Retail essentials the three key elements of the sales process


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Business Essentials: Sales Process

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Retail essentials the three key elements of the sales process

  1. 1. Manager / Sales Track Sponsored by:
  2. 2. Retail Essentials:The Three Key Elements of the Sales Process Presented by: Marcel Newell & Jody Culbertson
  3. 3. About Your Presenter Marcel Newell…• Electronic Technologist• 21 years old wire-puller at Exciter Sound• 27 years old vice president & co-owner• Created the BASSWORX brand & product line• Sold BASSWORX division ($96M annually)• 29 years old & $20 founded AVIDWORX• 18 years building small businesses “Pracademic”
  4. 4. About Your Presenter Jody Culbertson…• 18 Years Visions Electronics, 10 years of installer/sales• 38 years old. Past experience with Visions Electronics 30 stores in Western Canada – VP of Category Development and Home/Car/Install Product Manager• Experience in Buying, Marketing, Management, Training• Absolute Training -- designed to work with any aspect of your business to make you better!• Email, call 1-414-326-7162.
  5. 5. Course Description:• Learn the best ways to qualify your customers• How passion and excitement sells• The Art of the Demo• Turn your presentation into the ultimate experience for the customer
  6. 6. Course Objectives:• Learn how to explain new technology to customers• Become the expert• Make them understand the information you are giving them
  7. 7. Connect with customers• Attitude is everything in a sale• Excitement sells• Eye contact is very important• Listening is key in any sale; hear what the customer is saying -- what do they want, and what do they like?
  8. 8. Greeting your customer!• Give me some examples of a greeting:
  9. 9. 3 Keys to Greetings• Greet them within 30 seconds!• Give them time to look around the store before you walk up to them.• Build yourself up in the greeting and tell them a little about your store.
  10. 10. New customers?• How many new customers walk into your store each and every day?• How do you even know if they are new customers?
  11. 11. Sell yourself• You are selling “you” by telling the customer what you are about: e.g. “We have been around since 1982.”• Or, “Our installers have over 25 years experience between them, so your car is in great hands.”• “As you can see we offer the best policies in the business, we offer lifetime warranty on installations.”• “We have just added five new stores in the last year? We are able to service you all across the state!”• You need to give the customer a reason you are different from the other places they have shopped.
  12. 12. Everything you sell is you• Always remember that you are the most important brand in your store.• Everywhere you look you should see your brand name.• Your product lines are a reflection of you.• Service / Policies are the best way to sell you.• Showcase your staff and sell them!• Also sell the store itself; years of service, years of experience, customer testimonials on their experiences with your shop.
  13. 13. How to get the customer to step up in product… It’s all in the presentation of what you are selling1. Your staff need to understand your plan for the year!2. Your installers have to understand the direction!3. You have to supply the product in the store!4. You have to role play/practice with your staff on how theyare going to up-sell to the customer!5. You have to provide your staff with the information tomake the step-up happen!
  14. 14. Best ways to qualify customers?• Understand where they have been!• Understand what they are looking for; do they have a product they like or dislike?• Understand their own needs for the product?• Find out what kind of vehicle they have, go look at the vehicle?• What kind of cell phone do they have? Notice you haven’t shown them any product yet?
  15. 15. Use computers to clarify• If a customer has seen a product online, go to a computer and look up the product, why?• Computer is a great way to confirm the parts needed for the installation.
  16. 16. Getting their attention!• You must build trust in you.• Your company.• Your brand.• Even your industry.
  17. 17. Dale Carnegie Quote!•People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!
  18. 18. Building Trust• Use the computer: - Look at competitions’ website - Parts you will need for the install - Show pictures of vehicles you have serviced• Use factory speakers• Get installers involved in the sale• Look customers in the eyes…. The eyes are the windows to the soul.• Show them options so they understand what they can do to their vehicle
  19. 19. Earn Trust, Step Up• Did you know you can increase your speaker business by over 40% right now?• Attachment is everything in our business. So how do I do this?• Factory speakers in board.• All demos need to start on factory speakers.• Why?...... It’s all in the demo!
  20. 20. Showing a Product• Before you show them a product, repeat back to them the features they are looking for!• Get the customer involved with the product when you are showing them the features!• Make them commit to you in the way of a “Yes” with each feature you show them! The more they say yes the easier it is to close the sale.
  21. 21. Product PresentationAs you explain the different features of theproduct always remember these 4 points:• Feature• Advantage• Benefit• Grabber
  22. 22. Feature• This is the main feature you choose to talk to the customer about• Remember to pick the features that the customer can relate to!• Always have three features in mind at all times, focus on the ones that will truly make the difference!
