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Quick 'n' dirty english


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Find even more relevant information for your academic work by using the "Quick 'n' dirty" method.

AU Studypedia ( is a free online study tool, that you as a university student can use when writing assignments, searching for literature and other study-related working methods. Here you can find concrete advice, inspiration and exercises for students on their first semester all the way to ph.d.-level.

AU Studypedia is rooted in Centre for Teaching development and Digital Media on Arts, Aarhus Universitet.

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Quick 'n' dirty english

  1. 1. Quick ’n’ dirtyCan you find some literature on war tourism?
  2. 2. Try with the words you already know
  3. 3. And get inspiration for new search terms
  4. 4. And use new terms to find even more…
  5. 5. Summing up: With a starting point in the phrase War tourism, we now also have: • Tourism AND conflict* • Dark tourism • Tourist* and memoryscape* • Thanatourism • Death tourism • Affective tourism • and ideas to combine these words in different forms This will enable us to find a larger portion of the literature on the subject.
  6. 6. Preparing students for academic work