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allwebcafe Workflow Presentation


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Learn how to use Workflows in HubSpot to improve your sales side inbound marketing efforts as well as your Customer Relationship Management marketing. With this introduction to workflows and 12 workflows you can start using now, you'll be up and running in no time.

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allwebcafe Workflow Presentation

  2. 2. @paulmanz WHO AM I? Oversee Strategy & Analytics Department Lucky Husband To An Amazing Woman Father of Two Crazy Young Boys Lover of CrossFit (and beer) ! Connect with me on LinkedIn: Follow me on Twitter: @paulmanz Email me:
  3. 3. @paulmanz WHO IS ALLWEBCAFE OFFERINGS • Brand Strategy • Digital Experiences • Persona Development • Content Marketing ! ALL OF THIS COMES TOGETHER AS… SALES FOCUSED MARKETING
  6. 6. @paulmanz WHAT IS A WORKFLOW? They give organizations the ability to automate inbound or content marketing efforts Also significantly improves their CRM marketing tactics as well Found in the Contacts menu
  7. 7. @paulmanz WHAT IS A WORKFLOW? Like most things in HubSpot, you can track its performance
  8. 8. @paulmanz WHAT IS A WORKFLOW? History is valuable because it shows you how people are moving through This is where we watch test contacts move through to vet and QA the workflow Periodically check back to ensure it’s still working correctly
  10. 10. @paulmanz SALES FOCUSED WORKFLOWS Qualifying Event
  11. 11. @paulmanz SALES FOCUSED WORKFLOWS Automated Delay of Action
  12. 12. @paulmanz SALES FOCUSED WORKFLOWS If/Then Branch
  13. 13. @paulmanz SALES FOCUSED WORKFLOWS If/Then Branch “Yes”
  14. 14. @paulmanz SALES FOCUSED WORKFLOWS If/Then Branch “No”
  16. 16. @paulmanz CRM FOCUSED WORKFLOWS Background Our client, a medical device manufacturer for an in-office procedure, needed a way to ensure post sale engagement with physicians who adopted the platform that they offered. The device is pioneering a completely new, non-invasive approach to treatment of a condition that requires not only adoption, but a radically different mindset to treatment.
  17. 17. @paulmanz CRM FOCUSED WORKFLOWS Challenge The client identified that the first 90 days after signing were most critical in the physician's success with the device. By integrating their CRM, we were able to begin an on-boarding process as soon as the contact property in salesforce was switched from “lead” to “customer”.
  18. 18. @paulmanz CRM FOCUSED WORKFLOWS The Solution Once they’re enrolled, customers begin to receive emails ensuring that they complete the necessary steps. It’s also possible to track engagement and spot customers who may be falling off in adoption. Lead to Customer Conversion Sends welcome email thanking them for their purchase and welcoming them to the user community. Links to HCP clinical library resources. Live Case Broadcast The client broadcasts live procedures in a webinar format on a quarterly basis as a resource to help physicians improve in their technique. This workflow ensures, through a series of targeted emails, that as many people as possible engage in the broadcast.
  19. 19. @paulmanz CRM FOCUSED WORKFLOWS Live Case Broadcast Follow Up Follow up workflow with links to the recorded broadcast, announcement of next Live Case Broadcast and additional resources. Trade Show Follow Up Used to follow up with contacts who the client engaged with at trade shows. If they are existing customers, SMART content creates a more personalized experience based on previous behaviors. If they are a new lead, content is targeted to move them through the funnel and close a sale. Engagement Drop Off Workflow This targets HCP’s who exhibit significant decrease in engagement as defined by specific parameters. This workflow is designed to get HCP’s to reengage with the outcome either being a re-engaged customer or a referral to sales for person-to-person outreach.
  20. 20. HOW DO WE MAP ONE OUT?
  21. 21. @paulmanz HOW DO WE MAP ONE OUT? Develop the ability to recognized when a workflow could be replaced by SMART content fields Strongly recommend mapping out the workflow ahead of time Identify parallel workflows or SMART lists as exit points People must be extremely detail- oriented to build them and QA them
  22. 22. @paulmanz HOW DO WE MAP ONE OUT? Basic site mapping or process mapping tools Standard flow chart iconography to map out process flow
  24. 24. @paulmanz 12 WORKFLOWS YOU COULD BE USING NOW Topic Workflow(s) Main Trigger: Content Offer Downloads Create a workflow for each of the industry-related topics you typically create content about. Set up emails as a way to stay engaged and nurture with more content

