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Top 10 suggestions for your fitness vacation


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It is universally believed and accepted that the greatest wealth is health and sound health does not merely mean the absence of infirmity or chronic illness but a state of total physical, mental and social well-being.

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Top 10 suggestions for your fitness vacation

  1. 1. Top 10 Suggestions for Your Fitness VacationIt is universally believed and accepted that the greatest wealth is health and sound health doesnot merely mean the absence of infirmity or chronic illness but a state of total physical, mentaland social well-being.Annual holidays are the perfect time to opt for a holistic fitness vacation program tocompletely de-stress yourself and get physically and mentally reinvigorated. It is worthwhileconsidering some top ten suggestions about fitness vacation that may be useful: • Fitness vacation programs generally comprise of a host of physical activities like cycling, swimming, horse riding, cardio workouts, hikes, kick boxing, water aerobics water sports, beach volleyball etc. Not all physical activity will suit all persons. You will do well to have a preliminary medical check up to decide on a fitness program suited to your health condition. • Apart from vigorous physical activities, an ideal fitness vacation should also include yoga, meditation and similar programs to provide a total conditioning. Find out if you will have access to the right trainers and yoga masters in your proposed fitness vacation. • During fitness vacation you should observe a balanced diet plan and you should know what types of food to consume and what food items to avoid. Make sure you find qualified nutritionist to help you all the way during your fitness vacation. • Choose a fitness vacation that offers individualized attention and designs fitness programs to specifically meet your physical, mental and emotional needs. Find out clearly what will be available to you before you finally decide on the fitness vacation. • You can get a surprisingly different workout with some fitness vacations - things like kayaking, mountain biking, beach volleyball, water sports or tennis may be new and exciting to you. Find unique, fun ways to exercise instead of doing the same routine you do when you are at home. Any breakaway from the daily routine can be more exciting and will fetch better results. • Quite often food and drink may be provided as part of your package by some organizers. This could mean liberal supply of food and drink. If alcohol is included, drink light beer only and particularly avoid the sugary, fruity drinks.
  2. 2. • Your fitness vacation is an opportunity to get out of the monotonous routine. You should seize the opportunity to do your workout in entirely different settings - near a beach, campsite, parks, a hotel with a pool and gym, or in the hill areas. Every day you may take an hour-long brisk walk that will provide you both exercise and sightseeing at the same time.• Make sure you get a massage when on fitness vacation. A massage can reduce stress, relieve muscle tension and reinvigorate the entire system. Besides, you probably may not have many opportunities for massage otherwise and you may as well have massage while on vacation.• Never forget that you are on vacation to relax and spend some leisure hours and you are not attending a boot camp. Hence do not make your fitness program unduly serious or tough and do not accept programs that you do not enjoy doing.• Plan your fitness vacation to end a couple of days earlier as it is necessary to allow yourself a day or two to get readjusted to your regular routine. As far as possible, continue the exercises you had learn at the fitness vacation even after returning from vacation. Source: