B2B eCommerce Ecosystem


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Learn more about the B2B building blocks for eCommerce success.

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B2B eCommerce Ecosystem

  1. 1. ALPHAZETA INTERACTIVE WHITE PAPER SERIES B2B ECOMMERCE ECOSYSTEM B2B Building Blocks For eCommerce Success By: Tom Font, AlphaZeta Interactive
  2. 2. B2B eCommerce is coming of age Any company that wants to improve its B2B eCommerce performance, whether by deepening existing customer relationships, building new relationships, or by lowering the cost of servicing existing customers, need to adapt to this new reality.
  3. 3. The traditional approach to building a B2B eCommerce site has to change. It’s no longer enough simply to build an online extension of a legacy ERP system, slap a logo on top, and call it an eCommerce site. Rather, it is time for companies to start seeing their B2B eCommerce sites as what they are: the highest-producing members of the sales team. And, as such, they need the same commitment and investment any successful business would give to their sales force.
  4. 4. We have identified four primary reasons for this difficulty: • Content • Platform • Integration • Agility When an eCommerce site cannot resolve these four crucial issues, the results can be disastrous: wasted marketing efforts, increased administrative and maintenance costs, dissatisfied customers, and lost revenue.
  5. 5. AlphaZeta has the solution We call it the B2B eCommerce Ecosystem, an integrated, holistic approach to eCommerce that integrates marketing, customer support, and personalized content.
  6. 6. How the B2B eCommerce Ecosystem works The B2B eCommerce Ecosystem works by segmenting and targeting audience members, then delivering personalized content in the channels, and on the devices, chosen by that audience. The Ecosystem then provides measurement for you across all of the different audience touch points to optimize your content, improve engagement, increase the number of inbound leads, and develop more profitable relationships with your customers.
  7. 7. The B2B marketing Ecosystem enables marketers to: MANAGE CONTENT AND PUBLISH WIDELY IDENTIFY VISITORS AND PERSONALIZE GATHER DATA AND SCORE LEADS ENHANCE AUDIENCE PROFILES Manage content in the CMS, then reuse it for specific devices and in multiple channels, including web, mobile and social media. By utilizing tools for IP address look-up, your web site can deliver relevant, personalized content from the very first visit. Marketing automation enables behavioral data tracking and lead scoring, sending the most qualified prospects to the sales team. Entice your customers with relevant content downloads and increase your knowledge about them at the same time. CROSS-SELL WITH CUSTOMER INSIGHTS BUILD A CONNECTED COMMUNITY PERSONALIZE THE ORDER AND REORDER Use previously gathered information to refine your campaigns and promote content about additional products and services. Market using social channels and build a strong social community to create evangelists for your brand. Take what we know about our customers, their previous purchases and contracted prices to optimize their average order value and order frequency.
  8. 8. Thank You FOR MORE INFORMATION Tom Font Vice President, Business Development tfont@alphazeta.com (312) 263-7028, ext 230 www.alphazeta.com