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Health Care Reform


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Health Care Reform, Joe Caldwell, PhD
Manny Jimenez, MD

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Health Care Reform

  1. 1. Basic Guidelines for Discussion • How can we enhance the competition and review so that it yields the best possible network of LEND programs? • Don’t spend time on what we cannot control • Possible outcomes of this discussion – Letter of recommendations from AUCD to MCHB? – AUCD-MCHB meeting to discuss recommendations? – Both – Other suggestions?
  2. 2. Single Cohort Competition • How will MCHB manage 40+ reviews? – That’s their problem, but it increases our anxiety – They successfully managed a large review for the supplement applications
  3. 3. Single Cohort Competition • How can we help MCHB find competent, unbiased reviewers who understand LEND? – A list of suggestions from programs? – AUCD to compile, edit and forward? – Other sources?
  4. 4. ASD and Related Neurodevelopmental Disabilities • Lumping or splitting? • Where should the emphasis be? Balance? • What are the boundaries of “related NDD”? • Is this a minigrant (ASD) within a larger grant? • Is this a consolidated, seamless proposal? • How should current activities be best reported? • Does LEND ASD training require 300++ hours?
  5. 5. Insight Policy Research, Inc. • Does Insight’s review have any relevance to the new guidance? • Timing of release of their findings to MCHB? • Will/Should Insight information be used to inform the guidance? • Will Insight’s review process change data reporting requirements and program cost?
  6. 6. Finances • Are there enough resources for meaningful LEND expansion? • How will additional programs impact individual programs and the network as a whole? • How will an expanded network better address the mission of MCHB and “the MCH population?” • Justification for higher program funding? – More disciplines? More trainees? – National vs. Regional/Local impact?
  7. 7. Other Issues • Emphasis on Life Course Approach • Ties to other CAAI programs • Expectations of ASD-related research • And . . . .