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Kingdon’s streams metaphor


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A model of policy making

Published in: Science
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Kingdon’s streams metaphor

  1. 1. Kingdon’s Streams Metaphor
  3. 3. Problem Stream • Attributes of problem • Whether the problem will get better or become worse • Whether it is solvable through policy stream or not Policy Stream • Contains the potential ideas that could be advocated as solutions to the problem Politics Stream • State of politics and public opinion • Sort of public variables available
  4. 4. Window for the policy change possibility, but the opening of the window does not guarantee any policy change.
  5. 5. Triggers by Window of opportunity • Change in our understanding of the problem • Change in the political stream that is favorable to policy change • Change in our understanding of the tractability of the problem given current solutions • Focusing event that draws attention to a problem and helps open the window of opportunity.
  6. 6. critique • Paul Sabatier argues that the streams metaphor may be an incomplete description of policy making because it does not describe the policy process beyond the opening of the window of the opportunity. • Nikolaos Zahariadis argues that the streams approach can be applied to decision opportunities; a decision to make new or change existing policy may be more likely when the streams come together.
  7. 7. conclusion Kingdon provides a rich and multilayered metaphor of policy making from the early acceptance of new ideas about public problems to the active considerations of solutions as new public policy. PROBLEMS SOLUTIONS