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production diary


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production diary

Published in: Education
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production diary

  1. 1. Production Diary To get to Photoshopyoumustclickon Secondlyyouwill have toclickonall programs and a variousamountof categorieswill show on yourscreen,to findPhotoshopyoumust clickon the file adobe. Once you have clicked on adobe a selectionof programswill show and one may feature with the title “Adobe PhotoshopCS5.1 S T E P 1
  2. 2. Once you have clickedopen Photoshop,the programwill openup as a page like this.On thisopenpage inthe topleft corner there will be atool called“file”. Once you have clickedonthe tab Tool “file”,youhave toclick the Option“new…”whichwillopenuptoa page like this S T E P 2 Before opening to a new blank page a tab likethis one will open up to make the correct sizingof your pages,for your width enter “21”, height: “29.7” make sure both option for height and width are both “cm” and your resolution is “300” and your option areon “pixels/inch”. To assure these setting is applied click on the “ok” button highlighted in the corner
  3. 3. Hold down on this icon to get your option to show rulers. to get rulers that can help you get the right space size between your lines but before you add your linesyouhave tocreate a new layerso whenyou’re finishedwithyourproductyoucan get ridof the linesbecause nothingisallowedtobe attachedto your backgroundlayerso everytime youwant to add something you create a new layer. Holddownon the rectangle iconto select your line tool. Whenyou’ve helddownonthe rectangle iconthislistof optionscome up,select“line tool”
  4. 4. To create your lines youwill needtoseparate yourpage intothree columns.Because the widthof your page is“21” youhave divide 21 by3 = “7”. To make yourfirstcolumnhold“shift”on“7” your page and draw the line onyourpage.
  5. 5. To create shapes you have to hold on rectangle icon and a list of option will show and select rectangle tool. To change the colour of your shapes click the black box that come after the word “colour:” After you have selected the black box this tab will appear select the colour of your choice and click “ok”.
  6. 6. Drag across to create your shape and release whenitssizeisto yoursatisfaction. afteryour shape will appearinthe colouryouhad chosen for yourshape.
  7. 7. After adding all boxes you can merge all your shape layers together to create one layer.
  8. 8. To add a title
  9. 9. Creating text box…. Changing font and style of title text…
  10. 10. Right click and select “free transform” Explain free transform…… explain creating subtitles…
  11. 11. Explain Interactive features …..