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Slides from day 1 of the 4P Marketing seminar you attended.

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  • How many of us currently have?Having an email marketing strategy in place is absolutely critical…We’ve had a great morning… (making the most of social media, video marketing, and how to create a great website… all really valuable stuff!) But, if you don’t have a strong email marketing strategy in place… Backbone Just like any form of marketing you’ve got to do right to make it work. So, over the next few minutes I’m going to show you how you can create email campaigns that work. pros and cons
  • Sending an email doesn’t cost you a penny.So by keeping email marketing a major Highest ROI.Direct Marketing AssociationWith the right tools… and with the right measurement systems then in place. Minutes after sending out your email campaign It’s obvious isn’t it? Sending… And with the right tools you can use your emails to target specific prospects… Also, emails can be easily personalised
  • The biggest problem with send an email is that you cannot guarantee…Well, it’s not as simple as just typing a up email…I’m going to show you how you can create email campaigns that really work!
  • I’m going show you the entire process from initially creating your email right through to what to do once it’s been sent. So, how do we go about creating an email which is going to generate results? Well let’s start at the beginning…
  • The last thing you want to send is an ambiguous or rambling email. So before…Without a clear understanding of your desired end result, your thoughts may come across disorganised and you’ll easily confuse the reader. The clearer your intention, the more focused you will be…
  • When you’re writing your email put yourself in your audiences’ shoes (read questions) The answers to these questions…Answer questions firstSkip long…
  • Everyone in life likes to be treated and spoken to as an individual. Not going to respond to your messageThe more human you come across the more likely your audience will like you… so the more likely they’ll buy from you.
  • There is nothing worse…
  • if your writing is too formal or uses irrelevant technical lingo.
  • Visit website, lead, call.undoubtedly clear
  • “what’s in it for me?”
  • Simply by explaining what the reader will get by clicking on the link you’ll be able to dramatically increase your click through rates.
  • You want to give your reader as many opportunities.Only one action. (white paper)Give them just one action but give them several means on doing it. Stand out from rest of email.Recent studies have shown that buttons are a more effective means of getting people to click through
  • Never underestimate the importance of your PS. Many people…I’ve noticed a trend recently…
  • most important partYou can write the most well-constructed email in history, spend hours proof reading it, making sure that your spelling is faultless, your words eloquent, and your grammar beyond reproach,
  • Your recipients are likely hurried and quickly…50 charactersTabloid newspapersequally as critical to use the correct words in the right order. Put the words that will have the biggest impact at the front,
  • Biggest impact at the front and you’ll immediately grab your readers attention.
  • Because of human nature…make your reader curious This works so well because no one wants to feel Time and time again, tests show that
  • It’s a fact, spelling mistakes cost money.
  • If your recipient stumbles across an error while they read your email, the credibility and professionalism
  • Whether you’re sending out a newsletter, a frequent email publication or a marketing email to your prospects
  • two totally different elements of your email campaign.
  • Each time I send out this email I devalue my message… Not so special…
  • So don’t weaken your message by constant repetition; keep your message and any offers fresh to keep your audience engaged and your open rates high.
  • The more targeted and relevant your campaign is the more likely it will be a success. You may want the whole world Use information you have already identified about your customers and prospectsSending an irrelevant email will not only affect your campaigns success
  • If you’re anything like me you probably bear a strong dislike to spam emails.
  • And the last thing you want is for your recipients to perceive you as spam. Few steps you can take.
  • … (slides)A major factor in determining whether your message will be spammed or not is the quality of your subject line. So, a few things to bear in mind are:
  • Testing is absolutely paramount when developing a successful email marketing strategy. If you want your email campaigns to be as effective and as successful…
  • … (slide)Quick word of advice though.
  • Testing is a fantastic way to try out different things in your email but if you don’t then measure the success of the changes you made then how are you ever going to know what works?Test, measure, compare… (button CTA)I really can’t emphasis just how important measuring is.
  • So what sort of things should you be measuring?
  • As you start seeing trends in this data, which you will the more and more you test and measure, you’ll get an understanding of what works, what doesn’t work, what your subscribers hate and what type of email gets the best results. So remember, measure, measure, measure! And of course remember to make changes accordingly based of your results. Monkey time!
  • Quick show of hands, who currently uses MailChimp for their own email marketing?MailChimp is an absolutely remarkable marketing tool. Indispensable
  • Over the next day or two you’ll going to learn even more fantastic stuff… And email marketing is what ties a lot of the other marketing strategies together…
  • Massive area – 20mins is a little mission impossible! Two year MSc in Social Media at Birmingham University.Starbucks, Toyota, SAP, Dell, Ford and the HomeDepot (to name but a few) – all of whom are investing heavily in Twitter and are reaping significant gains from having a presence on this channel.  Admittedly these are multibillion dollar firms but they wouldn’t be dedicating teams of people and massive resources to Twitter if it ‘was a complete and utter waste of time’ – would they?! Much of the success of the recent Arab Spring has been attributed to Social Media – indeed one protester was quoted on the BBC stating: “We use Facebook to promote our message. Twitter to co-ordinate our activity. And YouTube to tell the world”.London Riots – but the least said the better.
  • There are over 100 SM channels – these the most popular.
  • Social proofing or social authority is developed when an individual or organization establishes themselves as an "expert" in their given field or area, thereby becoming an INFLUENCER.It must be cleverly executed because while people are resistant to marketing in general, they are even more resistant to direct or overt marketing through social media platforms.This may seem counter-intuitive but is the main reason building social authority with credibility is so important.As a result of social media – and the direct or indirect influence of social media marketers – today, consumers are as likely – or more likely – to make buying decisions based on what they read and see in platforms we call "social" but only if presented by someone they have come to trust. That is why a purposeful and carefully designed social media strategy has become an integral part of any complete and directed marketing plan but must also be designed using newer "authority building" techniques.The Endelman Trust Barometer
  • Half the world’s population is under 30They’ve never known working life without the internet.Millions active on SM.SM has evolved from a powerful communication medium to a key marketing channel. It offers a platform for customers to find you when they’re seeking reviews and validation.
