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There is nothing permanent except change. The best way to keep up with all the changes is to make friends with the future. Check out the eight tips!

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Profile 2 2011 toolbox

  1. 1. The futureis your friend TexT: SaTu Rämö
  2. 2. The futureis your friend THere is noTHing permanent except change., independent and trends firm, relyin opinionated, is one g on a global netw of the worldʼs leadi insights are deliv ork of hundreds of ng consumer ered to 160,000 busin spotters. Our trend s, examples and The best way to keep up with all the changes is to ess professionals More information in more than 180 at www.trendwat countries. March 2011 | Whi make friends with the future! le it’s important Trend Briefing), to be aware of in business, exec mega-trends like such as RANDOM ution beats ever CITYSUMERS (see ACTS OF KINDNE ything. This is why last months SS (R.A.K.) shou an easy-to-apply ld be firmly on your consumer trend radar in the com ing months. Look around and ask ‘why?’ “When we see something interesting, we always ask With R.A.K. feat RANDOM ACTS self-serving corp ingly open commun been easier to surp expressed moods * Just to be abso uring prominently depth briefing expl aining why practicin OF KINDNESS orations, any acts ications both with rise and delight or just showing that Mason encourages every executive and lutely clear: R.A. in our recent 11 | For consumers and between con Crucial Consum g R.A.K. will be a long used to (and of kindness by bran audiences with R.A. they care*. er Trends for 201 winning strategy ds will be gratefull sumers (especia K.: whether send lly online), means ing gifts, respond 1, here’s a full, in- in 2011. First, our annoyed by) dista definition: nt, inflexible and y received. For bran ds, increas- that its never ing to publicly ‘where does this fit in?’” says Henry Mason, Head of entrepreneur to spot trends. It is essentially about and not about givin K. are not about g away lots of free rewarding custome samples (that wou rs for tweeting / acts of kindness ld be FREE LOV liking your product, (hence the name Research & Analysis at making questions and looking at things from new;-) E), but about sele cted, random is a London-based independent perspectives, to think about One of the world’s trend firm that scans the world for the most promising leading trend firms, how new developments can consumer trends, insights and relevant hands-on, be applied and adapted. All in sends its free monthly “RA Briefings all, trend watching is all about business ideas. They rely on a global network of You are reading a PDF version of Trend NDO hundreds of spotters in more than 120 countries. to more than M ACTS OF KINDNESS” ( asking why? k/) 160,000 subscribers has a long list of all the trends they worldwide. “The one piece of advice have spotted over the years. They are divided in main and we would give is to look cross- sub-trends. industry. The most successful innovations often “Because we have been doing this for a while, the emerge when businesses take existing practices majority of our observations easily fit with one of our and apply them to new products, markets or existing trends, which means that if a handful of them do industries. Show us a visionary who has not taken not, we know we may be onto something genuinely new,” at least one element of their ground-breaking ideas Mason says. from somewhere else.”
  3. 3. anticipatethe future by 3exploring By following weakthe everyday signals it is possible to try to anticipate future changes. iT is iMPossible This, in turn, makes it possible to affect the changes or create Do Hiltunen’s To PreDicT response strategies for them. THe fuTure. Maybe you some years ago heard a “But instead, surprising story about an advertising guru everybody can who suddenly resigned from his work to test on weak conjecture it,” establish a yoga school. That story could says futurist, PhD have been considered a weak signal of Elina Hiltunen, downshifting, which nowadays is a recog- signals who runs her own nized trend.see More aT consultancy “A weak signal can be a blog article, aElina Hiltunen’s blog: What’s Next subordinate clause in a magazine article, Consulting and or a sticker on a lamp post,” Hiltunen as a senior foresight specialist at Anyone can collect weak signals. It is Spot and talk about weak signalsFinpro, a supporter of Finnish companies’ fun and helps predicting changes that may with your colleagues. If one ofinternationalization. occur. The key in using weak signals is to the following reactions occurs World changes fast, markets fragment. rely on the power of quantity; the more among your colleagues, it can beIt is stressful, often impossible, to try to weak signals there are pointing to the same considered a weak signal.follow others. Instead of chasing the wave, direction, the greater the possibility ofwhy not anticipate it. the development. Makes your colleagues laugh. Being aware of major trends such as In companies it is worth collectingglobalization, urbanization and population weak signals continuously and preferably Your colleagues oppose it:growth is essential. with the participation of the whole “no way, it will never happen.” “If you want to be a step ahead, it is a organization. All staff members couldgood idea to know about weak signals and contribute to innovation work by sharing Makes people able to anticipate future trends,” says their collected weak signals in theHiltunen, a specialist in weak signals. company’s intranet. This is done for no one has heard of it before. Weak signals are strange, surpris- example at things that are indicative of big future “I read a lot of blogs. But collecting it is commonly understood thattrends. weak signals is not only about social media. no one talks of it (a taboo). “Let me clarify the matter a little. I do plenty of traveling, go lookingWeak signals are perceptions of something around in cities. It is also a good idea to Hiltunen, elina. 2010. PhD thesis.that you see or hear today. They are signals follow underground publications, Weak Signals in Organisationalof something new, like a trend or a new alternative movements, and the youth. Futures Learning.emerging issue that might take place in Talk with friends who work in different Aalto University, School of Economics.the future.” sectors,” Hiltunen says.
  4. 4. If you knew everything abouttomorrow...what would Harness you do differently the chaos, today? change the world Disney, CNN, MTV, Hyatt, Microsoft, 4 Apple, Fortune, GE, and Hewlett- Packard were all created during periods of chaos. 6 Faith Popcorn’s exPloiTing cHaos (Gotham Books, 2009) is a business survival guidebook for all those looking Order BrainReserve is a well-known strategic to change the world. It gives 150 ways to spark innovation during times of change. trend news trend-based marketing consultancy in The book’s author Jeremy Gutsche is an innovation to your New York. Click on to and have a look at their consultant and founder of, a site that tracks emerging trends. In 2010 Exploiting Chaos received the Axiom inbox trend bank. Futurist Faith Business Book Award, one of the most respectful a fRee monTHLy TRend bRiefing: Popcorn summarizes business book awards in the world. today’s trends in short a fRee weekLy video clips. ebook available at: TRend RepoRT: Personal
  5. 5. Tips from the experts– How to keep up to date sleepwith the newest trends? more – and 7 youDaniel Siegel. Focus on one trends, Mashable is the best site out and learn from your peers.thing at a time. Create five min- going. In usage and business will seeutes, at least, to reflect on the trends, read people like aRto MiekkavaaRa.internal experience of your own Jeremiah Owyang, Mitch Joel, Get to know your brain and themind. This could involve fo- Valeria Maltoni, and maybe that way it functions. It is advan-cusing on the breath, or using asimple “wheel of awareness” Chris Brogan guy (sure, I said it). But beyond that, DO. TRY. LAB. tageous to have fundamental knowledge of your way of the big–exercise (see for a free streaming of thisaudio practice) that enables Make things, use them, and see what happens. Do not chase EVERY new social net, but try perceiving the world, solving problems and working under pressure. As we know what pictureyou to review how your mind is a few things every few weeks. happens in our brain, we can “a waY To a More ProDucTive,structured. This “time-in” of control it to a greater degree more inspiring and more joyfulreflection is a way of keeping chRiStopheR caRfi. Spend than has been known to date. life is to get enough sleep,”your brain healthy and strong. a few minutes setting up a blog states arianna Huffington,Much like brushing your teeth reader such as Google Reader eeva-MaRia kytönen. the co-founder and editor-in-chiefon a daily basis, this is a way and follow blogs from industry Brain research brings new of The Huffington Post.of “brushing your brain” sources or mainstream outlets, viewpoints on the leadership Instead of bragging about sleepand using “mental floss,” so get a Facebook account, or even of change that brings fresh deficits, Huffington urges us tothat your brain and mind are check out a few of the conver- insights. Self-initiated realiza- close our eyes and seeoptimally functioning. sations taking place on Quora. tion and the subsequent zeal to the big picture. We should sleep From an individual’s perspec- act are imperative to successful our way to increased productivityDaviD Rock. I think the best, tive, following a few conversa- change. Neuro-leadership is a and happiness – and smartermost time efficient and valuable tions that are taking place and new branch of science that gives decision-making.resources for busy executives engaging in discussions via new ingredients for the growth “Discover the great ideas thatare spending time with peers. commenting or interacting on and blossoming of individuals lie within us. Shut down the engine,Sharing learning, whether the existing social media and organizations. and discover the power or sleep.”in a coaching, mentoring or outposts of others is a great firstinformal setting, is such an step. There are undoubtedly see More aTimportant and useful resource. thought leaders in your industry who are already engaging arianna_huffington_how_ to_succeed_get_more_chRiS BRogan. In software in social business; seek them sleep.html ToP 5 blogs – wHaT To follow Check out these American entrepreneur, author and public speaker, Journalist, author, associate professor at blogs to pick seth godin: City University of up on changes New York’s Graduate School of Journalism, Jeff Jarvis: in society and Director of the Havas Media Lab, umair Haque: business: Author, Editor-in-chief of Wired, chris anderson: Founding executive Tips provided by Henry Mason, Head of Research & Analysis editor of Wired magazine, blog/list?user=zlitezlite at author Kevin Kelly: to read the whole magazine for free click here