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  1. 1. AGRISEED TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY LTD About us The company was created in December 2008. The Crops involved are Maize, Sorghum, Rice, Soya, Sunflower and common beans. Districts covered Mbeya (Chunya, Mbeya DC,Mbarali) Songwe (Mbozi, Momba and Songwdistricts) Katavi (Tanganyika, Nsimbo, Mlele) Ruvuma (Songea DC, Namtumbo) Iringa (Iringa DC, Mufind and Kilolo) Morogoro (Morogoro DC, Kilosa, Mvomero and Gailo) More information Production scheme (self and out-growers): 60% own production and 40% through contract growers� Seed classes produced by the company: Breeder, pre- basic, basic and certified seeds� Overall seed production capacity: 400MT Current production capacity per crop: Sorghum 5%, Maize 60%, soya 20%, common beans 5%, sunflower 10%� Sales: Direct from the Company godown, farmer groups, NGOs and through Agro-dealers
  2. 2. NB: Variety Hakika is a variety resistant to Striga, high yielding and large seeded, easy for farmers to adopt. Few demos because of shortage of Hakika seed. Challenge is to get more seed from research, am depending on the amount of basic seed we are expecting to harvest next month. TARI Ilonga has no seed. Seed production and�variety�popularization plan for 2020-2021 Partners: TARI, ADB Mbozi, ASA �Key Challenges: Availability of land Production of EGS Promotion new varieties Marketing of seed Visit us C R O P S E E D C L A S S E S T I M A T E D A C R E A G E � ( A C R E ) S o r g h u m 1 0 0H a k i k a 5 0 M TC e r t i f i e d 2 5 V A R I E T Y E S T I M A T E D A M O U N T T O H A R V E S T � ( T O N S ) N U M B E R O F D E M O S I N T E N D E D E X P E C T E D D I S T R I C T S F O R D E M O S M o m b a