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Amcha Ghar School


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Summer Camp 2015 organized by Amcha Ghar School. Main aim for this session of summer camp was to improve discipline, social adeptness, decision making and confidence in students of Amcha Ghar School.

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Amcha Ghar School

  1. 1. Summer Camp 2015 Amcha Ghar School Patron St. Jude Affiliated to Maharashtra Board of Education
  2. 2. Amcha Ghar School Days of Fun and Learn Creativity 5 •Music •Dance •Yoga •Picnic •Sports
  3. 3. HealthyYouth Development5 Days of Fun and Learn •A Desire to Learn •Social Adeptness •Productive and Creative Use of Time •Strong Personal Values and Character •Caring and Nurturing Relationships •Positive Sense of Self-Worth and Usefulness Amcha Ghar School
  4. 4. MoralValue •Team Work •Soft Skills •Decision Making •Values of Life •Value of discipline in life 5 Days of Fun and Learn Amcha Ghar School
  5. 5. Activities •Skating •Badminton •Throw ball •Card Making •Paper Bag •Calligraphy •Baking Cake •Salad Making •Envelope Design •Volleyball •Skipping •Drawing •Chess •Power Yoga •Singing •Dance •Tattoo Design …many more Amcha Ghar School
  6. 6. •Flag Ceremony •Inauguration •Welcome Song •Indoor Games Day 1 Amcha Ghar School
  7. 7. •Warm up with exercise •Culture & Dance •Indoor Games Day 2 Amcha Ghar School
  8. 8. •Dance •Sports •Yoga •Drawing Day 3 Amcha Ghar School
  9. 9. •Singing •St. Jude Statue Installation •Closing Ceremony Day 4 Amcha Ghar School
  10. 10. Day 5 Picnic Amcha Ghar School
  11. 11. Guest and Volunteers Amcha Ghar School
  12. 12. Guest and Volunteers Amcha Ghar School
  13. 13. Review after camp “A Healthy Outside Starts From The Inside” ”Sound Mind Lives in Sound Body” Amcha Ghar School
  14. 14. •Positive experience •Became more confident •Learned new skills •Became more responsible •Developed social skill Top 5 positive changes in students Amcha Ghar School
  15. 15. •Healthy relation between internal team •More energetic and enthusiastic •Healthy relation between teacher & student •Reduced stress •Positive attitude Top 5 positive changes in teachers Amcha Ghar School
  16. 16. Click - Click Amcha Ghar School
  17. 17. Thank you for supporting us… Amcha Ghar School, Uttan, Bhayander [w] 401106, Maharashtra / 02228451022 /