Client: City of Brentwood
Fast-Growing Mun...
The Situation                                         Today, Allman’s team encompasses four
the best solution to meet the city’s needs.            “LinkScanner is definitely an added bonus,”         About AVG
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Case Study City Of Brentwood


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Case Study City Of Brentwood

  1. 1. CUSTOMER PROFILE Client: City of Brentwood Fast-Growing Municipality Industry: Municipal Government in Southeast Secures IT Country: USA Operations and Services with Location: Brentwood, Tennessee Users: 450 AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition Web site: AVG solution: AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition BUSINESS PROFILE Brentwood, Tennessee is a fast-growing city of 35,262 residents located just outside of metropolitan Nashville. IT ENVIRONMENT 450 computers in total, comprising desktops, laptops and the city’s Public Safety Mobile Network, which includes mobile units in all fire trucks and police vehicles. THE CHALLENGE • Rapid growth in population generating corresponding IT infrastructure needs. We spend 90% less time managing • Increase in number of security threats impacting the city’s anti-virus with AVG. computing environment. • Securing the city’s Public Safety John Allman, Technology Director, City of Brentwood, TN. Mobile Network. • Overcoming high maintenance requirements of existing anti-virus security solution. THE SOLUTION AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition • Single, robust solution that provides complete protection against viruses, spyware, rootkits and other malware. • Easy to configure, deploy and manage. • Central monitoring and administration simplify ongoing maintenance. LOCAL GOVERNMENT
  2. 2. The Situation Today, Allman’s team encompasses four full-time technicians and an administrative Why AVG? Brentwood, Tennessee is a city of 35,262 assistant. The group is responsible for delivering residents located in Williamson County, just • 110 million business and comprehensive, cost-effective computing, home users worldwide outside the southern boundary of metropolitan networking, electronic messaging and training Nashville. The city has experienced rapid solutions for the benefit of city employees and • 1 million more users every growth in its population in the last 30 years month residents, managing assets that are operational and the increase in physical infrastructure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • Trusted by the world’s most support services and IT needs that come with demanding businesses it. In addition to new roadways and other very The department supports a total of 450 computers – including desktops, laptops and • Comprehensive business visible enhancements, Brentwood has also the Public Safety Mobile Network. The latter protection – file server, seen a number of other important changes email server, workstation to support its growth. The city established a comprises mobile units in all fire trucks and municipal fire department in 1986 to replace the police vehicles and allows for direct access to • Multi-award winning previous private department. It computerized Brentwood’s Computer Aided Dispatch system performance its library in 1993, equipped fire engines and and state and federal law enforcement computer • Engineered for no- police vehicles with laptop computers in 2000 systems. Allman also started the Geographical compromise protection that and created a Geographical Information System Information System (GIS) department in 2006, is easy to live with (GIS) department in 2006 to provide additional which operates with an additional three fulltime • Unique LinkScanner® online services to employees, residents,agencies, staff and four part-time interns. technology delivers real- businesses, and visitors. Network security has always been priority time protection Today Brentwood’s Technology Department, for Allman and his team, especially with the • Comprehensive support headed by John Allman, supports the city Mobile Network because it links back to the and service. and its residents with a comprehensive set of city’s primary network. The city also provides a technology and support services. number of Internet based services to employees and residents that need to be available round- Allman’s role has evolved along with the growth the-clock. Allman entrusted the network’s of the city since he came on board in 1986. While security to Symantec for a long time – more than part of the city’s fire department, he oversaw 10 years – but in late 2008, he began to have a task force formed to develop an electronic some issues with virus outbreaks, undetected record-keeping system for both the police and viruses and strains that the software did not fire departments. There was no technology seem to be able to handle. Symantec’s solution department at the time, so Allman continued was also putting a heavy load on the city’s to help the police and fire departments sort out client systems, which in turn required more various technology issues in his free time. As the maintenance on the technology team’s part. different groups in the city realized the benefit of Allman’s efforts, and the city’s needs grew, his The Solution “spare-time” technology role became more time- Allman began looking for an alternative consuming. By 1999, he had risen to Captain in in preparation for replacing the Symantec the Fire Department; the only rank higher was solution in July 2009 as part of a planned that of Fire Chief. maintenance period. But in early 2009, the city The Challenge saw another virus outbreak that Symantec did not catch and could not clean up, so Allman Allman decided that his future lay in accelerated the project to replace Symantec. technology, so he took on the role of forming and subsequently overseeing a dedicated “We just couldn’t take the risk any longer.” technology department for the city. His first goal Allman and his team did a lot of research was to put a foundation IT infrastructure in place in their quest for a replacement anti-virus for the city. solution. He had experience with Symantec and McAfee and looked into several other solutions, but AVG quickly emerged as
