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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Digital Technologies Andy Baker 03/09/2013
  2. 2. Three Areas Infrastructure Marketing Learning
  3. 3. Infrastructure problems :-( Slow Internet (impact on lessons) Wireless Issues Relying on others for their services
  4. 4. Infrastructure solutions :-) Broadband upgrade (up to 100Mb) Extricom Wireless Network We did it ourselves!
  5. 5. Marketing issues :-( Traditional approach 1) Geographic 2) Digital Natives High cost Environmental issues
  6. 6. Marketing solutions :-) ..
  7. 7. Marketing solutions :-) ..
  8. 8. Marketing solutions :-) ..
  9. 9. Marketing solutions :-) ..
  10. 10. So what next ... • Do we need to wait for the end of each term to let a global audience know what is happening at Bishop Challoner? • Could we make more effective use of the digital resources available? • Empower our young digital leaders.
  11. 11. Vision for Learning
  12. 12. Vision for Learning • Learning devices will be used from Y7-Y11 (from Oct 2013) • All pupils (Y7-11) have access to learning devices (from Oct 2013) • The scale of the project is bringing national recognition to the school (Toshiba Ambassadors and NTAB, New Technology Advisory Board) • We are now Self Maintainers, which has resulted in the introduction of qualified Toshiba Technicians in the school. • A massive amount of administrative work involved in supporting these devices. This has been fundamental to the success of the netbook project.
  13. 13. So what next ... • The focus is on quality over quantity and making greater use of the netbook for learning. • With greater reliability and increased performance how can we use these devices to support teaching and learning? See • Other resources...
  14. 14. 'Free' Resources