Mc Donald's Global Standardization Adaptation


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Mc Donald's Global Standardization Adaptation

  1. 1. Global and Industrial Marketing Case Study: Μc Donald’s Hellas Standardization - AdaptationProfessor: Working Team:Georgios Panigirakis Dimitrios Demiris Nikolaos Filippakis
  2. 2. Mc Donaldiazation
  3. 3. Mc Donaldiazation Greece: 30 Restaurants Global: more than 30.000 Restaurants
  4. 4. Mc Donaldiazation Global: 400.000 employees Net Income: 24,075 billions $If Mc Donald’s was a country by If Mc Donald’s was a country bypopulation would be N. 173 GDP would be N. 91
  5. 5. Vision- Mission Να παρζχουμε ςτουσ πελάτεσ μασ την καλφτερη δυνατή εμπειρία ςτον τομζα τησ γρήγορησ εςτίαςησ παγκόςμια.Φαγητό εξαιρετικθσ ποιότητασ, ςε καιαρό και φιλικό περιβάλλον,ςερβιριςμένο φρέςκο και ζεςτό, με ταχύτητα και ακρίβεια
  6. 6. Corporate Profile Global Facts Main Competitors in GreeceMcD’s is the ninth most valuable brand in the world Goody’sEveryday 0.5% of the worlds population visits a McDs EverestOne out of three of all cows in the US used for foodpurposes (beef) are used by McDs Pizza Hut DominosOne in eight Americans has worked for McDs Gregory’s fast food restaurantsIn China, McD’s have opened 789 stores within the last8years (only one operates as a franchisee) K.F.C.Anti-Union policy.
  7. 7. Mc Donald’s Hellas Current Targeting -Positioning Targeting PositioningKids 3-7 Via Happy Meal- Online Game Family- I ‘m Loving it Teens -Students Kids- Ronald McDonald Working Adults Teenager- Mc Cafe Travelling – Visiting Tourists Vegetarian Health Campaign McSarakosti
  8. 8. Infographics HellasΠηγή: Γενική Γραμματεία Καταναλωτή 2007
  9. 9. Product- ConsumerVARIATION • A wide variety of products (beef, chicken, pork, fish etc.) with healthy and vegetarian optionsINNOVATION : • (Health and Wellness) - Offering nutritional value, GDA and nutrients information contained in McD’s products. • Unique food (localized menu) e.g. McSaracosti, Chinese New Year meal, McCurry pan etc.DIFFERENTIATION : • Investing in the coffee sector (McCafe). • Focusing on Kid’s market. • Collaboration with local suppliers offering quality materials.PRODUCT ELIMINATION (competition) • Visiting tourists in the Greek isles (ages 17-25) prefer a ‘Big Mac’ than local cuisine/local food chains
  10. 10. Product- Consumer Global StandardizationEconomics of scale & scope BUT…
  11. 11. Think Global Act Local Product Adaptation Hong Kong Love Rice BurgersIn India people don’t it beef In Canada they love McLobster In Germany they drink beer
  12. 12. Think Global Act Local Product Adaptation Chile’s Avocado instead ofJapan totally reinvents McDonald’s with its ketchupEbi Filet-O (shrimp burgers), Koroke Burger(mashed potato, cabbage and katsu sauce,all in a sandwich), Ebi-Chiki (shrimp nuggets)and Green Tea-flavored milkshake! Norway loves Salmon Costa Rica Loves Gallo Pinto
  13. 13. Mc Donald’s Hellas Product AdaptationPitta is in Greeks DNA Standardized Adaptation McShrimp
  14. 14. Mc Donald’s Epic Fails
  15. 15. Price - CostPENETRATION PRICING :• Value pricing ‘One for One’ offers• New meal introductory low prices• Affordable & Competitive from €1PRODUCT LINE PRICING :• Strategy falls solely on the cluster product lines (flexibility).PROMOTIONAL PRICING :• Weekly/monthly offers usually seen on banners.
  16. 16. Price - Cost Price Adaptation Big Mac Index 08/2010Five most expensive Five most affordableNorway - $7.20 Croatia - $1.50Sweden - $6.56 Ukraine - $1.84Switzerland - $6.19 Hong Kong - $1.90Brazil - $5.77 China - $1.95Denmark - $4.90 Malaysia - $2.27 3.40€
  17. 17. Position - ConvenienceDISTRIBUTION CHANNEL•Leader in global logistics operations.•Collaboration with local producers (quality and freshness ofproducts, delivery times).•Re-location and closure of underperforming restaurants.DIRECT SALES• Restaurants located in areas with the highest concentration of kids, teens and visiting tourists. Global StandardizationMARKET COVERAGE• Covering all central districts in cities and near areas with the highest concentration of the targeted groups.• Restaurants located also at airports.
  18. 18. Promotion - CommunicationMcDonald’s localize all marketing communication strategies.In 2009 McD’s has launched the biggest advertising global campaign since 1970.World Children’s Day (Nov 20th).Sponsorships in various events.80-20 menu boards (80% visual – 20% descriptive).Toys with every kids meal.Personal Selling – skilled employees (McD’s took over from the US navy as the world’s largertraining organisation).Mc Donalds Monopoly Contest
  19. 19. Sponsorship - C.S.R.Παγκόςμια από το 2002 ζχει δωρίςει πάνω 150 εκατ $
  20. 20. Process•ISO 9001:2000, HACCP, Codex Alimentariuscertifications (World Health Organisation).•Allocating environmental affairs officers worldwide.•Community support (employment, funding,sponsorships, etc.). Global Standardization
  21. 21. People & Physical EvidencePhysical Evidence:•Unique Atmospherics adaptation based on localvariations•Reducing queuing times•Food served warm & fresh•Cleanness•Revamped and new restaurants•McCafe’s friendly environmentPeople:•Well qualified and trained Store managers, staff andcontractors•Collaboration with local producers (quality andfreshness of products, delivery times).•Collaboration with Coke, MTV, Sony music etc.
  22. 22. Synopsis Reasons for local strategy:Satisfaction local habitsPrice adaptation based on perceived positionPositioning against local competitorsHarmonized with local government law
  23. 23. Enjoy Responsibly
  24. 24. Enjoy Responsibly Thank you very much for your attention!Demiris Dimitris Filippakis NikolaosEmail: Email: