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Trend forecasting 2017

This project aims to forecast the upcoming trend for the year 2017. It is a proposed mock forecast based on research and findings.

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Trend forecasting 2017

  2. 2. 3 CONTENT 1 Acknowledgement 4 2 declaration 5 3 Research Methodology 6 4 Findings 8 5 Trend Spotting 64 6 Questionnaire 67 7 Conclusion 80 8 Bibliography 85
  3. 3. 4 Acknowlegements We would like to thank our Course Coordinator Mr Ankur Gulati and our Course leader Ms Vaishali Khurana for giving us this opportunity. I would also like to think my Mentors Mr Nishant Anand and Ms Divya Kapoor for their constant help and guidance. We would like to thank our friends , family and colleagues for their constant support. We would also like to appreciate all those that have helped us along the way, in various aspects, through this project.
  4. 4. 5 Declaration We hereby declare that the project work entitled “[Trend Forecasting Spring/Summer 2017 ]” submitted to Ms. Vaishali Khurana , Ms Divya Kapoor and Mr Nishant Anand is a bonafide record of work done by us under the guidance of our mentors, Faculty Members. 15/10/2014
  5. 5. 6 Research Methodology  The research for this report was covered in two parts. The first being primary research and the second being secondary research.  The primary research was conduct through 2 different questionnaires and participant observation.  The 1 set of questionnaires was intended to gather data from people at large.  It was composed of 14 questions and was distributed through 2 mediums- Online as well as on ground.  The sample size for this questionnaire was “250”.  150 questionnaires were filled through an online survey.  100 questionnaires were filled through an on ground survey.  The process of selection of respondents was that of random sampling.  There were both female and male respondent.  The 2nd set of questionnaires was intended to gather data from people working at fashion brand stores that would have further insight into the topic.  The sample size for this questionnaire was “30”.  All questionnaires were filled on ground.  The respondents were both male and female  The process of selection of respondents was that of random sampling.  Once the data was gathered it was calculated and tallied and the obtained results were converted into pie charts for clear visual depiction.  The secondary data was gathered through various websites.  Multiple books about color forecasting, fabrics, textures, detailing and fashion forecasting were referred to.  Data was also gather through Multiple magazines, periodicals and all there issues from 2010 – 2015 were also referred to.  Data once gathered from all these sources was sifted through, edited and inferences were drawn.
  6. 6. 7 FINDINGS WHAT IS FASHION? Fashion, by definition, is an expression of the times. At its most superficial, fashion is what people wear. WHAT IS FORECASTING? Fashion forecasting is an activity that endeavours to answers to general questions; what is likely to happen in the near future? What is happening now that will significantly influence the more distant future? The near future means a year, more or less. Forecasting is simple identifying fashion trends A FORECASTER: Projects the future, taking into account all the variables and visualising ideas as possibilities and probabilities Does not speak in absolute terms Has insight that results from a keen appraisal of a wide array of information. Can identify a hot trend for next day’s business or extend its horizons into the distant future. WHAT DOES THE FORECASTER DO? The forecaster identifies style trends.
  7. 7. 8 THE PRECISION OF THE FORECAST The precision of the forecast depends on applied skills; Awareness should be developed toward total sensitivity to every aspect of living every action, every thought, no matter how nebulous or elusive, that meanders through the thought pattern. Insight is the understanding that pierces the superficial to the core of the issue. Insight, not hunches distinguishes blunder lines, rendering some merchandise ageless, timeless, season less, size less, priceless, classless, and sexless. Interpretation is the ability to explain seemingly obscure relationships and their resulting effects by introducing an addition thought that enlightens the possible solutions to the problem. Objectivity is need above all else. A forecaster requires a mindset skilfully directed to perceive people, products or activities free from personal predilections. A keen mentality will register not only the black and white facts, but also those that have the nuances of grey The FORCASTER IN A QUAGMIRE The forecaster does not work in a vacuum but within a structured environment with a rigid time table. Working 1 year or more in advanced does not permit the sales results of the prior year to be considered in making the latest decision; Each segment of the industry is forced to make a decision and predict what is likely to happen. A PLETHORA OF INFLUENCES People places , television , films , art , music , theatre , museums , subcultures , politics , emerging country – all have their impact , all leave their imprint , all etch themselves on our culture a psyche. People – Strong personalities perennially reflect their presence on the fashion scene. Mrs Ronald Ragan widely publicized for her extensive Adolfo wardrobe much of it in red. Jackie Kennedy – Impressed careerists with her conservative working uniform, slacks shirt and trench coat Michael Jackson –
  8. 8. 9 Gifted musician and showman put the American public in the palm of his fashion gloves Sheryl tiegs – The popular fashion model became the glamour girl for mass American in the sears catalogue. Gloria Vanderbilt – Hit the jackpot with her signature jeans. Jane Fonda – Reminded us that renaissance women are around today, actress, author, business women, mother, wife and activist. Twiggy – The London model, learnt to dance and Lis Taylor, film super star took shape again Boy George – The young British singer, affected female clothing and make up. At once appalling and appealing to young women who respond warmly to the softness and femininity to his music. Films - To take inspiration form – Carol Lombard – Impressed us with her slinky bias cut evening looks Joan Crawford - With her padded shoulders Doctor Zhivago – Inspired designers to create Russian inspired collections The great Gatsby – Puts us in the 20s mood Annie hall – Charmed us with her charley Chaplinesque men’s wear attire Flash dance – Ignited the trend of tattered T’s and off – shoulder sweats John Travolta –
  9. 9. 10 Put the spotlight on gold chains, white leisure suits and slick hair The rocky horror show – Brought to attention the kind of under pinning’s associated with burlesque stripers Star wars – Titillated our imagination of things to come Victor /Victoria, tootsies, Cramer vs Cramer , Gandhi , Sofy’s choice – Are all about people coping and surviving in a society with new patterns and pressures. TREND CYCLE 2011 – 2017 Silhouettes and details Spring/summer 2011 (Masculine comfortable Roomy and flared voluminous femininity)  Roomy shapes, Flattering & accessible, scaled up looks take a masculine slant or modern simplicity,  detail is subtracted & simple construction, shrunken androgynous looks, femininity and voluminous drapery & billowy girlishness inspired by 1960 and 1970  Upturned top heavy, voluminous, unstructured, slim, narrow hips and hemlines, wide sleeves, mannish, tubular, roomy boyish (tomboy, shrunken shapes with a Teddy boy meets punk masculinity, cigarette leg trousers)  Sleeveless bustier tops and dresses, bubble or flared skirts, carrot pants, translucent  Simple silhouette, no intricate cutline, turns up shorts,
  10. 10. 11 chinos, and gingham & seersucker blazer, Breton striped t-shirts.  Mandarin collars, wrap over closures, tunic fits, kimono inspired cut lines, slash necklines, cropped pant, and cropped t-shirt
  11. 11. 12 2011 Trend Look PREPPY  Key Points: Boat Moccasins  Sneakers  The cotton shirt  Picnic bags Gladiator  Roman sandals  Big cinemas  Winding straps  Studded finishing Gold Patina  Seashells  Strings of pearl  Pearls and paste  Snake straps
  12. 12. 13 Delicately retro  Flat bows  Ballerina shoes  Narrative jewellery  Printed scarves Totem  Massive heels  Braided bags  Shirt-front necklaces  Exotic motifs 
  13. 13. 14 Spring/Summer 2012 (Loose Peplum, Very Lightly Structured)  Minimalist look, rejecting restrained silhouette, gentler cut, loose and layering  A clean cut in classic style, no fastening, crossed over or cut across with zips, voluminous shirts, flared, peplum and sewing panels  Zips lead to ease in wearing, supple & structure, rebel but elegant, pilling on peplum, layered silhouette and belted high, wrap over effects with inserts in  Light structures- feminine and modern, vaporous panel of fabric, draped, romantic silhouettes, structured to soft. Spring/summer 2013 (Minimalism, loose, structured, peplum, lightly structured)  Wrap, slim fitting, straight, simple to minimalistic, layered, geometric cut, jacquards, loose fitting, structured, high fitting waists, ankle length tapered legs, stretch shirts & pants, shirt dress, little cardigan, A- line raincoat, sleeveless, peplum, slightly flared tunic dresses, circular shirts, darts  Straight peplum effect on tops, gabardine, fluid dress, tintin pants Spring/ summer 2014 (Top stiff, bottom flowed, very slightly structured)  Playing with proportions to create interesting top heavy or bottom heavy silhouettes  Shorts suits- shorts, sporty, easy fit, knee length  Top garments - bomber jacket, Blazer, sweatshirt etc.  American sport- knee length jersey shorts, oversized t-shirts, vests and baseball shirt
  14. 14. 15  Eyelet, lace, mesh, cropped tops, high waist, maxi skirt, layered Spring/summer 2015 (Feminine flowing comfortable)  Sportswear and work wear, tailored jacket with sporty details, Longer length waistcoat, dungarees, sports waist trousers, Hawaiian shirt, Cropped and boxy jacket/ Chinese jacket  Sophisticated looks, tent dress, 1970s silhouettes, thin sleek jumpsuits, tailored jacket with relaxed wide leg trousers, origami folding, long hemline and mid skirt, feminine flowing, layering, trapeze dress, culottes, backless Spring/summer2016 (3d Origami with boxy fluidity) Loose fit, T dress, loose boxy silhouettes, fluid and structured silhouettes, origami 3D Inference Drawn from the above given data - Spring/summer 2017 (Rectangular silhouette, beatnik look, androgynous look)  Loose clothing, rectangular silhouette (beatnik 1950), tall vertical shapes, horizontal thickness, A-line, low necklines (deep v-necks), and feminine romantic, androgynous, flowy skirts, Long straight trench coat  sleeveless ¾ sleeve, textured leggings, oversized coat, modern chic, boyfriend chic, exotic silhouette, midi dress- rectangular, loose fitting asymmetrical look, straight leg pants, Windsor collar, sleeveless sheer top, boyfriend’s jacket, boyfriend’s jeans.  Stir up leggings; double breasted pea coat, wide leg trousers FABRIC Spring/ summer 2011
  15. 15. 16 (Smooth Sheer, Lace, Viscose & Polyester- TRANSPARENT Rough)  Lace garments(Filigree, open crochet, macramé, peek a boo, geometric cut outs), parachute silk, chiffons, tulles, smooth leather, twill, canvas, wickerwork, thatching, corn straw, linen, cotton, honey comb, lame denim, raw silk, wrinkled organza, coated knit, seersucker silks, sheer, poplin, shirting, summer tweed, jacquards, viscose & polyester in sheer, satin, sponge taffeta. Spring/summer 2012 (Wrinkly fabric, jersey, oilskin cotton)  Cotton jersey, stretch knit, raschel netting, paper yarn, raffla, cut- yarn jacquard, raw silk, crepe on seersucker, crinkly wrinkly, resist ironing, no overstatement in weave, poplin, imitation leather, cream fabrics, viscose rayon, cream fabrics, gelatinous surface, oilskin cotton Spring/summer 2013 (Blended fabric, transparent and translucent, georgette)  Combed cotton, long silk cotton poplin, gabardine, cotton silk blend, cotton- linen, crepe silk, rayon, georgette, microfiber, organdie & organza, wrinkled cotton, Paper fabric, semi transparent knits, simple weaves, twill, cheesecloth, linen, fringes.  Seersucker, oiled cotton, fishnet, gauze, chiffon layers, light airy floating, transparency, voluminous Spring/summer 2014 (Soft & stiff, wrinkled transparent, stone washed, techno fabric, stretchy and bouncy)
