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              2009 DoD enterprise
              Architecture confere...
enterprise Architecture
 informAtion pAge, generAl
                                             Welcome to our fourth annu...
enterprise Architecture
enterprise Architecture
conference scheDule

                                              MOnDAy, June 1
DODAF 2.0 viewp...
enterprise Architecture
enterprise Architecture
conference scheDule

                                                  weDneSDAy, June 3

QuOTeS ...
enterprise Architecture
                                                                           conference scheDule

AssociAtion for enterprise
2111 wilSon Boulevard, Suite 400
arlington, va 22201-3061
(703) 522-1820
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2009 DoD enterprise Architecture conference


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2009 DoD enterprise Architecture conference

  1. 1. regiSter today: 2009 DoD enterprise Architecture conference Achieving an information Advantage through Architecture Keynote Keynote Featured Speaker Dave Wennergren, Maj. Gen. Michael John Zachman, Deputy CIO, DoD J. Basla, USAF, Vice President, Zachman Director, C4, Joint International June 1-4, 2009 Staff Hilton St. louiS at tHe Ballpark u St. louiS, Mo $100 Early Bird Discount EvEnt #9A05 Register by May 8, 2009 at
  2. 2. enterprise Architecture informAtion pAge, generAl Welcome to our fourth annual DoD Enterprise to you, but by the actions that my staff and Architecture Conference. We are looking I take away to work over the next year. As forward to a very interactive forum over the members of our Community of Practice, next week, as we continue to shape this event to you are key stakeholders in defining where BriAn wilczynski meet the increasing needs of our community of we focus our attention and resources as we Director, enterprise Architecture & enterprise architecture producers and users. work to continuously improve the practice standards, office of the DoD cio of architecture in Department. With your This year we have worked to build a program support, we can contribute to improved that is designed not only to inform our efficiency and effectiveness through providing audience of current Department of Defense operationally relevant architecture information Chief Information Officer (DoD CIO) to key Department processes. strategies and direction, but to provide an industry perspective on leveraging the power As we work toward our goals of improving of architecture in enterprise management and our practice and profession, we must not lose transformation. We are also pleased to have sight of the ultimate objective of our efforts US Transportation Command as our Host – to support the brave men and women of Command, providing an opportunity to gain our Armed Forces. Their effectiveness, and insight into the current efforts of one of the their lives, depends upon our ability to deliver Department’s major commands. quality information when and where they need it. Achieving a net-centric environment that From my perspective, the success of this year’s will meet the information requirements of our conference will be measured not only by how warfighters provides a common goal that will effectively we deliver important information continue to focus our collective efforts. enterprise Architecture: 2009 cOnFerence SpOnSOrS Achieving An informAtion ADvAntAge through Architecture Overview Gold: The focus of DoD Enterprise Architecture is to help lead DoD to achieve Lockheed Martin an information advantage for our people and mission partners. As DoD Silver: transforms to become a Net-Centric force, information becomes one of our rividium greatest sources of power. Ensuring timely and trusted information is available MeGA international where it is needed, when it is needed, and to those who need it, is at the heart of the future DoD enterprise and an effective, federated, and dynamic approach The confiance Group to architecture enables its achievement. MetaStorm A fundamental attribute of our enterprises today is they are dynamic and promotional partner: becoming more so. The DoD net-centric data strategy - decoupling applications Bearingpoint and data - combined with the emphasis on communities of interest and mission areas, point towards a future DoD enterprise composed of dynamic groups, wBB forming, disbanding and re-forming as mission needs dictate. Architecture in Tech Team this environment must be responsive, extremely agile, and able to cope with the unanticipated. The MAin ThinG As we look ahead we need to think big, act small, scale and propagate our architectures. We must use architecture to prioritize our data strategy, develop “Lead the DoD enterprise a common taxonomy for COI’s, express architecture dynamically, have to achieve an information effective governance (theater IT introductions), delineate types of federation, advantage for our people devise architecture development standards, develop the theory and practice of and mission partners” architecture, and promote common definitions for EA, SOA, PfM, federation, and governance.
