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19th February 2013, AWS User Group UK, Meetup #3, Agenda


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The agenda for meetup #3. Much love to razorfish and GigaSpaces for sponsorship, and GigaSpaces, AWS, and CentraStage for supporting us with speakers and content.

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19th February 2013, AWS User Group UK, Meetup #3, Agenda

  1. 1. @AWSUserGroupUK
  2. 2. Thank you to our sponsors… Razorfish, Venue GigaSpaces, Refreshments …and our speakers Ron Zanver, GigaSpaces Ian Meyers, AWS Ian van Reenen, CentraStage
  3. 3. 16:30Managing your apps on AWS: Real life lessons with GigaSpaces Ron ZanverWe’ve all learned Murphy’s inevitable law the hard way – if it can go wrong, itoften will! But that doesn’t mean we can’t be ready for such scenarios in thecloud. In this talk, GigaSpaces will focus on the AWS environment, which isdynamic and volatile by nature, and how to maximise your utilisation andminimise downtime. This session will show you how you can architect yourcloud-hosted systems to sustain such outages, delving into how to choose theright PaaS for the job, addressing data centre failures, how to avoid singlepoints of failure, and more.
  4. 4. 17:20 Quarterbacking the AWS Estate Ian Meyers, AWS Solutions ArchitectIn this session well review real world ways to ensure your AWS estate is secureand that you can keep good controls over what happens, when, and how muchit costs. Covered in this session will be Account Management best practices,how to enable and configure programmatic billing, as well as setup for costallocation tagging and billing alerts. Ian will also give a quick update on newAWS Services of Data Pipeline, Redshift and new High Capacity instances.
  5. 5. 18:10 The CentraStage experience Ian van Reenen, CTO CentraStageWith 200,000 distributed agents with persistent SSL connections, keeping themall alive in the cloud can be a challenge. In this talk Ian will share the learningsof CentraStage regarding ELB vs HAProxy, and give insight into their strategiesto cater for connection avalanches after outages.