  16. 16. 17  Crinkling wrinkling transparent, stiff fibre, raw silk, linen, softness of satin & fall of organza, pulled up, linen+ silk,, high tech poplin, tracing paper silk, linen paper, mesh spacer  Imitation suede, leather shorn velvet, straight on skin, gummy touch, stonewashed leather, summer tweeds, metallic tweed, straw raffia  Silks, chiffons, voiles, transparent knits, crystal nylons feather weight fabric, denim fleece, silk blended with elasthanne, stretchy and bouncy, weightless fabrics, tulle, seersucker. Spring/summer 15 (Utilitarian Fabric, staples, synthetic blends , plastic fibres) • Viscose blends, creamy silky fabric, shirting, nylon, satin twill, seersucker, crackled organdie, natural/artificial hybrid fibre, plastic fuse, synthetic blend, gossamer knit. • 1970s look • Military uniform given a feminized look • Diaphanous silks, summer suede, picnic gingham • Lightweight fabric, vintage brocades and silk- often with edges left raw and frayed…handcrafted look • Riviera inspired look • Utilitarian fabric, lace, floral print Spring/summer 16 (Plastic Fibres, luxury fabrics, feather and leather)  Plastic fabric, cracked fabric, tech fabric, luxurious cotton, organic, woven fabric, tweeds, jacquards, Dupioni silk, sheer, feather like fabric, satin, silk, leather  Eco active: cross hatching, traditional craft with modern silhouette and materials  Bohemian and contemporary  Earthy athletics and rugged sportswear  Tough leather patches, vintage denim, bleached denim checks, grungy flannel shirt  Subtle geometric Inference Drawn from the above given data -
  17. 17. 18 Spring/Summer 2017 (Metallic’s, Coat fabrics, Summer Tweed, Smooth wrinkle free)  Metallic fibres- Chromflex, Lurex, Mylar  Shiny smooth texture  Little too few wrinkles  Sheer, lace, leather  Shock value  Lame  Plastic fabric- Polypropylene  Technologically advanced clothes; led t-shirt COLOR Spring/Summer 2011 (Pastels, solid, bright, refreshing)  Soft-sober-subtle (sage green, red, white, beige, white out)  Candid pastels-playful-sugary sweet  Rustic, earthy, solid, substantial, life giving sunny shades (rainbow palette, rich aqua, sunburst, turquoise, citrus  Earthy browns with refreshing clean blues & white  Vintage and contemporary, strange combos, shadow, summer dark & vibrant glowing highlights( Combine contrasting brights or make solid color statement in one vibrant hue head to toe)  Flesh color, farmyard browns, pure white  Ecru and straw hues Spring/Summer 2012
  18. 18. 19 (Powder, diluted pastels, shaded solids)  Brown and powdered tonalities- dark to light  Light color-chine, satin & delicate  Luminous iridescences- browns and light lavender, white, light grey  Neutrals + colors on simple whites or brownish backgrounds. Irruption of pink, turquoise green, soft yellow.  Freshness- pinks slightly contrasted with contemporary accessories, flesh tinted color, powdered and solid colors  Shaded freshness- green shadow ponds, blue to green, slight splash of orange  Diluted-pastels diffuse a clean &  Beige, acid green, woody matte, bronze, patina & tannin  Neutrality warm & cold- light & dark colors  Mustards, olive, greys  Marina- blues to violets from most strident to most softened with greys & creams  Abstraction- solid neutrals & oxygenated pastels, ultra brights solids pale tones  Slight splash of brights like yellow and orange  Neutrals and browns  Neutrals, reds, darks  Precious emerald, sapphire & amethyst tone , crackling silk  Vitality-bright energetic  Whitewash- cleansing palette of neutrals, head to toe white, grey Spring/Summer 2013
  19. 19. 20 (Luminescent blues , fluorescent , farmyard ,down to earth , complex balancing combinations)  Luminescence- crystalline, icy, transparent, spiritual  Fluorescence- Vibrant, iridescent, light, frivolous  Rationality- simple, calm, natural, sustainable  Sweet, sunny, colorful, happy  Utilitarian- authentic, earthy, solid, long lasting  Attractive- precious, intense, deep, age old  Red, green, orange, blue, yellow, purple, bleach, white  Tender basic- tender baby color  Rural romantic-farmyard effect  Bi-colored effect & emphasis on fabric color, print
  20. 20. 21
  21. 21. 22
  22. 22. 23 2014  Sensual- cosmetic soft & creamy color with beige or white extremely feminine, young and tender with blue; energetic with orange  Down to earth- Brown and grey  Elemental- Heavenly skies, shades of blue to silver grey, cloudy white to beige, soft summary looks, dark blue- bold to modern  Primal- deep natural tones, natural earthy sources, beige, white(modernity)  Temperamental- Vibrant, energetic, glowing to brighten by neutrals for a modern mood or dazzling fresh to white  Tones of earth and stone, peat and dust, neutral and irregular texture effects of raw materials
