Sachtler Cine DSLR


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Sachtler Cine DSLR

  1. 1. new! 75 mm DSLR HD DSLRs Cine DSLR: Precise panning withfluid heads tripods pedestals lighting camera stabilizing systems
  2. 2. 75 mm DSLR Systems Options Cine DSLR For professional work with video-enabled DSLR cameras Systems Cine DSLR Weight: 2 kg / 4.4 lbs Adapter viewfinder extension / measurements in mm Unbeatable as a team: For every Further systems with ground adapter block optional available fluid head, Sachtler carries a suitable spreader or mid-level spreader and Payload: 1 – 5 kg / 2.2 – 11 lbs Self-illuminating Touch Bubble, 68 tripod in carbon fiber or aluminum. rubber feet are also available on Counterbalance: 10 steps Battery 1 x CR 2032 These feature single or two- request. Of course, the right bag is Grades of drag: 3 horizontal, 169 178 stage extensions. Sachtler tripod also included with your purchase. Long sliding range of camera plate 3 vertical, +0 systems are stable, robust, and Tilt range: +90° / -75° extremely reliable. Even under the Temperature range: -40° / +60° C / hardest conditions and in extreme -40°/+140° F ø 75 temperature ranges, the durable half ball with screw (integrated flat base) systems are extremely dependable Camera fitting: Sideload, during operation. So nothing DSLR plate stands in the way of creative and Pan bar: 1 x DV 75, ø 16 / – / 28 mm / professional work! ø 0.6" /– / 1.1", Length 430 mm / 16.9"code 0350 OConnor, a Vitec Group brand, Petrol Bags™, a Vitec Group Brand, offers a growing line of professional is a leading producer of professionalDSLR plate camera accessories—optimized carrying bags, protective cases for cinematography with HD DSLR and accessories for DSLR, HD to DV cameras. The new CFF-1 Follow cameras, lighting, audio, support Focus sports a modular design that and other production equipment. raises the standard for versatility We offer a comprehensive family of and compatibility. The O-Grips products, ranging from a full line of Handgrip System stand out with semi-hard camera bags and rugged a innovative single-handle ball equipment. Petrol products are joint design. The brand-new O-Box uniquely engineered for optimal WM redefines “mattebox” with carrying comfort, maximum storage its smart features and attractive and equipment protection. price. And look for the new For more information, please visit our O-Focus DM Double-sided Mini website at: System follow focus, designed with DSLR Cine DSLR 75 / 2 MD cinematography in mind. More information on OConnor’s new Genuine Camera Accessory 3906 3982 3470 Pan bar DV right Pan bar DV left Adapter block 3471 Adapter 75/100 (telescopic) (telescopic) FSB 6 / 8 products can be found at 3986 3985 0782 0164 Adapter Adapter with clam- 0781 FSB CELL FSB CELLCharger Sideload plate S 1/4", 3/8", M8 ping 1/4“, 3/8“, M8
  3. 3. Know-how Richard Walch Photographer: „Light, robust and ultra precise — the Cine DSLR from Sachtler is my first choice.“ Damping System: Counterbalance /  Sachtler‘s Cine DSLR provides Speedbalance: for clean horizontal and vertical Sachtler fluid heads operate with pans. The fluid head features reliable switching to desired the multiple award-winning settings, so camera setups can be technology of the big Sachtler quickly balanced. While adjustable heads: The three horizontal and systems without firm setting Foto: Jancsi Hadik / www. vertical adjustable grades of drag levels often require time-wasting (+0) are based on the patented trial-and-error adjustment, the Sachtler damping system. Thanks Sachtler counterbalance is achieved to the special Sachtler lubricated immediately. Also, most Sachtler oil damping, filming is also possible heads are equipped with the in extreme temperature ranges, innovative Speedbalance technology, as the damping is not negatively which guarantees fast and fine influenced by them. adjustment. Do you work with a lot Do you have questions Richard Walch, photographer and learned as a still photographer of accessories? or require further specialist in extreme conditions, for the moving picture. What I For heavier payloads, Sachtler information? was one of the first to test the new realized quickly: In contrast to still carries, among others, the 100 mm You can speak to us directly, fluid head: “I became a filmmaker photography, a top-grade tripod Cine 7+7 HD fluid head for DSLR contact your Sachtler distributor, using the Canon DSLR technology. is the basis for a good picture filmmakers. or visit . Filming with the still camera was when filming. That‘s why the the key to the moving picture: This Sachtler Cine DSLR system is my way, I can use everything I have ideal companion.”Germany phone + 49 89 321 58 200 contact@sachtler.deChina phone + 86 10 8528 8748 info-cd-china@vitecgroup.comUK phone + 44 1284 75 2121 info-cd-uk@vitecgroup.comMiddle East phone + 965 96 32 008 info-cd-me@vitecgroup.comAmericas phone + 1 845 268 0100 info-cd-usa@vitecgroup.comFrance phone + 33 1 4132 3041 info-cd-france@vitecgroup.comSingapore phone + 65 6297 5776 info-cd-singapore@vitecgroup.comJapan phone + 81 3 5457 1381 Sachtler™ A Vitec Group brand