Netherlands) 56 Tokyo (Japan) 65 Vienna (Austria) 10 Los Angeles (CA) 26 Caracas (Venezuela) 43 Warsaw (Poland) 66 Bucharest (Romania) 11 Miami (FL) 44 Barcelona (Spain) Australasia: 67 Kiev (Ukraine) 12 Minneapolis (MI) Europe: 57 Melbourne (Australia) 68 Donetsk (Ukraine) 45 Madrid (Spain) 13 New York (NY) 27 Edinburgh (UK) 58 Sydney (Australia) 46 Bern (Switzerland) 28 London (UK) 59 Auckland (New Zealand) 14 Peoria (IL) 47 Geneva (Switzerland) Asia: 15 Phoenix (AZ) 29 Manchester (UK) 48 Budapest (Hungary) 69 Bangkok (Thailand) 16 San Francisco (CA) 30 Newcastle (UK) 49 Moscow (Russia) Middle East: 70 Singapore City (Singapore) 17 Seattle (WA) 31 Southampton (UK) 60 Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) 71 Hong Kong (China) 50 Milan (Italy) 18 Washington (DC) 32 Southend (UK) 51 Vilnius (Lithuania) Architecting the Enterprise Ltd. n Contents
  3. 3. To ensure the availability of global Enterprise Architecture standards, competencies and professionalism that will enable our customers to realise major value in their business and practices – Judith Jones - CEO, Architecting the Enterprise Ltd. Overview Architecting the Enterprise Ltd is at the forefront of the move from IT to Enterprise Architectures and plays a strategic role in The Open Group’s Architecture Forum and leads a number of the current TOGAF initiatives. The key assets of Architecting the Enterprise Ltd are its highly skilled and We have championed the use of TOGAF as a best practice framework and are proud experienced people who are closely connected with Enterprise Architecture to have trained over 65% of all current TOGAF certified practitioners world-wide. standards and practice development. These strengths enable us to provide Enterprise Architecture through leadership and best practice advice to our customers. Architecting the Enterprise Ltd is seeking to establish professionalism amongst the Enterprise Architecture practitioner community. We are achieving this goal Judith Jones by providing high quality consultancy and training services for organisations CEO, Architecting the Enterprise Ltd. developing effective Enterprise Architectures. Architecting the Enterprise Ltd. n Overview
  4. 4. Why is Enterprise Architecture necessary? Enterprise Architecture provides the foundation for businesses to achieve competitive advantage by enabling alignment of an organisation’s Information Technology capabilities with its strategic business goals. Enterprise Architecture also helps an organisation to manage its people and processes in order to stay aligned with changes in customer demands and technology. Business Benefits For your organisation • Ensures that Information Systems and Technology fully support your • Promotes a climate of continuous business evolution, improving the quality of business processes work output (deliverables) • Brings all functions together and shares skills, experience and knowledge • Improves business flexibility by providing a clear framework, better defined • Provides cost effective ways of developing IT infrastructure leading to a much structure and standards to plan more efficient IT operation Architecting the Enterprise Ltd. n Why is Enterprise Architecture necessary?
  5. 5. Business Drivers To more effectively implement a business, a plan, a strategy, or a business model Enterprise Architecture tools, such we advocate learning and applying a tried and tested (Fortune 50 and Global as TOGAF, enable organisations to Forbes 50 companies) methodology be much more agile in the situations such as: • Merger & Acquisition • ntegrating a number of cultures I disparate organisation • Collaborative working with external parties • etting people within an organisation G working together effectively What is TOGAF? TM TOGAF 8 Training • Increase profitability • Improved return on investment (ROI) TOGAF is short for The Open Group Architecture Framework. It is a set of supporting tools and methods for developing a broad range of different vendor neutral IT and Enterprise Architectures. Most importantly, • anaging operational costs and right M sizing departments it breaks down your business into its essential components to enable you to design and build the right Enterprise Architecture for your needs. • Better utilisation of IT resources and assets Why use TOGAF • Rapidly changing business environment TOGAF boils down complex business processes and IT functions - IT quality management into a comprehensive, long-term enterprise framework that is - auditing and compliance monitoring • Leveraging new technology vendor neutral and customisable to meet the specific needs • Help the IT function to better align its goals and strategy of any organisation. to corporate management and stakeholder goals • chieving compliance with Government A • Industry standardisation based on a recognised framework regulations cost effectively The benefits of adopting TOGAF • Continually enhanced by active involvement from • Simplify the process of major companies • New markets and business opportunities - planning and design of business processes • Customisible framework - supporting and maintaining business systems • on-proprietary and free to download from The Open Group N - product procurement website ( Architecting the Enterprise Ltd. n What is TOGAF?
  6. 6. Architecting the Enterprise Ltd can help you Architecting the Enterprise Ltd is a global TOGAF training and consultancy service provider, with its headquarters based in the UK. It is proud to have trained and certified over 65% of current TOGAF practitioners world-wide. TOGAF has evolved to become the leading approach for developing enterprise and Business Services include: IT architectures. Architecting the Enterprise Ltd aims to help individuals in their • TOGAF Certification Training delivered as public, private courses or e-learning career development and organisations achieve their business objectives through • Tailored TOGAF workshops providing training, mentoring and consulting. • Enterprise Architecture Awareness training • Enterprise Architecture practitioner masterclass Why work with Architecting the Enterprise Ltd. • Consultancy services It has helped major organizations build their Enterprise Architecture skills and practices. Architecting the Enterprise Ltd has been certified by The Open Group to provide TOGAF training and consulting. Architecting the Enterprise Ltd. n Architecting the Enterprise Ltd can help you
  7. 7. We can’t predict the future but we can make sure you’re ready to deal with whatever it brings! – Architecting the Enterprise Ltd. Business Services For large organisations we frequently tailor programs of training and consultancy, developing client specific case studies and materials as appropriate. Training services Consultancy services • TOGAF Certification training • Embedding TOGAF alongside other frameworks and methods • TOGAF based workshops combining training and consultancy • Choosing appropriate tools • Enterprise Architecture training – awareness and practitioner masterclass • Assessing architecture maturity • Tailored training • Modeling business scenarios • E-learning course • Building teams, skills and competencies • Combination of Webinars and mentoring • Developing TOGAF knowledge and understanding Many organisations require help in the early phases of their architecture projects. Our Consultancy services focus on getting you started and making you self-sufficient. Architecting the Enterprise Ltd. n Business Services
  8. 8. Headquarters UK Office US Office Poland Office Architecting the Enterprise Ltd. 1050 Connecticut Avenue NW Regus Sheraton Plaza Aston Court 10th Floor ul. B. Prusa 2 Kingsmead Business Park Washington, DC 20036 00-493 Warsaw Frederick Place United States Poland High Wycombe Buckinghamshire, HP11 1LA United Kingdom T: +44 (0) 2081 229 150 T: +1 (202) 772 4283 T: +48 (0) 22 65 70 339 F: +44 (0) 870 220 4567 F: +1 (202) 772 3101 F: +48 (0) 22 65 70 111 To find out more visit: or email us at: TOGAF 8 TOGAF 8 TOGAF 8 Certified Training Professional TM TM TM Services ™The Open Group Certification logo is a trademark of The Open Group