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TNTP Academy Information Sheet

  1. 1. TNTP Academy-Arizona prepares effective teachers for high-need schools. The innovative, hands-oncertification training gives teachers the tools they need to raise student achievement – from day one.Approach: Field-Based Teacher Preparation Results: Effective TeachersTNTP Academy-­Arizona is grounded in a simple TNTP’s innovative preparation has a strong track recordpremise: Effective teachers can and must close the of producing highly effective teachers. Consistentlyachievement gap. refined since 2001, TNTP’s curriculum – Teaching for Results™ – is currently in use in 8 states and DC.Teaching in high-­poverty school districts presents even In Louisiana, ongoing, state-­sponsored research ofthe most talented new teacher with unique challenges. TNTP’s certification training shows that programYet few certification programs focus on preparing graduates consistently outperform both new andgraduates to be immediately effective in this experienced teachers in raising student achievement inenvironment, or are tailored to the needs of career core subjects.changers making the switch to teaching. In 2011, the study ranked The New Teacher ProjectIn response, The New Teacher Project (TNTP) developed against 16 other teacher preparation providers andan intensive, practice-­based certification training that awarded the highest possible rating for teacherbuilds upon alternate route candidates’ existing content effectiveness in math, science and English Languageknowledge and life experiences. The rigorous program Arts.exposes participants to the realities of classroomteaching and places an explicit focus on high-­need As a New York Times editorial put it, “High-­qualityschools and subjects. In 2011, TNTP in partnership with programs like…TNTP have a big role to play in thethe Arizona Department of Education has launched this effort to improve teacher preparation nationally.”training through TNTP Academy-­Arizona.Curriculum Spotlight: Teaching for ResultsAt the heart of TNTP Academy-­Arizona is the unique Teaching for Results™ curriculum, a series of certification seminarsthat emphasize proven approaches to improving outcomes in schools where students often lag several grade levelsbehind. The seminars focus on three core areas of proficiency: content, assessment and instruction.CONTENT ASSESSMENT INSTRUCTIONWhat students need to learn in a How to evaluate student How to teach with year-end goalsyear knowledge and growth in mindTeaching for Results™ lays out the Participants learn to use diagnostic With assessment results in hand,components, vocabulary and assessments and evaluate data as a participants select high-­impactrequirements of each content critical window into student instructional strategies for theirarea/grade level so participants learning. Throughout the seminar, content area that align with eachunderstand exactly what their they measure student knowledge, students performance and year-­students need to learn. set learning goals, track growth end goals. Participants reflect on and ensure that those students the effectiveness of their who fall behind get the effective instructional strategies throughout instruction they need to catch up. the seminar, using actual student data from their classroom and working in collaboration with AZTF Fellows and TFA corps members.
  2. 2. How It Works: Rigorous Training for Challenging ClassroomsTNTP Academy-­Arizona supports new teachers in delivering quality instruction in high-­need schools and subjects. 1. Selective recruitment partners. TNTP Academy-­Arizona program partners, including TNTP’s Arizona Teaching Fellows and Teach For America Phoenix, recruit and provide pre-­service training to alternate route teachers. At the end of this intensive training, participants start teaching full-­time and begin their licensure coursework through TNTP Academy-­Arizona. Throughout the year, partner programs conduct classroom observations, have ongoing communication with participants, and offer additional professional development opportunities. 2. Practical training and classroom practice. Once in the classroom, TNTP Academy-­Arizona participants attend bi-­ weekly evening seminars led by Seminar Leaders, outstanding local teachers with a successful record of raising student achievement in their own Arizona classrooms. The Teaching for Results™ seminars emphasize the way master teachers teach specific content in high-­need schools, strategies that participants can apply immediately in their own classrooms. 3. Certification recommendation based on effectiveness. When determining to recommend participants for certification, TNTP Academy-­Arizona looks for evidence that participants have raised student achievement and have received a positive school leader evaluation. Participants also must have completed all program requirements including the Teaching for Results™ coursework and required state exams and teaching endorsements.TNTP Academy-Arizona Fast FactsWhat are the key benefits of TNTP Academy as a teaching licensure program?  TNTP Academy-­Arizona is a rigorous,relevant pathway to certification accredited by the Arizona Department of Education and offering key benefits toparticipants, including:   Competitive tuition cost—$6,500 approx. with available payment plans Less seat time—Earn teaching licensure in one-­year Highly exclusive—Work as part of a small group with other AZTF Fellows and TFA corps members Immediately applicable—Evening seminars are conducted in-­person on a bi-­weekly basis so that knowledge can be immediately put into practice the very next day in the teaching classroomWhat are the enrollment requirements?  TNTP Academy Arizona is a private certification program exclusively for ArizonaTeaching Fellows and Teach for America – Phoenix. Participants must be teaching in one of the following subject area: math, science, and English (7-­12th grades) and special education (cross-­categorical) Participants must successfully complete AZTF Pre-­Service Training or TFA Institute during the summer Participants must earn an Arizona Department of Education Teaching Intern Certificate Participants must provide official transcripts from all previous degree institutions Participants must take an ACCUPLACER basic math skills test by January 2014.What requirements do I need to complete through TNTP Academy-Arizona in order to earn my Arizona ProvisionalTeaching Certification? When determining to recommend participants for certification, TNTP Academy-­Arizona requiresthe following: Evidence from classroom observations and student surveys demonstrating participants are consistently employing effective teaching strategies correlated to raising student achievement A positive evaluation from a participant’s principal or school leader Completion all program requirements including the Teaching for Results™ coursework Completion of all required state exams and teaching endorsements, including Professional Knowledge exam and Structured English Immersion courseworkHow do I get more information?  TNTP Academy-­Arizona will provide Virtual Information Sessions from December-­May.Applicants will receive email communication regarding dates, registration, and participation on these sessions. Summer2013, Arizona Teaching Fellows staff will provide a thorough orientation to the program for all new Enrollees, which willinclude further details about TfR seminars, the Assessment of Classroom Effectiveness model (i.e. the requirementsparticipants must meet in order to be recommended for their provisional certificate), and applying for your ArizonaProvisional Teaching Certification. Please contact for questions.