  23. 23. 24  Between dream and reality, fleeting and imperceptible sparkles giving a precious accent to rustic tweeds and raw silk; silver and gold dust; beige and soft grey  Icy freshness, blue, green and grey, modern water lilies Fleur Blue- blue, bleach, lime green  Fresh air- acidic & delicate tones, fresh bright colors, frosty pastels, peachy white, orange, yellow, light blue, blue  Hypnotic-Glazier greens, bleach and white, geometrical & shimmer  Lime blossom- Acid yellow, lace & silks, pale pink and graphic grey, refinement, softness, femininity  Romance- intoxicating bright colors in shadows- grating but sophisticated.  Space fiction- Black light and ultra violet rays, chromatic, sudden explosions, dark pink, royal blue, lotus pink, stone grey, chrome yellow  Heat wave- nuances of the sun in a pallete of colors, soothed by black or chalk white  Tribal- Exotic woody tones, energy of primitive paintings, colorful pallete where one will play on contrasting color blocks, thick outlines and simple rhythms  Tone on tone  Softened blue  Fresh new color palette  Pastels-pinks, blue, lilac, yellow, whites  Porcelain pink, transparent colors Spring/Summer 2015 (Luminescence, bright yellow, Pearly brights , Triplicate Bold combinations , Strong Colors)  Luminous yellows in muted tones & whites, yellow, red, brown, orange, chalk white  Pearly Radiance- pearly pink, luminous yellow, iridescent white and soft  Graphic clarity- Light colored, plain backgrounds, sharp red accent.  Disproportion- 3 colors in a bold, combo with white graphic prints or discent motifs  Solar energy- white and grey, luminous yellow, energetic  Color power- Greens & blue, luminous yellow  Full bloom- bright color in classic checks, stripes, yellow, maroon, lavender  Ashy softness- muted, pale pink, rich red in blocks & bi-colored print  Submarine- blues & greens, large prints, bright lilac & white  Dark green, navy blue, touch of red and luminous yellow.  Colors- Terracota brown, sunglow oranges, muted cactus  Mix maker- RUST, gold, yellow, muted ochres, dark chocolate  Going local- Pinks, violet, teal, jade, turquoise, dominant custard yellow, white  VERSACE SHOW: Great Wall OF China – red, cast chambray, deep dark indigo, teal jade theme, glowing gold, sunset oranges and reds  Tinted- pastels, purple-lilac & eggplant  Shades of tan, white and black, grey, taupe
  24. 24. 25 Spring/Summer 2016 (Light pastel bright, Luminous mints and lavender , Avant Pop Colors)  Luminous mint- pistachio & mint hue, pastel brightness  Cosmic lavender-powdery lavender with a mirrored finish  Bright vision-Golden rod, cerulean blue, powder blue, secculent citrus, citrine visions, illuminated by sun- struck ideals.  Bold, deep indigo blue, lively dark lavender, cerulean blue, bright reddish pink, orange saturations  Explosion- Rio carnival  Grape purple, tropical pink, strawberry pink brezee, ocean blue, brazil green, jungle green, pineapple yellow  Futuristic, technocolor, metallic, electric black, silver, metallic pink, green metallic, silver white, blue metallic, space.  Inner black, glacier grey, peaceful white, earth brown, garden green. Inference Drawn from the above given data - Spring/Summer 2017 (Dark Solids, Neutrals and Nudes, Slight Pop Colors, Rich reds and Money green)  Dark colors  cherry red for romantic effect  Fragile dark and faded  Paper white, charcoal black  Nude, cream , blue, tan  Color blocking  Grey, blue, burgundy, cream-calm colors  Strong colors  Blood red, sand stone, money green, jet black  Pop culture
  25. 25. 26 Texture and print Spring/Summer 2011  Filigree, open crochet, macramé, peek a boo, geometric cut outs, Pure white  Lace & frills, embroideries, ribbons  Crinkle & textural surface  Cane work embroidery  Coated pleating, metallic jersey, mercury finishing, lacquered finishing  3D relief work & smooth plain cloth  Rurban Look- table cloth checks, gingham checks, florals  Sponge, lightweight silk Spring/Summer 2012  Twisted braided  Smooth, tight  Metallic textures, metal print  Spick & span Spring/Summer 2013  Gathers, shirred, tubic, goffered, smocked  Coated cotton  Trimmings  Oiled cotton Spring/Summer 2014  Natural and irregular texture effects of new materials  Full touch, 3d constructions  More texture  Cell like design
  26. 26. 27  Structured volumes, crackling icy textures  Metallic aspects & metal mania, metallic mania, metallic yarn, oily reflections  Transparencies thick threads, invisible yarns, suspended decorations, mesh knit, ribbon trimming, ribbed lace  Creamy texture Spring/Summer 2015  Cut work effect  Antique chisel  3D aspects, embossed  Gold trimming  Techno embossing, rubber bonding, lace  3d embellishment, feathers, fringing and raw edges  Luxury Leather, sheer and mesh
  27. 27. 28
  28. 28. 29 Spring /Summer 2016 • Inspiration from the ocean • Watery rippled lines • Spray texture • Illustrated botanicals • Daisy floral with a modern edge • 3Dbeaded embellishments • Mosaic • Flower pop  Oriental blooms in large sizes Inference Drawn from the above given data - Spring/Summer 2017  3D work eg- puff bows on dress
  29. 29. 30  Color blocking  Texture will be soft and luxurious  Micro suedes, flowy skirt  Geometric cut & designs in accessories  Straight lines  Il. Bold graphics, strong colors MAKE UP 2011 • Brighten up color with shiney highlights • voluminous half-up hairstyle • updo hairstyle; milkmaid braid, ponytail • Big lashes & liquid liner • tearduct highlighting • bright lips- orange, red and pinks • eye make up- shimmery nude, pale grey, Elongated eyeshadow, you can use bold eye shadow colors such as green, blue, orange, lavender, red, etc, as they simply all look amazing. • Faded smokey eyes, can be used a centre color well blended.... copper or brown shade to outer corner of the eye
  30. 30. 31 2012  Dewy skin with a gentle blush, pretty pale pink lips and lashings of mascara were the major ingredients of the super-pretty, doll-like beauty look  glossy red lips and perfectly-lined eyes  Curliest eyelashes.  warm, contoured look at the cheeks, chin and forehead  Brushed up Eyebrows-Strong brows were a catwalk favourite and the brushed-up styles at Versace, Derek Lam and Giles gave a boyish edge to otherwise feminine looks.  Whilst minimalism  Bold colored Eyes-scarlet eyeshadow  Metallic eyes- Gold & silver shadow applied to the crease of the lid,  No mascara  Wine stained lips  Colored lips- Brightest blue, lime green and fuchsia  Cat like eyes
  31. 31. 32 2013  From a kaleidoscope of colour, to a simple, fresh and flawless complexion, it is the ready-to- wear collections that offer the multifaceted ways to curate an appearance to go with any outfit, for any occasion  1960S Make up  shaggy and voluminous hair,  peach-coloured lips, embodied that fun and frivolous vibe.  bold brows, paler lips  vibrant eye to uphold the ‘psychedelic’ nature  whilst colour eyeshadow with a waxed effect dominate eyelids.
