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1992-1994 Master of Engineering.doc

  1. 1. JOHN Z. ZHAO 2901Neyland Road Nanaimo, BC, V9T 2X6 Phone: (250) 751-7982 Email: zzhao@cs.dal.ca OBJECTIVE: Software/Tool Developer, Database Design, Application Development and Administrator, Software Quality Inspector, System Administrator and Technique Service (Windows, Unix). STRENGTHS: * Software design and development using C++/VC++, C, JAVA, SQL, PERL, JavaScript, Unix Scripting and other languages on platforms of UNIX/Linux and Windows. * Database design and database application development in Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server and FoxPro relational databases and data warehouses. * Advanced web programming (including client/server and n-tiers) that related to XML, ASP, HTML, DHTML, Flash animation, PERL CGI programming for e-commerce, authentication, firewall features, and proxy server and more. * Enterprise information architecture consulting, network administration and systems technical support. * Application development in Biology/Natural Science fields EDUCATION: 2000-2002 Master of Applied Computer Science (including undergraduate study) Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada Project Direction: software engineering and database Degree Project Title: A Tool to Populate Oracle Database With Test Data Courses: 1. Advanced Web Programming (Graduate core course, including XHTML, Servlet, ASP, JSP, JavaScript, CCS, XML, SSI, Perl, APIs, etc.). 2. Enterprise Information Architecture (Graduate core course. LAN, WAN and Legacy networks design, deployment, simulation, tools application (such as Opnet) and administration). 3. Advanced Topics in Internetworks (ATM, SONET, IPv6, Subnet, VPN, etc). 4. Computer Communication Networks (undergrad course, including TCP/IP, Ethernet, ISDN, LAN, TCP/IP, WAN, subnet, routing, IPv4 networks). 5. Software Engineering (undergrad core course. A group project links up all aspects of software development lifecycle for enterprises, including UML application, configuration, estimation, design, implementation, testing and recourse planning). 6. Databases (undergrad core course. Relational database modeling, design, and optimization, SQL and relational algebra). 7. Distributed Databases (graduate core course. Contents include ACID, XML, SOAP, RMI, IDL, CORBA, EAI, B2B and middleware concept and integration tools). 8. Data Mining and Data Warehousing (graduate core course. Contents include data cube, OLAP, CRM, tools and etc.). 9. Cryptography (graduate course, including principles and applications, network/e- commerce security). 10. Object-oriented Programming (undergrad core course, projects are developed in C+ +, JAVA). 11. Programming Languages (undergrad core course, including C++, Scheme, Lisp, Java, C, and VB). 12. Assembly Language and Computer Structure (undergrad course).
  2. 2. 13. Digital Image processing (graduate course. Projects: car license plate recognition system, remote sensing, whale fluke identification, motion detection, image compression). 14. Operation Systems (undergrad/graduate course). 15. Algorithms (undergrad course). 16. Data Structure (undergrad core course). 17 - 18. Computer Science I-II (computer languages, undergrad core course). 1996-1998 Special Student in Information Technology and Accounting University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau, Alaska, USA Specialized at: Microsoft MCSE and Financial Accounting 1992-1994 Master of Engineering University of Science and Technology of China, Hehui, China Thesis: Strategic Management of Institute-Case Analysis for the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Courses (including three aspects): Computer Science (ERP and RDBMS), Information Technology (Information Economics), Economics (Investment and decision theory, Marketing, Portfolio Analysis) and Technology Management (Technology Management Science, i.e., innovation management). 1987.1991 Bachelor of Science with Honour Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China Speciality: Fishery Resources and Management Thesis: Early life development of genuine porgy WORK EXPERIENCE: Independent Researcher (Jul. 2003-Mar. 2004) Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Pacific Biological Station, Nanaimo, BC 1. Developed a dynamic fishery management computer model in Visual Basic with friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) 2. Designed and coded various programs to collect information from databases. 3. Developed a parameter estimation model in C++. 4. Completed three paper/technical reports for publication in primary science journals. 5. Provided user’s manual of the dynamic fishery management computer model. 6. Proposed new research project related to this field. Feb. – Aug. 1999, Engineer/Manager of IT department L. K. Machinery Co. Ltd. (Hong Kong) Accomplishment: • Supervised and participated the design and development of ERP software project • Provided client software services and application programming • Created IT department with network centre and software centre • Built up new information architecture, including EAI and B2B • Designed infrastructure of the company's WAN • Rebuilt and promoted central office LAN • Executive management: hiring, training network and software engineers • Made IT department regulations and policies that past the ISO9001 examination Jul. 1994 - Jun. 1996, Project officer: database management, project progress management. Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Accomplishment:
