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Repurposing as social_media_content awc final


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  • I learned a lot. Thank you for the presentation.
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  • This was a great overview presentation to the Association of Women in Communications on different ways to repurpose social media content. I appreciate your sharing with us Anne!
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Repurposing as social_media_content awc final

  1. 1. REPURPOSING WRITTEN MATERIAL ASSOCIAL MEDIA CONTENTAssociation for Women in Communications WebinarJune 5, 2012Presented by: Anne Witkavitch, Principal of Anne W
  2. 2. Why Social Media?• Interactive opportunity to tell your story• Enhances & expands upon existing messages• Builds visible, sustainable virtual relationships• Complements existing marketing & communications efforts• Increases brand loyalty
  3. 3. Key to Success is Great Content• Establishes your credibility• Promotes your subject matter expertise• Connects & engages your audience• Increases brand exposure & builds traffic to websites• Provides valuable information your audience wants to know
  4. 4. The Role of Content Managers…Choose the Right Content …Reach the Right Audience …Deliver Content In the Right Timeframe …Use the Right Social Media Vehicles Today, Everyone Is a Content Manager!
  5. 5. “Content is King”…But a Challenge toCreate• Takes time and effort to generate• Presence must be continuous…frequency is key• Because of these challenges, many people are: Reluctant to start Overwhelmed by the work Ready to jump ship
  6. 6. Step 1: Social Media Strategy • Integrates into the marketing & communications strategy • Reinforces key messages and encourages two-way dialogue with audience • Reflects a distinct social media “voice” • Puts everyone on the same page
  7. 7. Step 2: Create a Social Media EditorialCalendar • Helps you plan and manage content creation around themes, topics and events • Helps you manage your time and productivity more effectively • Provides a simple way to track and measure results • Can be planned by month, quarter, semi- annually or annually
  8. 8. Editorial Calendar - ExamplesDate Type Event/Topic Category Completed Health & Wellness Finance BalanceDate Topic & Tie-in Submitted Approved Posted Theme2-4-12 Heart American Healthy Heart Gourmet Month
  9. 9. Step 3: Create Great Content • From scratch Three • Repurpose fromways to print materials createcontent: • Repurpose virtual materials
  10. 10. When Repurposing Content… • How will it look, read, functionAlways online? • What social media will it think best translate into?about: • What key words will customers type into a search engine to find it?
  11. 11. Sales & Marketing Collateral CopyTake the Order Create Design Social Media Examples: • Brochures • Inserts • Sales Letters • Sell Sheets • Case Studies • Customer Testimonials
  12. 12. Speeches & Presentations MessageTake the Order Create Delivery Social Media Examples: • Scripts & Talking Points • PowerPoint Slides • Leave Behinds
  13. 13. Media & PR MessageTake the Order Create Pitch Social Media Materials: • Press Releases • White Papers • Q&A • Media Interviews • Trade Articles • Survey Results
  14. 14. Quality Matters!Repurposing material that is poorly writtenand unclear takes more time and creates therisk of misinforming, misleading or missingthe message.
  15. 15. Best Ways to Repurpose• Edit to fit the format being used• Break something bigger down into smaller parts• Rewrite and expand for different audiences• Insert key words for Search Engine Optimization• Stay flexible• Think global
  16. 16. Tips for Social Media Success• Get everyone on the same page• Follow and reinforce the social media policy and guidelines• Share a list of materials “approved” for repurpose• Manage the repurposing process: Prepare materials in advance that are not time sensitive Create “generic” content to supplement efforts
  17. 17. Summary• Social media is here to stay…and will only evolve• Not a stand alone strategy…must be integrated• Content is King…but creating great content can be a challenge• With a strategy and calendar you can plan for and repurpose many existing print and virtual materials• Train yourself and others to THINK CONTENT• Get everyone on the same page and process
  18. 18. Connect with Anne W!The Business:www.annewassociates.comLIKE on Facebook: on Twitter: @annewassociates The Book: LIKE on Facebook: FOLLOW on Twitter: @ppnanthology Recipient of a 2011 Clarion Award