  • Why have social media networks grown so explosively? Unlike traditional business communication tools (phone, fax) SM sole purpose was social interaction.
  • Stream – newsfeedSparks – recommendation engineCircles – friend management serviceHangouts – video chatProfilePhotos
  • Those practices who are realising the true benefits of SM are those who are engaging with their existing and potential clients. This in turn establishes brand reputation and loyalty – which in turn gets your connections to do your marketing for you!!Adopt on the spot. Come late to the party. Ignore and hope it’ll go away...Don’t ignore - it’s here to stay – it’s a proven way to reach, engage and cultivate relationships with clients, potential clients.But it’s no good just having a presence you’ve got to use it. IN SHORT YOU NEED A PLAN!!!!
  • This was the basic strategy employed by the Obama fundraising campaign for his 2008 election.Overall the campaign raised $750m of which $500m was pledged via Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels.
  • Chances are you already invest time in writing copy for brochures, updating your web-presence – your SM is no different. But instead of just writing, editing and checking you’re engaging – sharing information, listening to feedback, exchanging ideas – all in a real time setting. It’s an interactive relationship – so you really shouldn’t abandon what you start.The more platforms upon which you’re present the more you will appear in searches – especially now that your presence in social media is a key part of search engine algorithms...
  • Over 11m UK smartphone users – with access to SM.
  • 4P Marketing seminar - Day 1

    1. 1. AVN 4P Marketing Eastwood Hall, Nottingham 28th & 29th November 2011 Day 1
    2. 2. According toMichael Gerber... Lead Lead FulfilmentGeneration Conversion
    3. 3. 6 key growth drivers Get more sales leads Marketing Convert more sales leads Sales Change your prices Marketing Get customers to buy more Marketing Get customers to buy more often Marketing Get better at retaining customers Service
    4. 4. YOUR PRACTICE 10% improvementNumber of clients at start 250Defection rate 10%Sales leads 50Conversion 50%No of customers 250Average price £250Average amount bought 2Frequency 2Total sales £250,000Direct costs (10%) £25,000Fixed costs £150,000TOTAL PROFIT £75,000
    5. 5. YOUR PRACTICE 10% improvementNumber of clients at start 250Defection rate 10% 9%Sales leads 50 55Conversion 50% 55%No of customers 250 258Average price £250Average amount bought 2Frequency 2Total sales £250,000Direct costs (10%) £25,000Fixed costs £150,000TOTAL PROFIT £75,000
    6. 6. YOUR PRACTICE 10% improvementNumber of clients at start 250Defection rate 10% 9%Sales leads 50 55Conversion 50% 55% 27.37%No of customers 250 258Average price improvement £250 in £255Average amount bought sales 2 2.2Frequency 2 2.2Total sales £250,000 £318,424Direct costs (10%) £25,000Fixed costs £150,000TOTAL PROFIT £75,000
    7. 7. YOUR PRACTICE 10% improvementNumber of clients at start 250Defection rate 10% 9%Sales leads 50 55Conversion 50% 55% 82.11%No of customers 250 258Average price improvement £250 in £255Average amount bought profit 2 2.2Frequency 2 2.2Total sales £250,000 £318,424Direct costs (10%) £25,000 £31,842Fixed costs £150,000 £150,000TOTAL PROFIT £75,000 £136,582
    8. 8. “Imperfect action always beats perfect conceptualisation” Alan Weiss
    9. 9. 5 great speakers – Mark Wickersham FCA – Steve Pipe FCA – Sue Davenport ACIM, ACMA – Luke Jackson BA (Hons), MBA, ACIM – Steven Baldwin
    10. 10. Agenda09:30 Introduction 3:05 Break10:00 Strategic marketing 3:25 Writing effective copy11:00 Break 3:45 Email campaigns11:20 Strategic marketing 4:20 Social media introduction11:50 Lead generation/referrals 4:40 Break12:50 Lunch 5:00 Effective pricing1:40 Cross serving 5:50 Closing comments2:40 Effective communication 6:00 Finish
    11. 11. It all begins withStrategic Marketing
    12. 12. Hope is not a strategy!