  3. 3. • Designed and developed the project "MIS for Sci-Tech Management" that was based on the enterprise level relational databases, and redesigned the relational databases • Performed project planning, progressing and database administration • Provided technical assistance and statistical information from databases to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Institute • Strategic research and management of the institute Jul. 1991 – Aug. 1992, Assistant project officer: Project management and database administration Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Accomplishment: • Designed and operated SQL relational databases for daily information request • Managed project and participated biology related project research • Computer and office equipment technical assistance to clients Feb. – Mar. 2000, volunteer: Technical assistance services Nova Scotia Community College, NS, Canada Accomplishment: • Solved the long-lasted remote access network problems (Cisco product) • Debugged application software • Upgraded workstation and system software and resolved user’s problems SELECTED PROJECTS/APPLICATIONS COMPLETED: Over 50 applications had been developed using Java (including J2EE, EJB, Servlets), SQL, C, Pro #C, C+ +, FoxPro, and Jscript and other languages. The followings are some examples: Master Degree Project (implementation languages are Java and SQL): Supervisor: Dr. Peter Hitchcock, former IBM software engineering project officer. The software tool provides a user friendly GUI to automate linkage with Oracle database. According to user's input, the software tool displays table and constraints on an editable template GUI, generates insert statements based on user's requirement, and connects to an Oracle server to complete a transaction. The template GUI was built previously based on the Database schema. My degree project is an application that is totally based on Oracle and PL/SQL database syntax and requirements. From Dr. Hitchcock, I learned software design and development, project management: lifecycle development, configuration management, version management, progress management, testing procedures, techniques and methodologies. Enterprise Distributed Application Integration: A systemic study of the approaches, techniques and technology. The implementations included: • XML and related Technologies: Defined XML file using DTD and Schema, XSL, XML handling processes, used XML parses (DOM and SAX) for validating and information retrieving, converting XML to HTML, studied XML role in Web Services (SOAP). • EAI and B2B Project: EAI and B2B technologies: Message Queue (including MS and IBM products), integrity broker, TP monitor and application servers. • J2EE project: Simulated a banking application using J2EE architecture. Implemented the client side user interface web page, created J2EE server that includes the JSP/Servlets in the web container and the enterprise beans in the EJB container, then used JDBC to connect with the bank accounts in the Oracle database for the transactions. Used two phases submit for the transaction management. This is an example of a 3-tier application. .NET architecture also had been studied. Object Oriented Programming: The OOP projects covered polymorphism, STL templates in C++, virtual class, inheritance, encapsulation, method overriding and overloading. Part of the projects included: • Fish stock quantitative dynamics modelling: A java applet enabled graphic user interface that captures stock changes under a variety of varying biological and human catching factors.
  4. 4. • Gas station simulation: A event driven simulation programming written in C++ on UNIX platform, which simulates the random arrival of customers of a gas station and related activities. • Network routing simulation: (using VC++ on Microsoft 2000 and NT), which simulates general ATM packet switch protocol, routing packets from source station to routers then to destination. Advanced Web Programming: Client/Server architecture applications, database connected web applications, sock programming, PERL CGI programming, ASP, XML, DHTML, Servlets, JSP, HTTP cookies and parameter passing/store processes. • Multi-media and dynamic web pages: using java and Jscript design and implement characteristic web pages. Also used Photoshop, Premier, Flash and FrontPage, Dreamwave for page design. • Shopping cart: designed and implemented a fishing equipment supplier shopping cart, that used Servlets request and response processes and cookies for multiple page parameter values storing and passing. • Proxy server project: written in PERL and used sock for client and server communication. The features including: proxy all inbound pages by filtering out all animations and jpeg pictures, blocking the web pages in the black list, changing contains for a specific web pages that matches up with a specific string segment, adding advertisements to all pages. • User authentication: Only registered user can see certain page. • RMI and IDL of CORBA examples that used for client server architecture had been studied. Data Warehousing and Data Mining Projects: Covered all aspects in the environment of DBminer (a software to build data warehouse and provide services) and OLAP package and implemented three complex data mining algorithms. • Data warehousing: design, data clean, cube building, OLAP operation: slice, dice, drill down, roll up and pivot, and visualization of the informatic data. • Data mining: The application of association analysis to promote sells, classification and clustering analysis for CRM. Implemented Naive Bayesian, ID3 and Apriori (using C++ run on both UNIX and VC++ on Microsoft NT/2000/XP). Operating Systems Programming (using C on UNIX platform): Some examples include memory management, multithreads, processes communication, socket and pipe programming and process context switch. Database Projects: • Designed and built a computer system equipment inventory database by using ER diagram, Normalization, and SQL in Oracle. • Database programming using cursor, stored procedure and trigger for Oracle and MS SQL Server. Digital Image Processing Project: implemented car license plates recognition system using MATLAB and C++ (in a project group), researched on digital image processing with application in marine animal management (a comparing study of whale fluke marks with human fingerprint). References available upon request