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This presentation outlines the steps taken from beginning to end doing Usability Testing on the UWSMUG site.

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  2. 2. MAC SUPPORT AT UWS Finally, free support for all staff or students using Apple products on campus
  3. 3. FULFILLING ALL YOUR NEEDS • Free Apple Support at UWS • Make New Friends • Member Discount Offers • Special Events • Training & Scholarships
  4. 4. A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE Create your own member profile, make new friends and control who can and who cannot see your personal information
  5. 5. NO HTML REQUIRED The embedded WYSIWYG text editor allows you to upload pictures, video and post articles with just a few clicks through a simple interface
  6. 6. DISCUSS ISSUES, SEEK HELP Post your questions in the forums and if you can help others give a little bit back
  7. 7. LATEST NEWS & EVENTS The latest news & events in the Apple world at the click of a button, either on our site, via our RSS Feeds or using our UWSMUG Widget
  8. 8. USABILITY TESTING 1. Develop a Usability Testing Plan 2. Carry out testing 3. Analyze results 4. Make changes based on results
  9. 9. USABILITY TESTING PLAN 1. Determine key functions required on UWSMUG site 2. Create questionnaires and organize testing environment 3. Carry out controlled testing 4. Analyze Results 5. Take required actions
  10. 10. QUESTIONNAIRES & OBSERVATIONS • Know your target audience • Observation • Interviews • Formal Usability Testing
  11. 11. Original Load Time (seconds) Contact Page Theme Changer Revised Load Time (seconds) 0 2 5 7 9 USABILITY TESTING RESULTS Post Modification Speed Improvements
  12. 12. CHANGES MADE AS A RESULT OF TESTING 1. Contact menu item moved from second level to top level 2. Theme Changer moved to right hand column position
  13. 13. FUTURE CHANGES TO BE MADE 1. Only host bandwidth intensive content externally 2. Create a Style Guide 3. Create Acceptable Use & Privacy Policies
  14. 14. LESSONS LEARNED • Maintaina balance between style and functionality • Usability Testing is a never- ending process • Don’tleave things to chance make sure you know it works