    13. 13. X- Strategic marketing Who – audience What – messageX Mindset – help not sell XXgenerationLead Lead conversion Cross serving “How” systems “How” systems “How” systemsCompelling reason to Compelling reason to Help more... invest time meeting invest money working so they buy more you with you Not on On your At Beyondyour list list meeting meeting
    14. 14. Content in one areawill help in other areas too
    15. 15. Action 1Decide the type of clients you really want It is a “decision”
    16. 16. Action 2Identify what those clients really want From their businesses In their bank accounts and lives For their families
    17. 17. Which is more attractive?Accountancy, or…
    18. 18. Which is more attractive?Accountancy, or…
    19. 19. Useful tool“Pen pictures” Dave, 40, married, two kids 8 and 10, £100k mortgage Set up service business 10 years ago Turns over c £1m, employs 6 people Grew by word of mouth – but growth now stalled Business cashflow is tight Can’t pay himself as much as he wants Works 50+ hours a week
    20. 20. ExamplesBusiness Personal More sales  More take home pay More profits  More cash  More wealth Better cashflow  Worry free retirement Fewer problems  Debt free - mortgage paid off Less stress  Smart car Less risk  Big house Lower tax bills  Education & house deposit for kids More saleable business  Holiday home abroad More valuable business  Better work-life balance  More investment income  More security
    21. 21. X- Valued Not as valued Proactive ReactiveXFast Slow Known fees XX Surprise fees Work with clients Work on clients Personal contact Letters Recommendations Justifications Prevent problems Respond to problems Be candid Hold back Plain English Jargon
    22. 22. Action 3Identify what you can do for them Features – advanced tax planning Benefits – lower tax bills Ultimate benefits – Exercise
    23. 23. ExerciseUltimate benefits Tax planning Business advisory Corporate finance Wealth management Accounts
    24. 24. Your “sweet spot” What What they you can want deliver
    25. 25. The “last writes”The key is to cover all 6…W wealth increasedR risk reducedI income increasedT time savedE expenditure reducedS stress reduced Source: Andy Bounds
    26. 26. Action 4Change your strategy if your sweet spotdoesn’t cover the 6 “last writes” Change the type of clients you want and /or Change your services to meet their needs
    27. 27. Action 5Summarise your sweet spot It is your compelling attractiveness So it should be your core marketing message – In writing – For use verbally – Using their type of language – Covering all 6 of the last writes
    28. 28. Useful tool1. You know how most people have a problem with accountants because… they aren’t very proactive, spend most of their time measuring the past and charge for every minute2. Which means that… they aren’t sure their accountant is adding enough value3. Well, what we do is… a diagnostic review and report with your accounts every year showing new ways to add thousands to your bank account, and give you a fixed price for every piece of work
    29. 29. 4. Which means that...... you can be certain that you will never receive a surprise bill, and will never miss out on any opportunities to earn more money, keep more of it, and become more financially secure. And by helping you become wealthier you also get more control over your life, with less stress and the option to work fewer hours if you want.
    30. 30. “The worst time to think ofthe best thing to say is as the words are coming out of your mouth” Rob Brown
    31. 31. Action 6Script and practice your key conversations What do you do? Why should I choose you? That’s expensive Objections Asking for referrals
    32. 32. The right mindset1. Sales and marketing are not magic… …they are a process2. “HELP” not “sell”
    33. 33. Action 7Gather the proof you have already Testimonials – we will look at these tomorrow Case studies Success stories Videos
    34. 34. Action 8Decide if your proof is good enough Quantity - enough? Quality - of message? Credibility – of author? Format – all types? Up to date Range - does it cover all six “last writes”? And all services / benefits?
    35. 35. Action 9Get everyone reporting on potential casestudies and success stories Create a game they want to play League table? Prizes? Write them up
    36. 36. Action 10Enter business awards Brilliant proof Useful resource: How to win business awards
    37. 37. Action 11Use your proof everywhere Website Proposals Brochure Reception table & meeting room walls Briefcase Hard drive
    38. 38. Three types of audience1. Don’t know you2. Know you3. Permission to proactively contact them
    39. 39. Three types of prospects1. Ideal – Frequent manual nurturing2. Good - Automated or less frequent manual nurturing3. Not sure - Automated nurturing4. Bad – Take them off your list!
    40. 40. The best list Not too small… it’s a numbers game Made up of… – People you’ve met – People referred to you – People who have contacted you – People who have given you permission – People you want to work with
    41. 41. Action 12Clean your current prospect list Add all those from previous slide Categorise - “Ideal”, “Good”, “Not sure” and “Bad” Delete all “Bad” Mark those who have given permission Use a good database/CRM system Now you can start adding to it…
    42. 42. Weak list building ideasAvoid unless absolutely necessary Buying lists Renting lists Compiling lists (and never “steal”)
    43. 43. Action 13Use referral systems to build your list Covered in detail on the one day course See the video of that session
    44. 44. Action 14Actively create referrals for banks “How to get your bank to say yes” – Report, seminar or surgery “How happy are you with your bank?” – Add to agendas, using a scale of 1-10 “Do you need a business loan?” service
    45. 45. Action 15Prepare a high impact presentation for banks Show it to as many as possible Short & attention grabbing Create a game they want to play – Benefits to them of giving you referrals – And benefits to their customers Video… Here
    46. 46. Another idea AVN members should show the NatWest letter to all banks Here
    47. 47. Action 16Actively create referrals for prospects Ask clients “How happy are you with… ?” – Solicitor, IFA, printer, insurance broker etc – Scale of 1-10 – “What do you really want from them?” Make referral to alternative suppliers – Ask for a meeting in return
    48. 48. Nurturing 3109% effect – 73% say “no” 5 times before saying “yes” – 92% of buyers have given up by 5th “no” Every “no” is one step closer to a “yes” System to get beyond 5th “no” painlessly
    49. 49. Action 17Implement a manual nurturing system Frequently for ideal prospects Less frequently for good prospects Get entire team involved – What useful info can you send to them? – Who can you introduce them to? – What events can you invite them to – What can you do for them without charge?
    50. 50. Action 18Create an electronic newsletter basedautomated nurturing system People you don’t have time to nurture manually Valuable content – short and punchy Not sales puffery Monthly Don’t call it “Newsletter”
    51. 51. Action 19Use “Auto responder” nurturing systems “Set and forget” Pre-written logical sequence of messages Sequence triggered when – You meet them – They give you their details – in person, or via a web page – They subscribe to your newsletter – They become a client
    52. 52. Action 20Set up a nurturing system for referral sources It’s not just for prospects
    53. 53. We will cover lots of otherspecific nurturing ideas in the lead generation sessions
    54. 54. Action 21Set up a marketing management system Weekly operational meeting – Plan – with clear priorities – Implement – with time blocked out in diary – Review – using the right measurements Monthly report to board
    55. 55. X- Strategic marketing Who – audience What – messageX Mindset – help not sell XXgenerationLead Lead conversion Cross serving “How” systems “How” systems “How” systemsCompelling reason to Compelling reason to Help more... invest time meeting invest money working so they buy more you with you Not on On your At Beyondyour list list meeting meeting
    56. 56. Lead Generation
    57. 57. Action 22Calculate how much a typical lead is worthStep 1 – Calculate value of typical client GRF multiple or lifetime profit basis Example = £2000Step 2 – Measure how many leads you need to get one client Example = 5 leads to get one client – ie 20% conversion rateStep 3 – Divide Step 1 by Step 2 Example = £2000 divided by 5 = £400 value of a typical lead
    58. 58. Action 23Draw up a list of compelling offers Can afford time/£ up to the value of a lead Low or no cost to prospect Based on what they really want Aim is to get a meeting Examples…
    59. 59. Compelling offer examples Book + meeting Diagnostic review + meeting Benchmarking report + meeting Videos + meeting Seminar + meeting SSTW + meeting 1 million calculations + meeting (Using RTP software) Tax clinic Advanced tax planning opportunity
    60. 60. What else?