  25. 25. @paulmanz 12 WORKFLOWS YOU COULD BE USING NOW Engaged Contacts Workflow Main Triggers: Visits, Clicks, Form Submissions Set up a Smart List to pull in contacts who are really engaged with you. Then create an email workflow to leverage this list as a way to encourage evangelism of your top content in social media. Because these contacts are highly engaged with you already, they're more apt to share your top content.
  26. 26. @paulmanz 12 WORKFLOWS YOU COULD BE USING NOW 'Upgrade to an Opportunity' Workflow Main Trigger: Multiple Top-of-the-Funnel Offer Submissions Set up a workflow that gets delivered to and helps to advance these leads through the sales funnel. If they were a lead, perhaps you'd send them emails to trigger behavior that might indicate they should be upgraded to an "opportunity" in your sales process.
  27. 27. @paulmanz 12 WORKFLOWS YOU COULD BE USING NOW Sales-Ready Leads Workflow Main Trigger: MQL Conversion Events Workflow could include content and web pages you've identified from your conversion assists report as influential in converting leads into customers — perhaps content like customer success stories/case studies, free trial offers, or product demos.
  28. 28. @paulmanz 12 WORKFLOWS YOU COULD BE USING NOW Re-Engagement Workflow Main Trigger: Inactive Leads Enter contacts into this workflow once they've met certain Smart List criteria such as length of time since last form submission, length of time since last website visit, etc. Try sending leads an exclusive offer or coupon that you reserve only for this segment to get them excited about your company again.
  29. 29. @paulmanz 12 WORKFLOWS YOU COULD BE USING NOW Event Workflow Main Trigger: Registration or Attendance Create a workflow to automate communication with your registrants leading up to the event Use during the event to remind them to engage with specific areas of a venue Create a workflow for post-event follow up
  30. 30. @paulmanz 12 WORKFLOWS YOU COULD BE USING NOW Abandoned Shopping Cart Workflow Main Trigger: Shopping Cart Abandonment Create a workflow for when a customer adds an item to your online store's shopping cart but leaves the site without completing the purchase to remind them of their forgotten purchase. Sweeten the deal with a special discount coupon reserved only for your most loyal customers who return and complete the purchase.
  31. 31. @paulmanz 12 WORKFLOWS YOU COULD BE USING NOW New Customer Welcome/Training Workflow Main Trigger: Lifecycle Stage Set up a series of welcome emails when a lead converts into a paying customer, which you can trigger when a lead's lifecycle stage gets updated to "customer." If your product or service requires a little training on your customers' part, use this workflow as an opportunity to introduce helpful training materials.
  32. 32. @paulmanz 12 WORKFLOWS YOU COULD BE USING NOW Upsell Workflow Triggered by Past Purchases Identify a upwell product opportunities Create workflows as an opportunity to upsell your customers via email depending on what they've already purchased. Create a Smart List of contacts who purchase a certain product – or combination of products – and create workflows aimed at recommending other products/services.
  33. 33. @paulmanz 12 WORKFLOWS YOU COULD BE USING NOW Customer Happiness Workflow Main Trigger: High or Low NPS Scores Trigger a workflow to customers with “happy +" scores and reward those customers with exclusive content or offers Trigger a different workflow to your “unhappy -“ customers with content to help raise their scores Segment unhappy customers by the reasons they're unhappy and send them more targeted workflows aimed at addressing those issues
  34. 34. @paulmanz 12 WORKFLOWS YOU COULD BE USING NOW Customer Success/Engagement Workflow Main Trigger: Success Metrics or Feature Usage Track customer feature engagement or success metrics When a customer passes threshold of success, see if they are interested in being the subject of a case study If customer fails threshold for success over an extended period of time or is using limited features, trigger a workflow to inform them of features they could be using
  35. 35. @paulmanz 12 WORKFLOWS YOU COULD BE USING NOW Upcoming Purchase Reminder Workflow Main Trigger: People Who Purchase on a Cycle Start the workflow when the order ships Use CRM or ERP for predictive modeling of a reorder Example: You ship an order that your records show will take your customer 90 days to consume. By reminding your customer 20 days out that they will need to reorder, you can save them the stress and financial cost of running out of their supply.
  36. 36. @paulmanz RECAP WHAT ARE WORKFLOWS? HubSpot’s answer to Marketing automation SALES FOCUSED WORKFLOWS Move prospects through the buying journey CRM FOCUSED WORKFLOWS Increase your CLTV by keeping them happy after the sale HOW DO WE MAP ONE OUT? A process mapping tool and attention to detail are critical 12 WORKFLOWS YOU COULD BE USING NOW There are a lot of great ways to use workflows - try one of these now!
  37. 37. THANK YOU!