  32. 32. 33  Strong Twiggy-esque mega-eyelashes were paired with ruby red lips to pronounce all the features on the face.  Dior’s eye make up-Shades of green, blue, purple and pink  copper, bronzed eyes  Natural skin with delicate touch of pink hue to the lips and cheeks  Matte red lipstick  Monochrome pallete for nail paint  1960s beehives to the harsher, more modern slicked back styles  No more up-do, simple, loose, tousled, or even fuzzy hair  Wavy hair, slicked back hair
  33. 33. 34
  34. 34. 35 2014  raw, natural-looking beauty using make-up to conceal flaws and to define features rather than to completely transform  No mascara  pale colour to hollow  illuminated skin for a "Nineties supermodel glow"  fresh, modern and real  BLUE eyeshadow- eighties disco diva  shades of azure, aqua, sapphire and sky and made them new again, whether as a flash of electric blue on the lower lash line or in bold blocks of opaque colour across the lids.  Violet and blue for eyes  wash of aqua extending from the lashes to the brows.  Eyeliner in Blue  lilac, lemon, pistachio and aqua hues in a subtle wash across the lids  neutral brown and peach hues
  35. 35. 36  flash of bright turquoise on the eyes  pink lips and flowing hair  olive green to petrol blue 2015  graphic eyeliner wings on the lids, nude lips  Bright blue eyes, aqua tone  Pure white cosmetic tones • skinny plaits
  36. 36. 37 • Pastel Eyes" were created using laser-cut patches of satin • deep side parting leading into a low ponytail. • pin-straight hairstyles. • wet-look shine and ear tucks. Slick. • Lower liner • Wrapped pony: sleek and polished low ponytails are sequred with elastic bands, with hair wrapped over to hide them • Windswept and wispy: A soft bedhead texture with fine strands are pulled out of updos or fall around loose hair. • Loose strands: fine baby strands of hair- either slightly damp or dry-are gelled flat to the forehead or fall over the face • Messy out of bed look. • Knotted • Bright colors inject fun and playfulness into hairstyles. Neon pink, cobalt blue and tropical green tones are sprayed onto the roots or painted onto individual strands • Wet ‘n’ wild: From greasy-comb hair, just got out of the pool
  37. 37. 38 2016 • Pink • From Bubblegum to Fuchsia with Dusty Mauve, Softer pinks embrace a more feminine sensibility. • Orange lip • Pastel green • Hippie hairstyle and braids Inference Drawn from the above given data - 2017
  38. 38. 39  Pink is the main color for 2017, the color will take out the little girl  Pale make up with red lipstick  Highlighting of one element, e.g burgundy color hair with no makeup, golden sand color hair with pale makeup  Metallic liner, silver liner with bright pink lipstick  Black liner on both upper and lower lid  Leaving Aqua tone of blue , electric blue for eyes  No blush...only highlighting, shimmer, metallic silver tone..sometimes sand effect( golden)  Metallic shimmery tone on nail, eg. Shimmer Shocking pink Design Details 2017 • Wrapover/clutch – A straight overcoat with a double breasted wrap but no buttons to fasten. • Trench coat – a coat worn by both sexes a loose top coat usually belted and made in cotton garbadine. It was originally worn by british officers in WW1 • Straight Tailored – Trousers that fit the wearer well and are shaped to fit, with a fly front fastening • Leggings • A body hugging trouser always made in a stretch fabric to get the desired fit , this may be a jersey or a lycra content fabric. Leggings can be worn with tunics , baggy tops or short dresses. • Hipster- fly fronted trousers the normal waistline has been dropped to just above the hipline with the normal finishings of a band with belt loops. • Turn ups-(201) A deep hem of trouser leg folded back so that the the fabric face still shows • Floor length / Dinner - Normally a floor – length skirt straight tube like skirt. • Hobble/Pencil the hobble is a very narrow tapered ankle length skirt. An elongated version of a pencil skirt which is very difficult to walk in therefore it usually has a side slit or a vent in the back. • Flared – This skirt is fuller than the A-line , the waist measurement remains the same but the fullness is added in the cut so the hem circumference increases. • Sack / shift dress- a straight dress with no construction lines • Tunic – a garment worn over a skirt of trousers , generally shorter than a normal dress length . • Tee shirt dress – As the tee shirt dress is made from a light jersey knitted fabric with a ribbed collar. normally it is longer than the Tee shirt and may or may not have slits up the sides but it fits just as loosely • Jetted: A pocket construct’ed by cutting through the garmentto the required length of the finished pocket, • Patch with flap: • Capped(Extended shoulder): An extension of the shoulder just covering the shoulder point. • Turn up: There is no cuff and the turn up is all the way round the hem
  39. 39. 40 • Fish Fish mouth Revers: Shaped revers resembling a fish mouth • L-Revers: • Basic/ plain/ jewel: A simple round neckline which would be faced • Wrap over: One side is wrapped over another and button fastened into place.  Metallic fibres- chromflex, lurex, melora, mylar  Shiney smooth texture  Little to few wrinkles  Sheer, lace, leather  Shock value  Lame  Plastic fabric- polypropylene Inspiration & Muse Jackie Kennedy  Jackie Kennedy O ‘Onassis’, first Lady of the United States, wife to one of America’s most influential and iconic presidents. Before Michelle, before Carla Bruni, before Sam Cam, Jackie O led the way for stylish women on the sidelines of politics, carving a personal style that championed classic staples, contemporary trouser suits, headscarves and sunglasses.  Under the remit of friend and stylist Oleg Cassini, she brought pillbox hats and shift dresses to the masses. After her husband's assassination in 1963, she developed into Jackie O, marking a new period of fashion. She wore priceless jewels with T-shirts, gypsy skirts with Hermès headscarves, creating an effortlessly casual definition of glamour.
