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Avg Row Smb Is Battle Card A4 102809v

  1. 1. AVG Internet SecurIty BuSIneSS eDItIOn 9.0 cOmplete prOtectIOn FOr yOur BuSIneSS Target Market ✔ Up to 50% improvement in scanning times over earlier ✔ Companies with up to 500 PCs versions, depending on system load and configuration ✔ Companies with Microsoft Windows® networks ✔ Up to 15% improvement in boot times ✔ Decision-maker in smaller businesses – owner or ✔ Up to 10% improvement in memory usage general manager Safer ✔ Decision-maker in larger businesses – network manager or ✔ NEW Data Protection module ensures safe online business systems administrator transactions by adding vital extra security on top of ✔ Companies performing a wide range of online activities traditional anti-virus involving banking or purchasing transactions and ✔ UNIQUE cooperation between Resident Shield, Data customer/supplier/partner communications Protection, and the firewall ensures superior protection against unknown threats, with minimal false alarms Customer Pain Points ✔ ENHANCED protection against phishing attacks and ✔ Companies that attempt to protect networks using only server-based spam keeps email systems running smoothly client protection are leaving significant vulnerabilities on their file, mail, and web servers ✔ ENHANCED firewall works in the background to keep hackers out of the network without interrupting business ✔ Companies that rely solely on the traditional triumvirate of anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall to protect ✔ NEW Linux-based Rescue CD ensures the network can be their networks are not protected against the tens of recovered even if an existing infection prevents Microsoft thousands of new threats appearing every day Windows® from booting ✔ Companies with significant online activity must comply Easier to use with consumer data protection legislation ✔ Centralized configuration, reporting and updating ✔ Companies need to guarantee systems continuity ✔ One-stop license management to concentrate on running their business – robust, comprehensive security solutions that are simple to install ✔ Remote installation and repair and operate enable this to happen ✔ Security policy enforcement Why AVG Internet Security Business Edition 9.0 (IS BE 9.0)? ✔ Simple deployment: define one installation configuration and replicate to multiple PCs ✔ IS BE 9.0 provides the most protection in a single SMB solution, covering workstations, laptops, file servers, and It’s faster, smarter security that won’t slow business down. mail servers ✔ IS BE 9.0 keeps businesses safe from existing and future Reseller Opportunities threats using two next-generation technologies: ✔ Upsell opportunities from existing security - AVG Free or competing products ■ LinkScanner® to prevent employees from accidentally visiting unsafe websites ✔ AVG reseller policies offer greater flexibility and a simpler portfolio than the competition ■ Data Protection to keep business data safe from new and unknown threats and ensure regulatory ✔ AVG’s channel initiatives demonstrate a high level of compliance commitment and dedication to addressing the SMB market through resellers. ✔ IS BE 9.0 pulls these capabilities together with an enhanced firewall and high-performance scanner to ✔ Realistic margins, good discounts, competitive pricing deliver proactive protection that’s second to none ✔ AVG provides high levels of reseller sales and ✔ By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like application technical support whitelisting and “in-the-cloud” automated testing, ✔ AVG reseller training may be conducted face-to-face IS BE 9.0 definitively identifies and blocks previously- or online undocumented threats ✔ AVG is increasing its investment in SMB demand Key Features & Benefits generation and co-marketing opportunities for resellers Faster ✔ NEW high-performance virus scanner provides robust protection without getting in the way of business
  2. 2. Key Competing Products Web protection (against drive-by malware) Web protection (Instant Messaging) Web protection (search advisory) It’s faster, smarter Web protection (HTTP scanner) SharePoint Server protection security that won’t E-mail Server protection Workstation protection Remote administration E-mail Scanner (server) E-mail Scanner (client) File Server protection slow business down. ID Theft Protection Anti-Spam (server) Anti-Spam (client) Anti-Spyware System Tools Anti-Rootkit Rescue CD Anti-Virus Firewall IS AVG Internet Security Business Edition 9.0 1 ESET Smart Security 4 Business Edition 2 Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition 3 McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint 4 Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security Objection Handling 4) I have had issues with my security policy setup for 1) Do AVG products integrate with Active Directory? competitor X in the past, what can I expect from AVG? Answer: We can pull stations from AD and through Answer: Customers can take advantage of AVG- configuration of groups can create admin console views certified sales engineers to assist with implementation. to closely mimic AD integration. There are also prerecorded web demonstrations and live best practices demonstrations available. Custom 2) Does AVG enable me to create an AVG Admin user that presentations are available by special arrangement. can access all client functions and a lower-level user that cannot access settings? Where to Go for More Information Answer: The console allows policy creation and ■ Existing resellers - please contact your AVG Account management which not only means that almost any Manager or visit the Reseller Center setting can be locked by the admin and synchronized ■ New reseller enquiries - please visit www.avg.com/reseller with workstations but all or parts of the AVG Client or contact your local AVG office at www.avg.com/contacts Interface can be locked completely and not accessible to AVG will support large opportunities with flexible and any user without a password. customized sales support. Please contact your local sales 3) Why would I buy AVG over bigger competitors that have office to obtain support on larger opportunities. more bells and whistles? Answer: KISS – at AVG, we pride ourselves on Keeping IT Security Simple, from the console settings being the same as the client, the simple policy creation, the ability to be invisible to users with better detection rates and a new intelligent firewall that has a repository of Certified Applications (white list) that do not require user interaction. The firewall checks in with AVG to update the list to the customer’s local server, which then updates the clients - all in the background and with no interruption to the user, the administrator, or the business. Copyright, 2009 AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o. All rights reserved. www.avg.com