  3. 3. the best solution to meet the city’s needs. “LinkScanner is definitely an added bonus,” About AVG Conversations with other AVG users confi says Allman. “Symantec wasn’t able to provide rmed this impression. us with this web-protection layer, and it’s Technologies clearly a big help for us as more and more of Since 1991 AVG has In March 2009, Allman replaced Symantec entirely championed the cause of our services go online. Local as well as national with AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition over a three- internet security for all. Its government websites have frequently been team includes many of the day period – in itself a testament to the software’s targeted by cybercriminals, so we’re happy to leading experts in software ease of deployment and administration. have this extra protection in place.” development, threat As part of the switchover, Allman consulted detection and prevention and AVG’s unified administration console risk analysis. The business with his local AVG channel partner and security makes management and maintenance of solutions this team delivers expert. This partner, over time, had become the the product simple and efficient, allowing are always innovative, city’s trusted advisor on all aspects of network the team to remotely install, update, and effective and comprehensive. security, including network access, firewalls, Critically for smaller configure the AVG solution across the spam, anti-virus and network management. businesses they deliver this network from a single point. AVG Remote The company had also recently completed uncompromising protection in Admin also provides a real-time view of the fastest, lightest and most a security audit for the city to help it identify the status of all the computers protected user-friendly way possible. potential vulnerabilities. As part of that exercise, by AVG. Updates are pushed from a central they also assisted with the implementation of A strategy of closely matching point to all machines on the networks and AVG to mitigate potential problems created by product and support to can be scheduled to occur at times when the the tight window for replacing Symantec. the real world needs of networks are not under heavy traffic pressure. both business and home The Experience “The time savings that come from the ease has rewarded AVG with more than 110 million Since deploying AVG, the city has not of management and maintenance are a active users worldwide. A experienced a single virus outbreak – a real benefit,” notes Allman. “But the most multitude of awards and the huge change from the experience with important benefit is that every machine on recommendation of experts Symantec. Allman’s team also reports that our network, including the servers, is fully in business protection bear AVG is easier to manage, with little to no protected. That enables us to keep the IT testament to the benefits of administrative overhead. infrastructure up and running, delivering the AVG approach. services to our employees and residents, from AVG Business Edition “It’s basically on auto pilot” says Allman. “We the police and fire departments ensuring products support all the spend 90% less time managing anti-virus with public safety to the library enriching the major operating systems AVG. We’re a small shop. One thing we do not and platforms and cover minds of our children.” have is extra time. The efficiencies we gain email, file servers and from using AVG mean valuable time we can Download AVG Software Today workstations. This range is spend on other IT projects to meet the needs distributed globally through a Try AVG software for 30 days with free support carefully selected reseller base of our constituents.” – with no obligation to buy. During the trial and directly via the web. AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition provides period, you have full access to all program an important additional layer of protection AVG is already the world’s functionality as well as free, round-the-clock fourth largest vendor of with the LinkScanner® safe-surfing and Technical Support. anti-virus software and is safesearching module. With the vast majority continuing to grow rapidly. Visit to of today’s threats being delivered over Nearly 6,000 resellers, download today. the web, LinkScanner enables the city to partners and distributors – confidently focus more of its eff orts on web- including, CNET, based outreach and information delivery. Cisco, Ingram Micro – team with AVG. These partners recognise the need for the faster, lighter business-class protection that defines the AVG experience. For more information visit