    61. 61. Action 24Create plan to phone prospects with compelling offers Get your team involved Identify the most impressive offer Plan the call in advance Practice on a few “Good” prospects Prioritise “Ideal” prospects Record on database Repeat every few months /when topical Example…
    62. 62. Examples If you have a recommendation already: – I think I may have a tax planning idea that could get you an extra £40,000 of cash to spend in any way you want. Would you like some details? And if you don’t: – Is it OK if I carry out a diagnostic review to see how much extra cash it is possible to put in your personal and business bank account - it won’t cost you anything or take up any of your time?
    63. 63. Prospect 1 Prospect 2 Prospect 3 etcOffer 1Offer 2Offer 3etc
    64. 64. Action 25Send out survey mailshots Our most effective marketing in 2010 Very short survey Questions that give you clues Rewards for participation Example Here
    65. 65. Action 26Invite them to be in “your new book” Their top tips Digitally published Hand delivered at a meeting
    66. 66. Action 27Write a real book Or get someone to write it for you
    67. 67. Action 28Launch a regional business award “Hertfordshire’s most dynamic business” Simple website “Heard good things/like to nominate you” letters Application form gives you info you need You as sponsor and administrator (not judge) “Great and the good” as judges Trophy and PR for winner – no other prizes Follow up afterwards
    68. 68. Action 29Consider using telemarketing Who can recommend a supplier? What should firms expect? Top tips?
    69. 69. Action 30Run tax surgeries at employer’s premises Clients first – others later Useful resource Here Variation: Tax surgery at the pub!
    70. 70. Action 31Send a report benchmarking their website For marketing effectiveness Comparing to nearest rival www.websitegrader.com ….
    71. 71. Action 32Launch a “100 Club” We’ll give 100 businesses A 100 minute meeting To create a plan to get them an extra £100k Free to join – by application only
    72. 72. Action 33Write and leverage valuable content Articles Blog post Pages on your website – and other people’s LinkedIn downloads Downloadable “Special reports”
    73. 73. Useful resourcesReady to use AVN content from Insider reports 49 short insights in AR113 Benchmarking software AVN press releases
    74. 74. Action 34Create a seminar programme Full year plan Repeating the very best every year Speaker = External recommended Offer = Free and priced options Content = get more cash & other jugular issues…
    75. 75. Seminar ideas How to get an extra £2m Advanced tax planning Over 50 BBFs The best BBFs…
    76. 76. The best BBFs How to find the time to do the really important things How to make it in business without losing it in life Sensational service Pricing for profit How to interpret the numbers in your accounts What to do when your competitors are cheaper than you How to get paid on time, in full, every time Taking your business from Good to Great How to make work fun… with a serious intent
    77. 77. Action 35Develop a seminar follow up system Plan it from day 1 Who? What? – Your compelling offer How? - Time blocked out
    78. 78. Proof Brian Bell Meyer – South Wales Here Calcutt Matthews – Kent Here
    79. 79. Action 36Offer to be a speaker at other events Use your best content Identify events – Chambers, banks, clubs, associations, trade bodies Offer freebies in exchange for business cards
    80. 80. Action 37Form strategic alliance with a prestige car dealer Help them sell more cars Seminars in their showroom Surgeries “Get your next BMW for free” Joint mailing Resource: AR177
    81. 81. Action 38Send them a link to a video AVN members video – Full version with PMI – Shorter version without PMI - Here
    82. 82. Action 39Develop your permission systems For use verbally and in writing For each key situation – met, referred etc Two parts: – Something of value – eg freebie or compelling offer – Permission request Examples…
    83. 83. Examples Here’s the report I promised – is it OK if I send you other really useful stuff I come across? Dave Smith recommended me to you. So in preparation for contacting you I have benchmarked your business. Would you like me to send you my findings? And is it OK if I look out for other things that could put a lot of extra money in your bank account?
    84. 84. Action 40Develop a networking plan Decide who should be networking Research best places to network (Straw poll) Allocate time to do it Be trained in effective networking…
    85. 85. Action 41Put something really compelling on theback of your business card Example…
    86. 86. £150,000  When your business or anyone in your family wants thissort of extra money over and above what your accountant is already helping you to get, let’s talk. In the meantime please keep this card as a reminder
    87. 87. Best bit so far...
    88. 88. Cross Serving
    89. 89. X- Strategic marketing Who – audience What – messageX Mindset – help not sell XXgenerationLead Lead conversion Cross serving “How” systems “How” systems “How” systemsCompelling reason to Compelling reason to Help more... invest time meeting invest money working so they buy more you with you Not on On your At Beyondyour list list meeting meeting
    90. 90. It all about techniqueWhich is best... Do you want to buy some extra stuff from us? I’ve had an idea that may help to put an extra £20,000 a year in your bank account?
    91. 91. The key Make them aware of how you can help by being their trusted adviser and without being pushy
    92. 92. Action 42Produce a master list of high impactpreliminary recommendations
    93. 93. Action 43Systematically make proactive preliminaryrecommendations to clients for free When? – Every year with accounts as a minimum – Include in all conversations & meetings How…
    94. 94. How? Build it into existing workload and meetings Systemise and delegate – Accounts completion programme – Yes/no questions – Use technology – And always…
    95. 95. Action 44Quantify the value of everything Extrapolate and chunk down “That’s the equivalent of a red Ferrari, paid for by the taxman, isn’t it?” “What would you do with that kind of extra money, and how would it make you feel?”
    96. 96. Action 45Use action plan selling to turnproactivity into fees and profits Example…
    97. 97. Useful resource OnTrack software
    98. 98. Top tips Don’t post the KIP report Use the action plan as main tool
    99. 99. Action 46Give them a list of everything they needto talk to you about Much better than a list of services Useful resource: KIP report Here
    100. 100. Action 47Give them a tick box list for“The 10 decisions every client must make” Are you happy for care fees and tax to take the inheritance you should receive? Are you happy for care fees and tax to take the inheritance your loved ones should receive? Do you want it to be easier for your family if you become ill? Do you want to pay the legal minimum of tax? Etc
    101. 101. Action 48Do a one-to-one client satisfaction survey Unhappy clients – Sort the problem – Compelling offer – eg diagnostic review Happy clients – Testimonials – Referrals – Cross selling – “did you know… ?”
    102. 102. Action 49Put cross-serving message in your email footers Automatic Change them regularly Examples
    103. 103. Action 50Run a powerpoint slideshow in reception “Did you know...?” questions “Ask us about” statements “If anything were possible...” questions (see later)
    104. 104. Action 51Give them a short survey in reception Max 3 questions – max 60 seconds Receptionist asks them to fill it in Receptionist gives it to partner at handover Questions change over time…
    105. 105. Survey questionsBusiness If you had a magic wand…Personal What would you do with a windfall £100k?Research with a PR benefit Business confidence barometer
    106. 106. Action 52Put framed questions on wall of meeting rooms Examples…
    107. 107. If anything were possibleHow quickly would you want to pay off your mortgage?
    108. 108. If anything were possibleHow much extra would you like to take home every year?
    109. 109. If anything were possibleWould an extra £20,000 a yearbe enough to make you happy? Or would you prefer more?
    110. 110. If you received it as windfallWhat would you do withan extra £100,000 in your bank account? And how would it make you feel?
    111. 111. If anything were possibleHow many hours a weekwould you like to work?
    112. 112. If anything were possibleHow much money would you like to leave to the next generation?
    113. 113. Are you happy for care feesand the tax system to steal your inheritance?
    114. 114. Also put on walls Press cuttings Case studies Testimonials Inspirational quotes...
    115. 115. Action 53Invite them to a tax clinic With specialist No charge – to you or clients Extremely successful Here
    116. 116. Action 54Use 0-100 scales On a scale of 0-100, what % of the tax the taxman would like to take from you are you happy to pay? O% 10O% Advanced Bespoke Standard None
    117. 117. Other usesOn a scale of 0-100, how happy are you with Your profits Your personal income Your wealth Your retirement plan Your work life balance
    118. 118. Action 55Use “Client Engagement Clarifications” Message 1 - Currently our engagement does not specifically cover XX. For clarity do you want to extend it to cover XX. Benefits are XX. Costs are XX. Please sign this yes or no. Message 2 - We will assume “no” after 30 days Message 3 - We have assumed “no”. Please advise if you change your mind.
    119. 119. 2007 IHT Pilot 2570 clients contacted by 12 firms 148 IHT Healthchecks bought £61,722 total fees 5.5% of clients bought At £250 each 7.2% of clients bought At £750 each 3.9% said yes In between 4.8% said yes
    120. 120. Lessons learned £750 is the most profitable price Greed motivates better than altruism You sell more face-to-face You sell more if you follow up
    121. 121. Action 56Help clients produce a personal balance sheet Home – Mortgage, SDLT planning Other property - CGT planning Business – Valuation, exit planning, corporate finance Inheritances – IHT and tax planning for parents Assets – Insurance, protection, financial services Borrowings – Raising finance Net worth – Wealth management, IHT & tax planning
    122. 122. Action 57Put a Master WOO chart on your server
    123. 123. Master WOO chart Clients Prospects ReferrersRelationship managerServicesProactiverecommendationsInitiativesCompelling offersOther
    124. 124. Effectivecommunication
    125. 125. You only need to know26 things
    126. 126. Action 5810 second intro - a powerful first impression I’m Dave and I help business owners and other successful people get an extra £2m in their bank account. What about you?
    127. 127. Action 59Magic wand - Helps get to the perfect outcome If this were a magic wand… Very powerful in – Sales – to identify their perfect solution – Creativity – to uncover extra ideas
    128. 128. Action 60Appeal to fairness We both want to be fair, don’t we? Make your suggestion Does that seem as fair to you as it does to me?
    129. 129. Action 61Enough of a difference? Quantify and extrapolate the outcome, then ask… Is that enough of a difference to make it worth your while?
    130. 130. Action 62 Tell me, how does that compare?
    131. 131. Action 63I can do that by… Replace… “I can’t do that until Friday” With… “I can do that by Friday”
    132. 132. Action 64Return the favour When someone says “Thanks” Change “It was nothing” into “I’m so pleased I was able to help you. Can I ask you to return the favour and give me a little bit of help?” (perhaps a referral)
    133. 133. Action 65Use “Yes tags” to encourage others say yes They really work, don’t they? So you’ll use them, won’t you? But its best to use them in moderation, isn’t it?
    134. 134. Action 66Embedded commands Taking action leads to results and value Take action and you will get results and see the value
    135. 135. Action 67Phonological ambiguity Like me By now Like me, by now, you know it makes sense
    136. 136. Action 68Do’s and don’t - Helps others to do as you ask Replace “Don’t” with “Do” Replace “Don’t forget” with “Remember”
    137. 137. Summary Remember like me, by now, you know this stuff makes sense, don’t you?