  23. 23. Advantage• This is where you talk about what makes a feature great.• Talk about advantages the customer can relate to in real life; provide an example of the customer using the product.• Have a few advantages in mind when talking to customers.
  24. 24. Benefit• What is the benefit to the customer?• This benefit has to make sense to the customer.• Make sure the customer understands what that benefit is! That is key!
  25. 25. Grabber• Make the customer say “Yes!”• This is where you get the customer to agree with you on that feature you talked about!• Getting the customer to understand all the features you talked about is the key!• This makes it easier to ask for the close; plus you will be able to include the close into this part of the sale• 75% of the time a close is never used on the customer. Increase your percentage with every sale
  26. 26. So how do we convince the customer to buy MRX? Feature Advantage Benefit Grabber More output out Music will You want your music 10% More Power! of amplifier play louder to play louder, right? Rolls back power Don’t you hate it Internal Will not overheat, rather than shutting when you’re blasting Monitoring customer will down in extreme your system on a hot System always have sound conditions day, and it shuts down? The higher the ratio Customer will hear You don’t wantBest Signal-to-noise the less noise you more music and less annoying hiss ruining ratio will have in noise your new sound your music system, right? Gives greater control This will improve the bass Highest Damping over the movement of output of the speaker, You want your bass Factor the speakers by damping un- which contributes to to sound tight and hit wanted cone movement better sound quality hard, right?
  27. 27. Add your installer into the sale to add credibility• Bring your installer into the presentation early.• Your installer is your greatest asset.• Teach your installer how to sell.• Role play with staff and installers.• The customer will always trust the installer over the sales person.
  28. 28. Power of the DEMO!Pick the music and set up the experience!• Ask the customer, “What kind of music do you like?”• Having the music the customer likes will increase your odds of closing the deal dramatically! Don’t play what you like, play what the customer likes!
  29. 29. Having the RIGHT music?• You have an iPod, right?• You could have 3-4 songs of each type of music.• Pick the best of the best from different categories of music.
  30. 30. Once the music is selected, set up the experience• This is where you tell the customer what they will hear – or what to listen for.• Did you know that the majority of people never really listen to the music.• Explain what they will hear in detail. Also tell them what product you are going to demo them and how it will go.
  31. 31. Make sure your board is ready for a demo:• Product is all hooked up• Product is all tagged• All product is sounding correctly• First demo is done on factory speakers!
  32. 32. Do you have your accessories hooked up?• Sat Radio?• Back up Camera?• Amplifiers?• Subwoofers?• Less is more!In today’s world, accessories make or break every sale!
  33. 33. Doing the Demo• Play the music no more than 45 seconds, make the customer want more• Look for movement with the customer: are they connecting with what they are hearing, tapping their feet?• Let the customer touch the product; let them get attached.
  34. 34. Confirming with the customer!• Make sure that you get the customer to tell you what they thought of the demo!• What they heard!• Features they requested• Get them to say “Yes”!
  35. 35. Getting the customer to say “YES”!• If you have walked though all of this with the customer making them say yes will be that much easier, since they have said yes to may points of the experience.• Now it is time to close the sale!• Did you know that 75% of the time a close is never asked to the customer to get them to say yes!• Ask the closing question and wait for the answer!
  36. 36. What are closing questions!• Would you like that installed today for you?• When would you like to get this installed?• How would you like to pay for this?• Would you like to take this today?
  37. 37. What if the customer is walking?• What would it take to earn your business today?• This question will get the customer to tell you why?• If they don’t? Throw out a few options you could do• If I could get this installed for you today?• If I could get you a better deal?• T over the sale to another person to see if that helps
  38. 38. What is a T Over• This is where you get another person involved• Great person for this is your installer• Tell that T over person what you have shown this customer• Work with your staff to perfect this experience• Having someone else come in may help you close the deal• Bottom line you need to close every sale!• Nobody walks without a box!
  39. 39. Key to a T over!• T it over and do not speak again!• Nothing is worse than this…..
  40. 40. Use your shop as a closing tool• When the shop is quiet pull the vehicle into the shop• This will allow you that personal experience with them• This will allow you to get the installer involved• This will also allow the customer to feel more relaxed• Getting a better deal become less of a priority• Doing this will help your closing rate by over 30 – 40%
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  43. 43. Showcasing new products!• How can we do this?• Facebook• Website.• In store area with a NEW sticker beside this product.• Sign at the front counter saying “Check this out”• Email!
  44. 44. In Review:• Learn how to explain new technology to customers!• Become the expert in qualifying!• Understand Feature, Advantage, Benefit, Grabber• Excitement Sells• Factory speakers in the board!• Get them to say “YES”
  45. 45. Thank You…….• Questions…..
  46. 46. Please Remember to Thank ourSales Track Sponsor: