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Lima group version 2


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Lima group

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Lima group version 2

  1. 1. The company was created in May 2019 to promote efficient/best farming technologies by working in partnership with farmers, government, research, NGOs and commercial entities. Management Team: Romanus Mwakimata, (Managing Director; and Thomas Mwakimata (Co-director). Crops We produce Groundnut, Sunflower and Cassava seeds. LIMA AFRICA COMPANY LIMITED
  2. 2. Geographical coverage� Production scheme for self and out growers include company farm and out-growers. Seeds Overall seed production capacity for 2020 Sales: Partners: Key challenges: Operation capital to contract more farmers in growing seeds. Lack of facilities to process and store seeds (currently, we are hiring) Tabora (4 districts), Katavi (3 districts), Kigoma (3 districts), Shinyanga (1 district) and Mwanza (1 district). The company produces Certified seed for groundnut and basic seed for cassava. 10 tons ( Groundnut 5 tons and Sunflower 3 tons of certified seed; Cassava-100,000 cuttings). Done through agro-dealers and youth groups for direct selling to farmers. Out-growers, model farmers in villages, agro-dealers, processors & buyers of farm products, national and international research organization, NGOs. ADDRESS: Tabora Municipal, P. O. Box 884-45111, Tabora Tanzania; Phone�:(+255) 621 720 949, Email�: LInkedIn: company-limited-4174321b1/
  3. 3. E S T I M A T E D A M O U N T T O H A R V E S T � ( T O N S ) E X P E C T E D Y I E L D F O R D E M O S E X P E C T E D D I S T R I C T S F O R D E M O S 5 C e r t i f i e d 1C e r t i f i e d 1 1 5 4 0 M n a n j e 5 2 6 0 C R O P S E E D C L A S S E S T I M A T E D A C R E A G E � ( A C R E ) V A R I E T Y M a n g a k a G r o u n d n u t N U M B E R O F D E M O S I N T E N D E D 4 6 8 - 1 0 k i l o g r a m s o f s h e l l e d g r o u n d n u t 6 - 8 k i l o g r a m s o f s h e l l e d g r o u n d n u t Production and Awareness Creation Plan for 2020-2021 Season