    138. 138. Action 69Humour clears the air whenyou’ve made a mistake Sometimes I wonder if my mother dropped me on my head as a baby! Someone must have swapped stupid pills for my vitamins this morning
    139. 139. A few extra thoughts onadvanced tax planning…
    140. 140. Guiding principles Don’t prejudge who will be interested Don’t make conscience decisions for them Don’t tell the favoured few Systematically tell all who technically qualify
    141. 141. Guiding principles Don’t wait to be asked Don’t expect them to know what is possible Don’t be silent if you can’t find any savings Be genuinely proactive
    142. 142. Guiding principles Don’t try to hide payaways Don’t pretend they are something else Get your engagement letters right
    143. 143. Guiding principles Don’t wait until you understand every detail Knowing enough is enough
    144. 144. Guiding principles Don’t be the only person talking tax Get everyone talking to everyone
    145. 145. Guiding principles Don’t see it as a one year only exercise Do it every year - it gets easier and better!Example Repeat EBTs are easier and more profitable Some clients are now on their third!
    146. 146. Guiding principles Don’t be motivated by your profit Only ever by getting the best result for clients
    147. 147. Guiding principles Don’t see it as a short term strategy Don’t confuse “not yet” with “not ever” It can take a long time to warm clients up
    148. 148. Writingeffective copy
    149. 149. Kurt Cobain, Nirvana 1967 - 1994
    150. 150. A picture paints athousand words… …but we still rely on the Emails written word to get our Website messages across Letters Brochures Tweets Online profiles
    151. 151. Action 70 - AIDARemember this mnemonic: Attention Interest Desire Action
    152. 152. Action 71 - Headline Experts say headline strength = 40-50% of marketing success Use ‘power words’ Achieve Accomplish Crucial Know-how Mind-blowing Need Professional Secrets Authentic Clear-cut Absolutely Instantly
    153. 153. Action 72 - Generate interestStrong opening paragraph Ask a question Share a secret Solve a problem Save them time and/or money
    154. 154. Set the toneWrite as you speak Conversational Friendly Relaxed
    155. 155. Action 73 – Break it upUse proven techniques for easier reading Sub-headings Bulleted lists Highlighted keywords Short paragraphs Clear, concise language “Scannability”
    156. 156. Action 74 – Be IrresistibleCreate desire in the reader What’s in it for me? Benefits, not features Use the scarcity factor Quote satisfied clients Provide proof
    157. 157. Action 75 – Your CTAStart with the end in mind – ‘Call To Action’ What do you want the reader to do? Provide them with the means to do it Make it obvious and create urgency Use it more than once Don’t confuse – only one CTA
    158. 158. Action 76 – Proof read…and proof read again! Spelling, grammar and punctuation Check for cliches Get a second opinion
    159. 159. Final writing tips KISS  Test different styles Be consistent
    160. 160. Email campaigns
    161. 161. How to create email campaigns that work…and how a monkey can help you improve your email marketing!
    162. 162. Good stuff Bad stuff
    163. 163. Good stuff Bad stuffLow costHigh ROIEasy to track andmeasureInstantHighly personalised andtargeted
    164. 164. Good stuff Bad stuffLow cost Deliverability issuesHigh ROI Email response decayEasy to track andmeasureInstantHighly personalised andtargeted
    165. 165. Create email campaigns that really work
    166. 166. Determine your desired outcome
    167. 167. Determine your desired outcome Before you start writing, think:  What message do you want to get across  What is your objective  What do you want your audience to do
    168. 168. State benefits clearly… and quickly!
    169. 169. State benefits clearly… and quickly!  Why should they read your email?  How will they benefit?  Skip long introductions, backgrounds and company history  Think benefits – not features!
    170. 170. Be personal and personable
    171. 171. Be personal and personable  Address your recipients by name  Personalise subject line  Sign the email with your name  And a friendly comment such as “Enjoy your weekend”
    172. 172. Formatting matters
    173. 173. Formatting matters  Go for a standard font and size  Make emails easy to scan: o Bullet points o Numbered lists o Short paragraphs o Bold headings, subheads, keywords o DON’T SHOUT AT THEM!
    174. 174. Use simple English
    175. 175. Use simple English  Keep it appropriate for your audience  Use your real voice  You’ll seem more appealing and approachable
    176. 176. Have a clear ‘Call to Action’…
    177. 177. What do you want them to do?
    178. 178. Have a clear ‘Call to Action’…  Explain the benefits  Expressed as an action  Sprinkle CTAs generously in your email  Boldface / increase font size  Use images or ‘buttons’ (but use text too!)
    179. 179. “Local business halves tax bills in one year.Read more”“Local business halves tax bills in one year.Learn how you too can save thousands ofpounds in unnecessary tax bills”
    180. 180. Have a clear ‘Call to Action’…  Explain the benefits  Expressed as an action  Sprinkle CTAs generously in your email  Boldface / increase font size  Use images or ‘buttons’ (but use text too!)
    181. 181. Adding more CTAs, and using CTAs that are more clear and obvious, will make youremail marketing more effective in driving conversions.
    182. 182. Make it easy for your reader to understand not just where but why to click through, and what they can expect on the other side.
    183. 183. Always, always use a PS.
    184. 184. Always, always use a PS.  The PS. is always read  Add your ‘Call to action’, or  Add short testimonial, or  Recap benefits
    185. 185. Write a great subject line!
