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AWC Tech Update Geek Dashboard Pack

  1. 1. Geek Dashboard Pack Tech References and “Nerd Scouts” By Sheila Scarborough for the AWC Webinar Series I. SEARCH ENGINE CHANGES ** Read Google’s blog: ** Read some SEO blogs; here are two good ones: Search Engine Land and Search Engine Guide ** Follow these folks on Twitter: @DannySullivan @mattcutts @JenniferLaycock @GrayWolf and @OutspokenMedia II. AUGMENTED REALITY ** URL for the Spotted by Locals slideshow on AR: Augmented Reality for City Travelers on SlideShare ** Attend – or follow the hashtag #are2010 – the Augmented Reality Event June 2-3, 2010 in Santa Clara, CA ** Watch the hashtag #AR and follow Dutch AR company @LayarMobile on Twitter ** Good AR overview article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper (they have a very good technology section) – Augmented reality: it’s like real life, but better III. VIRTUAL REALITY ** Want to know more about training and work in Second Life? ** DELL in Second Life:
  2. 2. ** National Geographic event in Second Life: real-w.html IV. MOBILE/SMARTPHONE ** Source of Mary Meeker quote at Web 2.0 – TechCrunch - is-exploding-and-the-iphone-is-awesome/ ** Full Meeker preso on Scribd: Economy-Internet-Trends-102009-FINAL ** Google mobile optimizer (give you mobile-ized URL which you can post prominently) ** WordPress mobile plug-in (detects when someone is looking at your site on a mobile device, and automatically converts to mobile version) V. NEW GOOGLE PROJECTS: VOICE, BUZZ AND WAVE ** Google Voice: Still in beta, but why not ask for an invite? ** Google Buzz: Here are posts about Buzz from the Google Email Blog (yes, a whole blog about their email) and here is a post on WIRED about privacy settings. ** Google Wave: Gina Trapani and Adam Pash have a whole guidebook on it, The Complete Guide to Google Wave which is free to read online, or you can purchase the ebook or print versions. Follow @gwaveguide on Twitter. VI. LOCATION-BASED SERVICES: FOURSQUARE AND GOWALLA ** Interesting Jeff Jarvis post on the convergence of location-based services and mobile devices. ** Excellent post from Jay Baer: Ignore Foursquare at your peril ** From the user perspective, Rae Hoffman on Outspoken Media: Then I saw Foursquare….Now I’m a believer
  3. 3. VII. BONUS ROUND – MORE NERD SCOUTS/PLACES TO INVESTIGATE ** AWC on SlideShare (site for presentation sharing, including this one) - ** Finding good (free) photos for your blog posts, presentations, etc. – try the Flickr photo-sharing site for photos with the appropriate Creative Commons copyright. URL: ** More on the Creative Commons alternative copyright (important for sharing content, especially online) at ** For keeping track of most any social media news: Mashable ** For keeping track of the latest tech news: Techmeme and follow the Techmeme firehose on Twitter with @TechmemeFH ** If it’s important on the Web, they’re writing about it: ReadWriteWeb Helpful Tweeps Andy Carvin – Using Twitter and social media for crisis communications. Examples: #crisiscamp and #ccHaiti @acarvin Mack Collier – Marketing smarts: @MackCollier Tamar Weinberg – Always good insights on her Techipedia: @tamar Jason Falls – Lots of marketing smarts as well, trenchant humor: @jasonfalls Dwight Silverman – Interactive journalism editor, Houston Chronicle: @dsilverman Beth Kanter – Expert on nonprofits and the social Web: @kanter Laura Fitton – Twitter guru, founder @Pistachio Chris Brogan – A social media 1000-pound brain and nice guy: @chrisbrogan Shannon Paul – Social media at the enterprise level: @ShannonPaul Geoff Livingston – Very savvy PR guy, part of Zoetica Media with equally sharp Kami Huyse (@kamichat) and Beth Kanter: @GeoffLiving
  4. 4. Richard Binhammer, Lionel Menchaca and Laura P. Thomas – Three major players at Dell in the social media world. Richard is in communications, Lionel is Chief Blogger, Laura handles Dell for small business (and likes Second Life) - @RichardatDELL @LionelatDELL @LPT Robert Scoble – Major tech geek, @Scobleizer Elisa Camahort Page – One of the founders of the BlogHer network: @ElisaC Glenda Watson Hyatt – Canadian blogger with cerebral palsy, expert on Web accessibility issues: @GlendaWH ** These and more in this @SheilaS Twitter List of my own Nerd Scouts: They make me smart ** I used Impress open source presentation software for my webinar. Find it at For more open source resources, try SourceForge.