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Enrollment and Financial Planning


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Enrollment and Financial Planning

  1. 1. Planning for the FinancialTransitionCongratulations on beginning yourcertification pathway with TNTPAcademy-­Arizona! Our rigorous Planning for the School Year: TNTP Academy-Arizonatraining and professional developmentprogram is designed with a single Upon entering the classroom as a full time teacher, Fellows and Teach Forpurpose: to ensure that you enter the America corps members collect the same salary and are paid on the sameclassroom and raise student schedule as other first year teachers in the district. The school year also marksachievement from the very first day of the transition from your summer training through your program to TNTPschool, and to equip you with the Academy-­Arizona participation, and tuition payments begin at that time.knowledge and skills you need to TNTP Academy-­Arizona tuition rates are highly competitive with other alt-­steadily improve your teaching practice route programs in the area, yet the accelerated timeline of our program makesthroughout your first year in the you eligible for professional certification at the end of your first year in theclassroom. The life of a first year classroom.teacher is incredibly rewarding, butalso can be demanding and stressful attimes.    Begin planning for the financial TNTP Academy Enrollment Period:responsibilities of your teaching  program participation now, so that, Seminar Registration and Materials Fee: $303*during the summer and the coming   *One time administration and materials fee to register for your subject areaschool year, you can focus on your Seminar    development into an effective teacher Payable to the TNTP Academy-­Arizona via PayPaland raising student achievement for www.paypal.comeveryone in your classroom, instead of Payment email address:your finances.  Key Dates   Enrollment Payment Date: May-­June (upon enrollment) Enrollment Documentation: Seminar Registration Payment TNTP Academy-­Arizona participants must submit all documentation Date: required by Arizona Teaching Fellows and the Arizona Department of June 28, 2013 Education. Documentation includes: Enrollment Documentation Signed Commitment Form Signed Program Handbook Submission Date: Signed Tuition Agreement June 28, 2013 Official Transcript from Undergraduate Institution Official Score Report for AEPA, NES Test, or Praxis First Tuition Payment Date: Copy of Current Driver’s License, Passport, or State Issued ID Card Copy of Social Security Card October 1, 2013 Copy of Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card with IVP Number Proof of SEI Course Completion       3 Letters of Professional Reference   Copy of Teaching Intern Certificate (issued July 2013)  
  2. 2.  Best Practices   Real Numbers… What Does Tuition Look Like for Me?· Review your living expenses and   create a realistic budget. Planning Total Tuition = $6,500   is the cornerstone of effective Number of Monthly Payments = 10*   teaching, so start practicing by Monthly Tuition Payment = $650 planning for the financial transition.   Average Starting Salary = $32,000  · Start saving now. Set aside as much of   Average Starting Salary (after taxes) = $22,608 your current paycheck as you can Assuming a single filing status and 1 federal exemption** to help with living expenses over   the summer, so you can avoid Estimated number of paychecks = 22   accumulating credit card debt. Approximate monthly income = $2055 (assumes 2 paychecks per month)   Approximate monthly income minus TNTP Academy-­Arizona· Research short-­term part-­time job   opportunities. You won’t have time tuition payment = $1405   once summer training begins, but *Participants may apply for an extended payment option with a 16 month payment plan. bringing in extra income now will   Participants may also pay in full and receive a reduction in payment. help you through the summer   when you aren’t collecting a **Resource for calculating your salary after taxes: paycheck.      · Contact your student loan provider. If   you’re concerned about your student loans, reach out to your   loan provider now to see if you’re   Additional Resources: eligible for deferral or forgiveness   Arizona credit unions offer a number of personal loans for education based on your participation in a and professional development expenses. These loans are available at teacher-­prep program.   competitive, low-­interest rates across several months, depending on the   terms and conditions of the loan. Below is a list of Arizona credit unions· Investigate loan options. Contact for participants to explore loan options. your bank or credit union to see if   you qualify for a low-­interest loan (Please note: TNTP Academy-­Arizona is in no way affiliated with these   to assist with your expenses during institutions.) your first year in the classroom.   Altier Credit Union:  · Contact your credit card company to AEA Federal Credit Union (Yuma):   see if you can negotiate a lower Arizona State Credit Union: interest rate.   Membership at a credit union requires that you are currently living in   Arizona. TNTP Academy Arizona tuition payments do not begin untilKeep in Mind October 1, 2013, providing participants ample time to apply for   appropriate loans. TNTP Academy Arizona will provide letters of  TNTP Academy-­Arizona tuition isn’t program enrollment as requested by lenders. Please contact the TNTPtax-­deductible but we can provide   Academy Arizona office to request a program letter.documentation of payments receivedand TNTP’s federal tax ID for you toshare with a tax professional. For more information, please contact