    186. 186. Write a great subject line!  Keep it short and simple  ‘Front load’ the benefits  Use a thought-provoking question  Invoke urgency  Make it personal
    187. 187. Subject A: “Free business analyserreport that could save youthousands of pounds”Subject B: “Save thousands ofpounds with our free businessanalyser report”
    188. 188. Write a great subject line!  Keep it short and simple  ‘Front load’ the benefits  Use a thought-provoking question  Invoke urgency  Make it personal
    189. 189. Your subject line can make or break youremail campaigns success so make sure that you give it the time and attention it deserves.
    190. 190. Proof-read… and then again
    191. 191. “Spelling and grammatical mistakes can losemillions of pounds of revenue for companies.Typos, rogue apostrophes and simple spellingerrors make a website [or email] appearuntrustworthy and low quality, and can directly –and detrimentally – affect traffic and sales”– Charles Duncombe
    192. 192. Proof-read… and then again  Spelling and grammar (don’t rely on spell checker)  Show it to someone else  Send yourself a test (check formatting, links, etc.) Try checking on iPad, tablet, mobile.
    193. 193. Consistency is the key
    194. 194. Consistency is the key  Keep the look and feel consistent  Help maintain and strengthen your brand  Create an email template, use it every time
    195. 195. Variety
    196. 196. “Free business consulting meeting if you act now!”
    197. 197. “Free business consulting meeting if you act now!”“Free consulting meeting for your business – today only!”
    198. 198. “Free business consulting meeting if you act now!”“Free consulting meeting for your business – today only!” “Act fast! Free business consulting meeting from Baldwin Accountants”
    199. 199. Variety Keep your content (and offers) fresh Helps keep your audience engaged
    200. 200. Stay relevant – segment your audience
    201. 201. Stay relevant – segment your audience  Sent targeted, relevant messages  Use information you already know  Develop specific offers for each target audience  Don’t annoy your subscribers!
    202. 202. Avoid being a ‘spammer’
    203. 203. Avoid being a ‘spammer’ 90% of all emails sent in 2010 were spam…
    204. 204. Avoid being a ‘spammer’  Adhere to UK anti-spam laws: o Always use a subject line o Do not use deceptive subject lines o Include option to unsubscribe o Include your physical address
    205. 205. Avoid being a ‘spammer’  Work on your subject line – do not: o Use ALL CAPS o Use lots of punctuation marks o Spell words incorrectly o Use ‘spammy’ words (i.e. free, subscribe, please read)
    206. 206. Test different variables
    207. 207. Test different variables Subject line ‘From’ field (your name or company name) Different offers Length of message Prices Different days / times
    208. 208. Test different variables Subject line ‘From’ field (your name or company name) Different offers Length of message Prices Different days / times Only ever test one variable at a time
    209. 209. Measure
    210. 210. Measure
    211. 211. Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure MeasureMeasure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure
    212. 212. Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure MeasureMeasure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure MeasureMeasure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure Measure
    213. 213. Measure Open rate Click rate What links were clicked? Unsubscribe rate Email clicks to conversions
    214. 214. MailChimp
    215. 215. MailChimp  Send great looking campaigns  Segment your audience  Really handy integrations  A/B split testing  Measures everything!
    216. 216. MailChimp
    217. 217. MailChimp  Send great looking campaigns  Segment your audience  Really handy integrations  A/B split testing  Measures everything!
    218. 218. MailChimp  Send great looking campaigns  Segment your audience  Really handy integrations  A/B split testing  Measures everything! Free!
    219. 219. MailChimp  Send great looking campaigns  Segment your audience  Really handy integrations  A/B split testing  Measures everything! Free! www.MailChimp.com
    220. 220. Having a tried and tested emailmarketing strategy in place is anabsolute must if you want your practice to grow!
    221. 221. Your email marketing actions:Action 77 – Determine your desired outcomeAction 78 – State benefits clearly and quickly!Action 79 – Personalise your emailsAction 80 – Get your formatting rightAction 81 – Use appropriate language
    222. 222. Your email marketing actions:Action 82 – Have a clear ‘Call to Action’Action 83 – Always use a PS.Action 84 – Write a great subject line!Action 85 – Remember to always proof readAction 86 – Be consistent with your ‘look’
    223. 223. Your email marketing actions:Action 87 – Keep your content freshAction 88 – Stay relevantAction 89 – Don’t be a ‘spammer’Action 90 – Test different variablesAction 91 – Measure – every time – measure…and then make changes accordingly!
    224. 224. Introduction to Social Media
    225. 225. Why do I need it? Successful social media marketing builds social proof. More likely to trust information coming from ‘people like me’ – ie someone they trust.
    226. 226. Why do I need it? Over 90% of Social Media Users believe a company should have a presence in Social Media. That doesn’t mean you should treat Social Media as another channel for broadcasting......
    227. 227. Monologue v Dialogue This is why Social Media is set to replace email as a major marketing channel. It’s about two-way communication. Do your newsletters allow for dialogue? Social Media is dialogue not monologue
    228. 228.  Established in 2006 Micro-blogging site (140 characters per tweet) “An information network” Use to engage with others
    229. 229.  Fast-moving – don’t try to keep up Jump into conversations Follow interesting users – LocaFollow.com – FollowerWonk.com Ideal for mobile use to react ‘on the go’
    230. 230.  Established in 2004 Sharing site – friends, news, updates, photos Simplest way for a business to have a social media presence If they all ‘Like’ your company page, their friends will also see this on their News Feeds.
    231. 231.  Add info, wall postings, photos, team news Create and share events Share YouTube videos Link to your website and other useful links
    232. 232.  How many team members do you have? Average Facebook user has 130 friends How many of them fall into your target audience?
    233. 233. Google + Established June 28, 2011 Google’s answer to Facebook and Twitter 10 million users in first month – 1bn pieces of information shared Google+ because it wants to be “an extension of Google itself”
    234. 234. Google +
    235. 235. Your actions and tips for success
    236. 236. A long lasting engagement Growth through engagement. Development of relationships allows your audience to do your marketing for you!
