Combating Autism Act InitiativeState Autism Implementation Grants


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Presented by Cassie Lauver with Sandy Tiahart, Kris Green, Katie Dunne and Janet Farmer

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Combating Autism Act InitiativeState Autism Implementation Grants

  1. 1. Combating Autism Act Initiative State Autism Implementation Grants
  2. 2. Overview State Implementation Grants for Improving Services for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other Developmental Disabilities
  3. 3. Six Original Grantees (awarded in 2008) - Illinois - Wisconsin - Alaska - Washington - Missouri - Utah
  4. 4. Three New Grantees (awarded in 2009) - Rhode Island - New Mexico - New York
  5. 5. Overview Panelists Illinois and Wisconsin Alaska and Washington Missouri and Utah Format Model/Collaborators National Performance Measures Successes and Challenges
  6. 6. Illinois & Wisconsin Sandy Tiahrt
  7. 7. Collaborators Illinois – Wisconsin – The Autism Program of IL Title V (TAP) Partnership with the 12 TAP Centers across Illinois University of Wisconsin’s Universities Waisman Center Agencies Five Regional Centers for Other Agencies & Programs CYSHCN ARC of Illinois MCHB Partners DSCC MCH LEND HFS Family to Family Health ICAAP Information Centers
  8. 8. National Performance Measure #1 Families will partner in decision making Illinois Wisconsin Illinois developed a Partners with ASD specific curriculum for families to family organizations, Family enhance the Family/Physician Voices and Parent to Parent partnership of ARC Family to Parents actively participate in Family all aspects of grant including Families assisted in creating a a parent of a young child with link to their Primary Care ASD is the training and Physicians outreach coordinator for the grant
  9. 9. National Performance Measure #2 CYSHCN will have access to medical home Illinois Wisconsin Early Autism and Referral Training and Technical training provided to Primary Assistance to Primary Care Care physicians Providers to spread Medical Medical Home information Home quality improvements provided to physicians through: Early developmental screening 6 Primary Care practices will ASQ-3 and MCHAT initiate a Medical Home with Linking to community resources monthly Quality Follow-up technical assistance Improvement Team meetings
  10. 10. Successes Illinois Wisconsin Increased linkage between The establishment of the system components – Wisconsin Community of Families/Medical Community/ Practice on ASD and other Professional Community Developmental Disabilities Families and the Medical (CoP-ASD/DD); an approach community have increased to increasing collaboration awareness of available across key partners. systems of care Regional Resource Mapping is The Medical and Professional strengthening state resource Communities are rallying database and regional around Autism partnerships
  11. 11. Challenges Illinois Wisconsin Need to expand access to Some advocates question appropriate services, balanced whether CAAI truly addresses by a focus on quality the needs of “other This results in questions developmental disabilities,” regarding the level of and Wisconsin looks for ways expertise required to provide to assure that our work diagnostics, treatment, and impacts the broader CYSHCN education population including ASD Questions are being posed in a system lacking appropriate ASD expertise
  12. 12. Alaska & Washington Kris Green
  13. 13. Collaborators Alaska – Washington– Title V (Div. of Public Health) Title V (Dept. of Health) Partners: Partners: Governor’s Council on Disabilities & UW LEND Program Ed. (Autism Ad Hoc Committee) Autism Society of Washington University of Alaska Three State Children’s Hospitals Center for Excellence in DD UW Autism Center State Agencies Disability Council Infant Learning Program/Behavioral Health/Disabilities Services, etc. Schools Families Birth to Three Tribal Health Organizations Military Health Providers (including Autism Coalitions Children’s Hospital at Providence) Multiple local organizations Child Care Providers Multiple local organizations
  14. 14. National Performance Measure #3 CYSHCN will have adequate insurance Alaska Washington House Bill 187 Collaborate with parents Governor’s Council & providers Initiative – supported by Improve access to: CAAI & committees Evidence-based medicine Public Resource Systems of care Medical education & licensure Collaboration standards Public Assistance/Medicaid
  15. 15. National Performance Measure #4 Children will be screened early and continuously Alaska Washington Train multidisciplinary Subcommittee work: providers Community asset mapping Develop & deliver provider Capacity building specific trainings CAAI, LEND & expert Streamline screening & mentors provide TA referral process (rural focus) EPSDT collaboration Public Health Nursing Headstart
  16. 16. Successes Alaska Washington New and renewed connections LEND/CAAI Advisory Council with Tribal Health partnership Organizations and other Stakeholder investment is statewide health and autism rich and diverse resources Local communities excited to Rapid Workforce engage on many levels Development planning Screening Tailored trainings for health Training care workers (rural focus) Capacity
  17. 17. Challenges Alaska Washington Geographic and cultural Large interest and Council differences membership Rural/Bush communities are Control of process and extremely isolated (no road system) communication with limited health resources New Staff Hiring Process In-state travel costly and difficult Timeliness/team building “Silo” agencies Economic barriers (time, regulations, Need increased knowledge of other contracts, etc.) provider roles/resources Geographic (large state) Lack of service providers Travel costly and time consuming Urban and Rural issue
  18. 18. Missouri & Utah Janet Farmer
  19. 19. Collaborators Missouri – Utah – University of Missouri Title V Partners: Partners: Department of Health/Title V UT State Univ. Center for Persons Department of Mental Health/ with Disabilities Developmental Disabilities Univ. of UT Health Sciences UCEDD/UMKC/LEND Center, Dept of Pediatrics MO-FEAT, MO Family Voices UT Family Voices MO Centers for Autism & DDs UT Pediatric Partnership to Improve Healthcare Quality
  20. 20. National Performance Measure #5 Community-based services will be organized Missouri Utah ASD care coordination Enhanced evidence- program expanded to based information 3 sites available on Medical Dissemination of MO Home website: ASD Navigation guide
  21. 21. National Performance Measure #6 CYSHCN will receive the services necessary to transition Missouri Utah Autism Intervention Trained Family Conference featured Navigators to support transition workshops families Statewide Youth Family conference Advisory Council and regarding Utah ASD Youth Coalition systems of care
  22. 22. Successes Missouri Utah ASD training module Medical Home online Learning Family Mentoring Collaboratives: expansion Completed for medical Missouri Autism teams and scheduled Guidelines Initiative for dental teams
  23. 23. Challenges Missouri Utah Role of Title V Recruiting family program physicians for Medical Home Learning Collaboratives
  24. 24. Thank You