  3. 3. enterprise Architecture informAtion pAge, generAl inTereSTeD in whAt’s new in 2009? SpOnSOrinG Or u New Topics: Including policy, new DoD Directives, DoD Information exhiBiTinG? Enterprise Architecture, and more please contact: u Pre Conference Webinars Betsy Lauer 703-247-9473 u New Keynotes Featuring: • Dave Wennergren • Maj. Gen. Michael Basla, USAF reGiSTrATiOn u New Networking Opportunities: Golf Tournament and a Baseball Game how to register u DNI Perspective Registration for the conference u Sessions and presentations are brand new to this conference, including is easy. Go online to www.afei. org to register or download a sessions on: registration form. Prices increase • New Administration Perspectives on May 8, 2009. • DoDAF Registration Fees Fees include attendance, continental breakfast, one networking reception, and 3 who shoulD AttenD: ABout DoD cio: lunches. u System, Software, Solution Vision Today - 5/9 - 5/26 - and Application Architects, and Deliver the Power of Information 5/8 5/25 6/4 Engineers Government $375 $475 $575 An agile enterprise empowered by Employees u Enterprise Architects access to and sharing of timely and AFEI $625 $725 $825 u Executives, Managers, and Team trusted information Members Leaders Mission Industry $850 $950 $1050 Enable Net-Centric Operations u CIO’s and Senior IT Non-members Management Lead the Information Age u Information, Data, and Systems transformation that enhances the hOTeL Department of Defense’s efficiency Engineers hilton St. Louis at Ballpark and effectiveness 1 S Broadway St. u Business and Systems Analysts Goals St. Louis, MO 63102 u Senior Developers Make your reservations directly Information on Demand u Contractors Supporting with the hotel when you register - Build for the conference. DoD Architecture and Systems Development - Populate There is a conference block of rooms at the hotel at the u Aspiring Architects - Operate Government per diem rate plus a - Protect the Net u Project Managers minimal service charge. u Tool Vendors and Developers Outcome Call 1-877-845-7354 and use the code NDI to receive the People, processes, and technology u Integrators conference rate. working together to enable timely and Once these rooms are booked, trusted: the rate will be the prevailing rate - Access to information at the hotel, so reserve your room - Sharing of information now to receive the lower rate. - Collaboration among those involved
  4. 4. enterprise Architecture conference scheDule MOnDAy, June 1 DODAF 2.0 viewpOinTS u All: Overarching aspects of NooN - 5:00 pm reGiSTrATiOn Open architecture context that relate to all 7:00 Am - 1:00 pm GOLF TOurnAMenT views Norman K. Probstein Golf Course u Capability: Articulate the capability Limited tee times are available for morning shotgun start. requirement, delivery timing, and If you wish to play with the group, please send a separate email to deployed capability mr. Alan Golombek ( or 703-607-5257. u Operational: Articulate operational 1:00 pm - 2:45 pm TuTOriAL SeSSiOn 1 scenarios, processes, activities & Cost to attend is free to those attending the conference. requirements please register online at u Data Architecture Registery System (DARS) Tutorial u Services: Articulate the performers, Mr. Walt Okon, Senior Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Architecture & activities, services, and their exchanges Standards, office of the DoD Chief Information officer providing for, or supporting, DoD functions Mr. Bruce Dunn, Technical Director, DARS program, SpAWAR u Systems: Articulate the legacy participants will gain an understanding of how DARS implements the systems or independent systems, their Net-centric Data Strategy for the DoD architecture community and how to composition, interconnectivity, and use all of DARS main features. Briefings and demonstrations will cover how to establish and manage DARS communities of practice and how to context providing for, or supporting, DoD register, post, release and search for architectures. New user new interface functions features and plans for future upgrades will also be presented. The DARS u Project: Describes the relationships Team technical staff will be on hand to answer questions and collect feedback from participants that will help to shape future plans for DARS. between operational and capability requirements and the various projects u DoDAF Meta-model Walkthrough being implemented; Details dependencies Mr. Dave