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Open Shift 101 How to Deploy OKD on AWS

  1. 1 [OpenShift 101] How to Deploy OKD on AWS by Sreekar Achanta
  2. 2 About Me: ❖ Site Reliability Engineer @ Axelerant Technologies. ❖ Over 9+ years of experience in IT. ❖ Loves playing volleyball, Go on long drives and Play with my dog Kutty. ❖ Currently working on Openshift, Gitlab CI, Ansible and Kubernetes. ❖ Interested in contributing to Kubernetes Project. ❖ AWS Community Builder. ❖ Loves Listening to Audiobooks while cleaning my car. ❖ AWS Solution Architect and Certified Kubernetes Administrator. Sreekar Achanta
  3. 3 ./openshift-install create cluster --dir=<installation_directory> --log-level=info How to install OKD 4.X?
  4. 4 Any Questions?
  5. 5 Just Kidding Folks
  6. 6 What are Container Orchestration Engines (COEs)? All about managing the life cycles of containers, especially in large, dynamic environments.
  7. 7 COEs in the market
  8. 8 What is OpenShift?
  9. 9
  10. 10
  11. 11 Alright, What is OKD?
  12. 12 Prerequisites AWS account with Administrator privileges and programmatic access to AWS. SSH keys that will be used to copy to the nodes during cluster setup. TLS certificates. Authentication. Valid Hosted zone in Route53. EFS volumes created if you want to host persistent volumes(Optional).
  13. 13 Installing OKD on AWS 1. Quick install 2. Custom Install
  14. 14
  15. 15 Our Experience Running OKD and issues
  16. 16 References: Custom Install Quick install Enable Auto Scaling in OKD.
  17. 17 Q & A
  18. 18

Editor's Notes

  1. Demo of OKD installation and deploying an application
  2. Experiences of how we use and benefit from OKD