    237. 237. Action 92 – You need aplan...Planning + Message + Opportunity = Success
    238. 238. You need a plan.... Be prepared to invest time. Don’t abandon what you’ve started.
    239. 239. Action 93 – Go mobile Apps available on most smartphones Easy to install and update frequently Interact with people ‘on-the-go’ Enables quick response
    240. 240. Action 94 – Add SocialMedia links to your website Make it easy for people to find you Image links work best Put them on the homepageTip: add links to all your team members’ email footers too!
    241. 241. Action 95 – Keep updating Social Media moves quickly Don’t answer quickly and your competitor will Make sure your information is current Diarise time each week to post updates Allocate to several trusted team members Tip: consider implementing a social media policy
    242. 242. Action 96 – Social MediaPolicy“Be conscious when mixing your business and personal lives. Online, your personal and business personas are likely to intersect. The Company respects the free speech rights of all of its associates, but you must remember that customers, colleagues and supervisors often have access to the online content you post. Keep this in mind when publishing information online that can be seen by more than friends and family, and know that information originally intended just for friends and family can be forwarded on.”
    243. 243. Action 97 – Manage youraccounts Integration is the key Free Social Media tools to manage accounts – Tweetdeck Manage multiple accounts in one place
    244. 244. Action 98 – Track progress Measure key stats – e.g. Number of followers, tweets, mentions, ‘likes’ Use analytics to find out – Number of leads generated through Social Media – Number of new clients won Update weekly and share with the team - Know what works best for you
    245. 245. Golden Rules of Engagement Have a go, be committed and be disciplined Treat online networking as you would offline networking Give a compelling reason to talk to you Be interesting Be active Be genuine
    246. 246. Pricing formaximum profit
    247. 247. What the researchtells us  180 firms  National Tax Conference – June 2010
    248. 248. What the researchtells us Prices range from £50 to £450 The median (average) price is £150 The top quartile (25%) charge from £200+ Geography is insignificant The top quartile charge at least 25% more than the average firm
    249. 249. What’s at stake Average fees per partner: £247,008 If you... Increase your average price by 20% Assuming no loss of clients, you get...
    250. 250. What’s at stake Average fees per partner: £247,008 If you... Increase your average price by 20% Assuming no loss of clients, you get...
    251. 251. What’s at stake £49,402 extra fees and extra profit Over 10 years that could be about £500,000
    252. 252. You must revisit pricingregularly Indexed Annual 3% price to Jan. 04 Inflation vs. a 3% realised annual price increase increase = 100 Price Index (CPI) 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
    253. 253. Client segmentation Develop product to meet their needs Price Capture Premium P3 C P2 Drive Share B P1 Revenue A Sales Importance
    254. 254. Client segmentation Segment Customers “Value” “Standard” “Premium” Price Content Access Functionality Brand/Trust Support Importance Importance Importance A B C
    255. 255. Client journeys acrossservices Versioning Long Tail Premium+ Perceived price Premium One way nature allows client to upsell themselves once they Value Basic see benefit of Equivalence subsequent version Line (VEL) Perceived benefits
    256. 256. Product Portfolio Versioning: Apple Perceived price Value-disadvantaged area Full size screen; touch features; support games No screen; limited capacity Value Equivalence Line (VEL) Value-advantaged area Perceived benefits
    257. 257. Customer segmentationin practice
    258. 258. The power ofguarantees Differentiate Close more sales Higher prices Improve service
    259. 259. “AccountantsMarketing”
    260. 260. 3 step processSTEP 1 What promises do our clients really want to hear?STEP 2 What specific promises can you make?STEP 3 What systems will you need?
    261. 261. 15 ready-to-useguarantees
    262. 262. Practical Pricing for Accountants The practical guide to making a significant difference to your bottom line profits. Visitwww.FreePricingBook.co.uk/events
    263. 263. Effective Pricing for Accountants Hours of video-based lessons Hours of video-based success stories Audio programmes Workbook Systems resources... standard letters, price lists, scripts, checklists and forms
    264. 264. The 12 modules1. Strategic pricing2. How to price effectively3. Adding massive value to your clients4. Explaining the value brilliantly well5. The power of guarantees6. Linking your price to the value
    265. 265. The 12 modules7. Different clients will pay different prices8. The power of menu pricing9. Dealing with price objections brilliantly10. Getting paid much, much quicker11. Building your value-based practice12. Bonus module
    266. 266. Your investment...Your investment in module 1 is only... £295 + VAT(If you are an AVN member it is just £145 + VAT)
    267. 267. Module 1 – Strategic pricing How you can benchmark your performance How to put your prices up A great letter for launching fixed prices How to avoid the loser trap 16 ready-to-use USPs Creating your strategy What to do if clients choose you on price What to do about cheaper competitors
    268. 268. Module 1 – Strategic pricing 8 key lessons that will transform your results How to create your ideal client profile A process for grading clients More letters 5 great ideas for demonstrating value How you can increase your price by 20% Case studies and success stories... learning from what other accountants – like you – have achieved
    269. 269. Your key actions 99 – Benchmark your fee levels 100 – Calculate the amount of money at stake 101 – If the amount is big enough to make a difference, invest in learning how to price 102 – Increase your prices NOW by at least 3% 103 – Segment your clients by creating bundles 104 – Guarantee what you do
    270. 270. Wrapping up today
    271. 271. Day 2 agenda9.00 How to convert more leads into clients11.00 How to use video as part of your marketing strategy11.45 Advanced use of social media12.30 LUNCH1.20 How to demonstrate that you are an expert1.50 The things you must build into your website to make it work for you3.25 An automated lead generation system3.50 Building your complete online marketing strategy4.30 All the systems you need to build a preponderance of proof5.30 End of day two