McDaniel, President, Silver Bullet Solutions, Inc. between capability management and the Using a single exemplar, an in-depth review of the meta-model including Defense Acquisition System process the meta data groups, the relationship of the data to all the DoDAF u Standards: Articulate applicable models. Discussion includes the meta-model foundation, how to model processes, services (business, web, SoA), how is Capability and Activity Operational, Business, Technical, and different, and a walkthrough of the performer meta-data group. Industry policy, standards, guidance, constraints, and forecasts 2:45 pm - 3:15 pm neTwOrKinG BreAK u Data and Information: Articulate the data relationships and alignment 3:15 pm - 5:00 pm TuTOriAL SeSSiOn 2 u Enterprise Architecture structures in the architecture content Mr. Stan Broddie, NDU Mr. Matt Newman, NDU participants explore the value enterprise architecture delivers to Department of Defense warfighter and netcentric warfare operations (NCo) capability planning, resource investment decision-making, and operational execution. participants review the Transformational Leadership and Enterprise management Framework and situate EA within the context of enterprise leadership, governance, portfolio management, capital planning and investment control, budget allocation, and resource lifecycle management. Additionally, the tutorial relates EA to enabling the department’s hallmark doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership, personnel, and facilities capabilities. The tutorial concludes with an overview of the IRm College EA Certificate program. uDoDAF Meta-model Walkthrough Repeat of the first session
  5. 5. enterprise Architecture conference scheDule TueSDAy, June 2 7:00 Am - 5:00 pm reGiSTrATiOn Open 9:45 Am - 7:00 pm exhiBiTS Open 6 reASOnS TO ATTenD 8:00 Am pOSTinG OF The cOLOrS AnD weLcOMe LeArn about what’s going on in DoD u Mr. Brian Wilczynski, Director, Enterprise Architecture & Standards, IEA and apply it to your job office of the DoD Chief Information officer neTwOrK with fellow architects DiScuSS the way ahead for DoD 8:15 Am - 9:45 Am KeynOTe ADDreSSeS Mr. David Wennergren, Deputy CIo, DoD Architecture u u Brig Gen Dinkins, USAF, Director of Command, Control, BrinG new iDeAS back to your Communications and Computer Systems, organization USTRANSCom re-enerGize your architecture efforts ShAre what works 9:45 Am - 10:15 Am neTwOrKinG BreAK 10:15 Am - 11:00 Am inDuSTry KeynOTe DOD ArchiTecTure u Ms. Anne Thomas Manes, Vice president and Research Director, cOMMuniTy Burton Group Consulting STAy plugged in Keep ABreAST of DoD Policy 11:00 Am - NooN DOD ArchiTecTure - Overview OF pOLicy, direction STAnDArDS AnD GOvernAnce u Mr. Brian Wilczynski, Director, Enterprise Architecture & Standards, inFLuence development office of the DoD Chief Information officer NooN - 1:30 pm LuncheOn u Air Commodore Bishop, UK moD (Invited) 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm TrAnScOM JOinT DepLOyMenT AnD DiSTriBuTiOn ArchiTecTure u Mr. Robert Osborn, Deputy Director, Distribution portfolio management, USTRANSCom 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm neTwOrKinG BreAK 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm DOD inFOrMATiOn enTerpriSe ArchiTecTure u Mr. Terry Hagle, Senior Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Architecture & Standards, office of the DoD Chief Information officer 4:15 pm - 5:00 pm inFOrMATiOn enTerpriSe TrAnSiTiOn pLAn u Mr. Lloyd Thrower, Director, DoD CIo Strategic planning and policy Directorate, office of the DoD Chief Information officer 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm GATewAy TO ArchiTecTure recepTiOn
  6. 6. enterprise Architecture conference scheDule weDneSDAy, June 3 QuOTeS FrOM 2008 8:00 Am - 5:00 pm reGiSTrATiOn Open ATTenDeeS: u Excellent conference! Excellent topic 7:30 Am - 5:00 pm exhiBiTS Open selection, good diversity, and exceptional presentations. I learned a great deal and 8:00 Am - 9:00 Am GiG v 2.0 AnD ArchiTecTure made some good connections that will u Maj. Gen. Michael Basla, USAF, Vice Director, C4, Joint Staff help me very much in my new role as an “architect”. 9:00 Am - 10:00 Am JOinT ArchiTecTure FeDerATiOn - reALizinG The viSiOn OF u This conference was a home run. You LeADer-cenTric, neT-enABLeD cOMMAnD AnD cOnTrOL (c2) provide the center point for the entire DoD u Mr. Martin Westphal, Executive Director, Joint Capabilities Architectural community. Development Directorate Forward, JFCom u Conference outstanding! Appreciated Ms. Kim Frisby, Chief of Joint Architecture and Capability Engineering u Division, JFCom networking and vendor displays. 