Webinar for accountants - The Power of PR


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Slides taken from an AVN webinar showing accountants how to promote their firm for free using the power of public relations.

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  • This is a really good presentation. We also aim our services at accountants and think they can gain some real benefit from PR.

    For further for those thinking of PR for their accountancy practice, here are some tips to get you started: http://www.prmybusiness.co.uk/pr-tips-accountants/

    Hope you find them useful!
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  • SUESo, this is what we’re going to cover on today’s webinar.
  • SUESo, this is what we’re going to cover on today’s webinar.
  • SUEWe’ve just published an A4 workbook that will show you all the tips you’ve received in this webinar as well as step by step guides to producing your own press releases. With over 50 story ideas and ready-made templates for you to use, this is a great resource for anyone wanting to start their own public relations campaign.
  • SUEIf you’d like to buy this workbook, it’s available from our shop at £195 - but webinar attendees can buy it today for just £145 + VAT - just follow the link in the email that you’ll receive after this webinar.
  • Now, as promised here’s our biggest tip for effective PR:
  • Q&AIf we’ve not had time to answer your specific question then please join our LinkedIn group and post it on the discussion board so that everyone else can benefit from the answers.
  • Thank you for attending today and we hope you’ve taken away lots of useful information to work on.If you could take the time to complete our very short survey that follows this webinar then we’d be most grateful as it helps us to tailor the content of our future webinars.Thanks again and we hope to see you at an event soon!
  • Webinar for accountants - The Power of PR

    1. 1. Webinar The Power of PR Hosted by Sue Davenport and Ellen Woodbine AVN marketing team Sue Davenport Ellen Woodbine
    2. 2. Agenda • What is PR? • Differences between advertising and PR • Preparation • Story ideas • Copywriting • Headline tips • How to circulate your press release • … our one BIG PR tip for you
    3. 3. What is PR?Public Relations:“the professional maintenance ofa favourable public image by acompany or other organisation ora famous person..” (Oxford Dictionary)
    4. 4. Advertising v PR?Advertising Public RelationsIncurs costs Usually freeFull control Little controlFull-on promotion Requires restraintReaders “tune out” More likely to be readNot trusted Highly trusted
    5. 5. PreparationPreparationResearch Build database Systemise
    6. 6. What’s your story? Expert opinion Charitable work
    7. 7. Action 55
    8. 8. CopywritingCopywriting Who, what, when, where, why? Call to action Contact details – IN THE COPY!
    9. 9. Example Who Wadebridge firm of accountants Alexander & Co What is taking part in a gruelling adventure challenge When on 18th June 2011 Where in Dartmoor National Park to support the building of the first children’s Why hospice in Cornwall
    10. 10. More tipsStick to the storyInclude a local angleDon’t lieInclude quotesCheck spelling and grammarProof read – by someone else!
    11. 11. Headline10 words or less:14pt to one line Grab attention Use statistics Ask a question
    12. 12. Press PackOverview of services Corporate background and history Biographies of senior partners Case studies and testimonials High quality photographs
    13. 13. CirculationAddress personallyHeadline = subjectIntroductory paragraphEmail body textAttach Word versionAttach high-res image
    14. 14. More TipsFind out when press deadlines are and don’t call then Avoid jargon Include references (not Wikipedia!) Keep it professional and be hyper-responsive Journalists need good contacts – become one!
    15. 15. Includes ready-to-usesystems, checklists and an
    16. 16. Normally sold for £195 Just £145 if you order todayhttp://www.myaccountantsclub.co.uk/shop/WebinarPR.aspx
    17. 17. Enduring exposure Take copies! (NLA Licence) (Keep the whole page – context!)
    18. 18. Your questions If you think of any more questions following the webinar please post them on the Discussions board on our LinkedIn group – search for: Marketing Solutions for Accountants
    19. 19. The Power of PR Sue Davenport Ellen WoodbineThank you so much for watching our webinar. Please complete the short survey.