  40. 40. 41  The power of a pillbox hat  The brimless flat hat was a longstanding Kennedy signature. In 1961, her stylist Cassini decided she needed an ‘off-hat’, believing that the hat should be an accent and an after- thought, so as not to take away from her face. Favoured designers include Marita at Bergdorf Goodman and Halston. Previously reserved for military and Pan Am hostesses, Kennedy made the relatively unknown hat an international trend.  Scarves are not just for your neck  when not wearing a pillbox hat, Kennedy often wore a headscarf. She pioneered the trend, teaming her silk scarves with a pair of oversized shades. The look was key to the Jackie O style of her later years, worn with classic LBD, gypsy skirts and T-shirts.  Oversized shades  These Jackie classics were her first fashion statement during her early years as a First Lady. They came with a signature Greek Key detail, which is symbolic of eternal life, a motif perhaps poignantly emblematic given the events that followed.  The A-Line silhouette  From shift dresses to two-piece suits, Kennedy’s range of pastel hued A-line suits and dresses were key to her look as wife of the president. She backed Dior’s New Look, which raised hemlines and brought ease to womenswear during the 1950s.  Volume  From the voluminous ripples of her coats by the likes of Hubert de Givenchy to the bouffant mass of her hair, Kennedy backed volume. Her iconic hairstyle was created by Mr Kenneth, who is often described as the world’s first celebrity hairdresser.  Wear White  Long before Margiela championed the stark anonymity of white, Kennedy wore preppy white jeans, shirts and dresses. Whether lounging on a boat across the Amalfi Coast or stepping out to meet the Queen in 1961, she became noted for the icy shade. On what would prove to be
  41. 41. 42 her last public appearance, she wore a white button-down gown by Carolina Herrera to the American Ballet Theatre Season Opening Gala at Lincoln Center in 1993.  Colour blocking  From pastel suiting to monochrome dresses, Kennedy was famed for her solid colours, made by couturiers including Jean-Louis Scherrer, Christian Dior and Givenchy. However she was confidentially advised to ‘cut the Paris cord’ and mainly in American designers, taking on Diana Vreeland as her style authority.  Three-quarter length sleeves  Kennedy practically patented the three-quarter length sleeve. From fitted suit jackets to dresses and blouses, the look accentuated her wrist jewellery, gloves and chocolate-box handbags.  Valentino  At her wedding to Aristotle Onassis in 1968, Kennedy wore a white, lace gown by Valentino, which has become the most replicated couture piece in history. She loved Valentino all her life, from classic suiting as a First Lady to his trademark ruffled dresses in her later years. On her death, Valentino paid tribute to Kennedy – “She had this inner quality to make elegant the simplest dress, the most shabby raincoat, the oldest pair of slacks. Her way to wear a scarf, a pair of sunglasses, to choose a bag or shoes or go barefoot, or with a tiara was natural, she was not thinking twice, she knew by instinct.”  Valentino  At her wedding to Aristotle Onassis in 1968, Kennedy wore a white, lace gown by Valentino, which has become the most replicated couture piece in history. She loved Valentino all her life, from classic suiting as a First Lady to his trademark ruffled dresses in her later years. On her death, Valentino paid tribute to Kennedy – “She had this inner quality to make elegant the simplest dress, the most shabby raincoat, the oldest pair of slacks. Her way to wear a scarf, a pair of sunglasses, to choose a bag or shoes or go barefoot, or with a tiara was natural, she was not thinking twice, she knew by instinct.” Innovation and upcoming tech Fashion
  42. 42. 43  A custom LED t-shirt  The world’s first wearable/shareable/programmable LED t-shirt. How about letting your t- shirt take photos (there's a built-in camera) of whatever you're facing and posting straight to Instagram? Or connecting your t-shirt to Twitter to display tweets in real time?"  Glasses that translate speech and display it as text  "UK technologist Will Powell has hacked a pair of glasses to translate foreign languages into subtitles in real time. Powell’s concept video demonstrates a conversation between himself (speaking in English), and his sister (speaking in Spanish) where remarkably, the Vuzix 1200 Star glasses are translating the conversation in real time. And it can do that between 37 different languages."  Today's take: Pretty ideal for anyone who travels a lot. The tech is a bit choppy right now, but that's why this is a list of stuff for 2017. Guys, you have five years to make this work.  Vaccines you can download print and inject  This week, we learned about the possibility of biological 3D printers: In the future, we may be able to download digitized vaccines from our home computers, print them out on a "3D printer for DNA, a 3D printer for life" and administer those medicines at home. I know, I can hardly believe the words I just wrote."  Today's take: Vaccines. Not a traditional gift idea in any sense -- except this is different. Imagine never having to leave home or schedule an appointment for a critical vaccine? Crazy  WiFi-blocking wallpaper  What we said: "Wallpaper can help protect your health, equipment and data? Not only can this special wallpaper selectively filter, reduce or reflect electromagnetic waves, it can also help to ensure that signals inside your home are more secure."  Today's take: It's not like wireless technology is going anywhere. Five years from now this is probably going to sound like a real good idea.  Tic-Tac-Whoa  What we said: "IllumiShare is one of those ideas that is so simple, it’s utterly brilliant. Using a simple combination of a projector and a camera, two people [in different locations] can sketch together, play games or cards and share any kind of physical or digital objects. Much more fun than Skype."  Today's take: Great for parents. Imagine, all the fun of a playdate and you still only have to make one lunch.  3D printer to create a miniature you  What we said: "Photo booths just got 100% more awesome! The world’s first 3D printing photo booth has opened in Tokyo, and, yes, instead of taking home a picture of yourself, you can now take home a full-color 3D-printed miniature replica of yourself -- albeit with a minimum $3,300 price tag."  Today's take: Adjusted for inflation, that price is only going to go up in 2017. But can you really put a price tag on one-upping everybody for "best gift ever" for the rest of your life?  Cancer-detecting bra  What we said: "Talk about a miracle bra -- here’s a bra that actually works wonders, in a very real way. First Warning Systems, Inc. has developed a bra that can potentially detect cancer. A high-tech device inside the bra collects data (e.g., by detecting changes in breast tissue) that is analyzed by computers to determine if abnormal and potentially cancerous cells are forming into a tumor."
  43. 43. 44  Today's take: Don't wait until 2017. This product may be available next year in Europe and in the United States by 2014.  A tablet for your dashboard  What we said: "In the near future, it's not unlikely that we'll all carry around tablets with us, so why not a smart tablet that hooks into your car's systems and provides your entertainment while on the road? For that matter, why not a tablet that is so smart it is context-aware, so that it knows where you are and serves up different functions depending on whether you're at work, in your car or at home? I'm loving that idea."  Today's take: This will be useless in 2017 because there will be no cars. We'll all have personal jetpacks by then.  Timeline: Interesting phenomena of 2017 • China will establishe the largest megacity in the world  China has merged nine of its cities into one, creating the largest metropolitan area on the planet. This new megacity has a population of 42 million – over 7 million greater than Tokyo, the previous record holder. • The world's first kilometre-high skyscraper • A new tallest building for Los Angeles: The skyline of Los Angeles is dramatically altered this year with completion of the Wilshire Grand Center – a new supertall skyscraper in the FINANCIAL district. At 335 m (1,100 ft) and with 73 storeys, it becomes the tallest building in the Western U.S., surpassing the U.S. Bank Tower which had held the title since 1989. • The first Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) platform begins operations: Due to the remoteness of many deepwater natural gas resources, large-scale exploitation of these areas has been next to impossible. A new project, however, undertaken by Royal Dutch Shell, seeks to overcome these barriers. The Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) platform, as it is called, begins operations this year off the coast of Northern Australia over Shell's Prelude natural gas field. • India completes construction of the Dibang Valley Dam: Yet another energy project making the headlines this year is the Dibang Dam, in northeast India. At 288m high, this becomes the tallest concrete gravity dam in the world. It has a volume of 16.5 million cubic metres and can generate 3,000 MW of electric power.The remaining JFK files are released: The Assassination Records Review Board was created as a result of an act passed by the US Congress in 1992, entitled the "President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act". This Act mandated the gathering and release of all government records relating to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. • Total solar eclipse in the USA: On August 21st of this year, a total eclipse occurs in the United States – the first visible from the US since 1991 (just from part of Hawaii), and the first visible from the contiguous US since 1979.
  44. 44. 45 • The world's first HIV vaccine is commercially available Visual Merchandising  Visual merchandising is thoughtful floor layout and stock arrangement.  Well placed groupings- arrangements, clusters or masses of goods, each make a fashion statement in varying degrees, and converts the merchandise into messages to the consumer that reflect the adopted merchandise plan. This is accomplished by a diversity of fixtures- flexible walls, dividers or drop ceiling treatments that sets one grouping apart from another. The desired effect – a shock arrangement so commanding that the very presence of goods draws the customers to the cash register.  Displays are the artistic focal points or lead actors telling the seasonal fashion story in mannequin pantomime. They demonstrate the use of accessories or complementary parts that enhance the total look. They reinforce the current promotion. Perfect presentation dramatizes the fashions, educates the eye , is easy to persue and reaffirms the fashion posture of the store . It is soft sell sales seduction.  Window displays beckon and welcome one within the embellishment. They may be large or small, on the main street, side street or mall galleries.  The elements of window display are the setting, the merchandise, accessories, mannequins, props, identifying signs and lighting.
  45. 45. 46 Trend Spotting
  46. 46. 47
  47. 47. 48
  48. 48. 49 1. NAME 2. What is your gender? o Male o Female 3. What is your age? o 15-19 o 20-24 o 25-29 o 45 or above 4. What is your occupation? o Student o Teacher/professor o Business 5. Is your occupation associated with the fashion world in any aspect? o Yes o No 6. What are your favourite colors this summer (2014)? o Red o Orange o Yellow o Green 7. This spring/summer what fabrics have you worn most often? o Velvet o Leather or leatherette o Fur o Georgette o Cotton 8. What do you think is in trend in summer 2014? o Palazzos o Crop top o Denims o Peplum 9. What spring summer trends do you foresee in near future? o Palazzos o Culottes o Denims 10. What embellishments, prints and patterns have you worn the most in this spring/summer? o Floral o Aztec o Polka Dots o Checks o 30-34 o 35-39 o 40-44 o Homemaker o Corporate service o Other(please specify) o Blue o Purple o Pink o Neon o Pastels o Earthy o Neutrals(Blacks, whites and grey) o Net o Linen o Wool o Silk o Boot legs/Bell bottoms o Mini-Midi Skirts (short or mid-length skirt) o Wrap around skirt o Geometric Patterns o Stripes o Abstract o Studs and spikes o Embroidery o Sequins Trend Forecasting o Maxi Dress o Jeggigns o Colored trousers(chinos) o Maxi Skirt
