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Searches using keywords


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Find even more relevant information for your academic work by using "Searches using keywords".

AU Studypedia ( is a free online study tool, that you as a university student can use when writing assignments, searching for literature and other study-related working methods. Here you can find concrete advice, inspiration and exercises for students on their first semester all the way to ph.d.-level.

AU Studypedia is rooted in Centre for Teaching development and Digital Media on Arts, Aarhus Universitet.

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Searches using keywords

  1. 1. Searches using keywords
  2. 2. Example of a subject ”Word order of objects in English” The subject can be divided into three aspects which must all be present in the literature you wish to find:  English  Word order  Objects With a linguistic subject, we choose to use the database Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts.
  3. 3. Open the database, and go to ”Advanced Search”
  4. 4. Choose ”Thesaurus”
  5. 5. Search the thesaurus for your first term
  6. 6. Mark your chosen controlled term, and ”Add to search”
  7. 7. Continue searching and adding
  8. 8. …and perhaps substituting your term with the one in the database
  9. 9. And thereby build a precise search argument
  10. 10. With a precise result!
  11. 11. Preparing students for academic work