10:00 Am - 10:30 Am neTwOrKinG BreAK u Really enjoyed the high level officials the conference brought in. It is insightful to see 10:30 Am - 11:15 Am ArchiTecTure in The inTeLLiGence cOMMuniTy how and what they are thinking about the u Mr. Doug McGovern, Chief Architect, DNI future. u This conference was the best I’ve 11:15 Am - NooN ArMy ArchiTecTure iniTiATiveS attended in that it was all about “my world”. I look forward to the next one. Great job. u Mr. Ronald Bechtold, Director, Army Enterprise Architecture, Chief Information office/G-6, USA u Conference was outstanding & on the right track. I am a future architect and I have NooN - 1:30 pm LuncheOn - iDenTiTy MAnAGeMenT learned a lot about the larger picture of my career field. u Mr. David Chesebrough, president, The Association for Enterprise Information u Great opportunity to network and share ideas in small group with individuals. 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm hOMeLAnD DeFenSe AnD civiL SuppOrT (hD/cS) cApABiLiTieS u Best conference I have attended in past BASeD ASSeSSMenT (cBA) ArchiTecTure four years, as far as plenary presentations go. u Col Jimmie D. Schuman, Jr., USAF, Lead, HD/CS CBA Architecture Team, u Superb conference. Great balance USNoRTHCom u Mr. Guy Varland, Contractor Architecture Lead, USNoRTHCom between vendors, government, and gurus. 2:45 pm - 3:30 pm Air FOrce ArchiTecTinG: BeyOnD FeDerATiOn u Lt Col Eric Silbaugh, Chief, Enterprise Architecture Strategy, policy and Governance, office of the USAF Warfighting Integration and Chief Information officer purchase your tickets today for “An eveninG AT The BALLpArK” 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm neTwOrKinG BreAK visit the conference website to reserve your baseball ticket with 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm ArchiTecTure in SuppOrT OF BuSineSS OperATiOnS u Mr. Dennis Wisnosky, Chief Architect, Business mission Area the conference group. 7:15 pm An eveninG AT The BALLpArK u Go to the conference website to purchase your ticket to the ballgame. St. Louis Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Reds.
  7. 7. enterprise Architecture conference scheDule ThurSDAy, June 4 8:00 Am - 3:00 pm reGiSTrATiOn Open 7:30 Am - NooN exhiBiTS Open 8:00 Am - 9:00 Am FeDerAL enTerpriSe ArchiTecTure - DirecTiOnS in The new ADMiniSTrATiOn u Mr. Kshemendra Paul, Chief Architect, office of management and Budget 9:00 Am - 10:00 Am cApABiLiTy BASeD MODeLinG u Wing Commander Mikael Hagenbo, Swedish Armed Forces Joint CIO 10:00 Am - 10:30 Am neTwOrKinG BreAK 10:30 Am - NooN TheOry AnD prAcTice OF ArchiTecTure Mr. John Zachman, president, Zachman International u NooN - 1:30 pm TOOLS AnD TechniQueS LuncheOn DeAA AwArDS preSenTATiOn 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm TechnicAL STAnDArDS: FOunDATiOn OF inTerOperABiLiTy u Mr. Walt Okon, Senior Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Architecture & hOT TOpicS cOvereD Standards, office of the DoD Chief Information officer u Mr. Dave Brown, Chief, DISA Standards Engineering Branch u DODAF v2.0 u inFOrMATiOn 2:45 pm - 3:30 pm uniFieD prOFiLe FOr DODAF/MODAF (upDM): enTerpriSe pArTnerinG TO iMprOve ArchiTecTure DATA exchAnGe ArchiTecTure u Mr. Walt Okon, Senior Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Architecture & Standards, office of the DoD Chief Information officer u enTerpriSe u Mr. Matthew Hause, Chief Consulting Engineer, Artisan TrAnSiTiOn pLAn u SeGMenT 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm cLOSinG reMArKS ArchiTecTure MeThODOLOGy u JOinT ArchiTecTureS u Service iniTiATiveS
  8. 8. AssociAtion for enterprise informAtion 2111 wilSon Boulevard, Suite 400 arlington, va 22201-3061 (703) 522-1820 (703) 522-3192 fax DoD enterprise Architecture conference to regiSter, viSit: www.DoDEntERpRisEARchitEctuRE.oRg regiSter today: Http:// DoD enterprise Architecture conference u Register today by visiting u Make your hotel reservations the website at http://www. today to receive the conference rate (per diem). Call 1-877-845-7354 u For sponsorship and exhibit opportunities, please contact u Sign up for the golf Betsy Lauer: tournament by sending an email message to: June 1-4, 2009 Hilton St. louiS at tHe Ballpark u St. louiS, Mo EvEnt #9A05