  49. 49. 50 11. Which is your favourite brand for clothes? o Tommy Hilfiger o Zara o Vero Moda o Benetton 12. What is your favourite make up brand? o Inglot o Mac o Colorbar o Mayebelline o Other 13. What lip color have you seen in trend in summer 2014? o Red o Neon o Pinks o Nude o Browns 14. Which celebrity or style icon closely resembles or inspires your personal style? o Lady Gaga o Deepika Padukone o Tom Cruise Result 95 88 What is your gender? female male o Forever 21 o Forever New o Gucci o Louis Vuitton o Hermes o Jack & Jones o Brad Pit o Ketty Perry o Vidya Balan o Alia Bhatt o Lady Gaga o Rihana o Sonam Kapoor o Angelina Jolie o Others; specify
  50. 50. 51 57 60 45 31 29 20 5 What is your age? 15-19 20-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45 or older 95 42 30 35 42 6 What is your Occupation? Student teacehr/professo r business
  51. 51. 52 56 157 Is you occupation associated with the fashion world in any aspect? yes no 47 37 45 43 6633 30 53 47 38 48 What are your favorite colors this summer (2014)? red orange yellow
  52. 52. 53 18 11 5 70 150 80 4 34 20 The Spring / Summer what fabrics have you worn most often ? velvet leather fur geargette cotton linen 67 39 91 59 40 52 30 19 What do you think is in trend in summer 2014? crop top maxi dress plazzos
  53. 53. 54 56 97 45 79 30 What Spring summer trends do you foresee in near future? plazzos culottes denims 66 77 40 47 45 58 47 50 14 What embellishments , prints and patterns have you worn the most in this spring /summer? floral aztec polka dots
  54. 54. 55 31 30 39 25 17 20 17 17 18 13 Which is your favorite brand for clothes? tommy hilfiger zara benetton forever 21 forever new louis vuitton 29 36 23 12 What is your favorite makeup brand? Inglot Mac Colorbar Mayebelline
  55. 55. 56 88 51 58 45 What lip color have you seen in trend in summer 2014? red neon pinks nude 14 6 38 7 102821 29 31 34 Which celebrity or style icon closely resembles or inspires your personal style? lady gaga rihana
  56. 56. 57 1. NAME 2. What is your gender? o Male o Female 3. What is your age? o 18-24 o 25-29 o 45 or above 4. What is your occupation and designation? 6. What colors have you seen in trend this summer (2014)? o Red o Orange o Yellow o Green 7. This spring/summer what fabrics have been in trend? o Velvet o Leather or leatherette o Fur o Georgette o Cotton 8. Which products were most popular in summer 2014? o Palazzos o Crop top o Denims o Peplum 9. What spring summer trends do you foresee in the next change? o Palazzos o Culottes o Denims 10. What embellishments, prints and patterns have you worn the most this spring/summer? o Floral o Aztec o Polka Dots o Checks o 30-34 o 35-39 o 40-44 o Blue o Purple o Pink o Neon o Pastels o Earthy o Neutrals(Blacks, whites and grey) o Net o Linen o Wool o Silk o Others o o th o oth o Boot legs/Bell bottoms o Mini-Midi Skirts (short or mid-length skirt) o Wrap around skirt o Others oo Geometric Patterns o Stripes o Abstract o Studs and spikes o Embroidery o Sequins o Others THANK YOU Trend Forecasting o Maxi Dress o Jeggigns o Colored trousers(chinos) o Maxi Skirt
  57. 57. 58 Result 0 5 10 15 20 What colors have you seen in trend this summer(2014)? Series 1 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Series 1
  58. 58. 59 0 5 10 15 20 Which products were most popular in summer 2014? Series 1 0 5 10 15 What spring/summer trends do you foresee in the next change? Series 1
  59. 59. 60 Conclusion The conclusion for 2017 has been derived from the data given above and the inferences generated accordingly. 0 5 10 15 What embellishments, prints, and patterns have you worn the most this spring/summer? Series 1
  60. 60. 61
  61. 61. 62
  62. 62. 63
  63. 63. 64
  64. 64. 65
  65. 65. 66 BIBLIOGRAPHY( content & illustrations)'s+pastels&id=7 37870PW0000166&start=1&tr=1 fashion.html#.VDeR46JQEg0 000167&start=1&tr=440 &source=univ&sa=X&ei=5TYMU4KfDoGPrgfBgoHIAw&sqi=2&ved=0CCoQsAQ =737870PW0000156&start=1&tr=1's+pastels&id=7 37870PW0000166&start=1&tr=1 139&start=1&tr=145 139&start=1&tr=145's+pastels&id=7 37870PW0000166&start=1&tr=1 W0000167&start=1&tr=10 00028&start=3&tr=438 C0000139&start=1&tr=10's+pastels&id=7 37870PW0000166&start=1&tr=1 00028&start=3&tr=438
  66. 66. 67 - - COLOR MAKE UP 494720#slide-2 2014/ trend/gallery/1105452 494720#slide-2 trends/gallery/688189's+Neutral+Col or&id=737870PW0000178&start=1&tr=1 v1gVpJIYrcQ/UcEpqxNYfwI/AAAAAAAABvM/LhVSa396_wc/s1600/Gucci+Spring+2013+RpGy5 mP0gvPl.jpg +to+wear+them,32533
  67. 67. 68 gefallt-euch-besser/ FMY-3188358%2Fstirr-up-leggings- 250x250.jpg& leggings.html&h=250&w=250&tbnid=_oUGdNVjrl- CzM%3A&zoom=1&docid=EEOcRP9LA3dxOM&ei=Bag5VILnHsONuATejoHIAg&tbm=isch&ve d=0CBoQMygAMAA&iact=rc&uact=3&dur=484&page=1&start=0&ndsp=32 Coat/p/CTCRATOCOTTONMIXOrangeMandarin Coral/prod163290068_cat46580807__/
  68. 68. 69 10 35902182?ref=34691637#photo-35902183 histicated+Style Books & Periodicals Textile Report, Autumn-winter (2011, 2012, 2013,2014) Textile Report, spring-summer (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) Textile View, Spring-summer (2011, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) Textile view, Autumn-winter(2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) Collezioni Trend, Spring- summer( 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) New Look, spring- summer (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

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This project aims to forecast the upcoming trend for the year 2017. It is a proposed mock forecast based on research and findings.


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