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The Adelaide University Engineering Society                Presents…    THE 2013 ENGIE   PUBCRAWL GUIDE          BOOZING BAD
In the vast Adelaide plains, something is awakening. You might not be able to see it or hear it, but you can sense it. It’...
1. Unibar 4 – 6                                       12. The Office 6 – 10                                24. Mansions 8 ...
THE FULL AUES PUB CRAWL EXPERIENCE       Participate in the Unibar sköll off.       Chug a beer, and do Bob Hawke proud ...
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2013 Pubcrawl Guide


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2013 Pubcrawl Guide

  1. 1. The Adelaide University Engineering Society Presents… THE 2013 ENGIE PUBCRAWL GUIDE BOOZING BAD
  2. 2. In the vast Adelaide plains, something is awakening. You might not be able to see it or hear it, but you can sense it. It’s the rumbling excitement of thousands of keen pub crawlers, about to start Boozing Bad. We’vecooked up something special just for you, to the order of 34 pubs, 5000 pub crawlers, 20 committee members and 117 drink specials. For a mind altering, life changing night, accept no more half measures! GROUP PHOTO 9.30 Corner of Rundle and Pulteney St... prepare yourselves!! Engie Lab Public Urinals Two Big Night Out Buses will be driving around town all night, picking up and dropping off pub crawlers to their next venue. Jump on, it’s free! Be one of the first 250 on board from Unibar at 6 PM to receive a free drink voucher for The Duke! FOOD17. The Duke 22. Mansions 2. Rob Roy$5 Pizzas $11 Beef or Chicken Burger + Pint $10 Beef or Chicken schnitzel served with green salad & chips with your choice of sauceA. Burp Burrito B. Hungry Jack’s (Rundle St) C. MacDonald’s (Hindley St)$19.00 4 small nachos & choice of 4 beers or 1 KING 2 Whoppers for $5.95 Free Cheeseburger with any large soft drink purchaseMargarita 2 Whoppers with cheese for $6.95$12 Burrito and choice of beer or margarita (go large for 2 Bacon Deluxes for $6.95 D. Zambrero (Hindley St & Rundle St)extra $2) 2 Grilled Chicken for $6.95 10 % off all burritos$4 tequila shots $5 tequila shots$4 Furnace Slammer shots $5 magaritas
  3. 3. 1. Unibar 4 – 6 12. The Office 6 – 10 24. Mansions 8 – 12$2 off all tap jugs $5 pints of beer $5 pints of beer$4 shot special $5 house wine and bubbly $5 base spiritsbetween 5 and 6 $5 fresh pussy shots $5 cocktails$5 vodkas $5 fresh pussy shots 13. Saracen’s Head 6 – 102. Rob Roy 4 – 6 $5 pints of beer (Coopers Pale, Carlton Draught) 25. Dog and Duck 9 – 11$6 imperial pints of beer (Coopers Pale, Super Dry) $6 house spirits $5 vodka$6 imperial pints of cider (Pipsqueak) $6 house red, white and bubbly $5 skittle bombs, fresh pussy and DD shots$6 base spirits $6 pints of cider (Bulmer’s) 14. Seven Stars 6 – 10 $6 pints of beer (Coopers Pale, Pure Blonde, $5 pints of beer (Super Dry) Carlton Dry, TED’s)3. The Coopers Alehouse 5 – 7 $5 vodkas $20 vodka jugs$5 pints of beer (Coopers range, excluding vintageand aged) $6 pints of cider (James Squire)$5 base spirits $6 white knight shots 26. Ed Castle 9 – 11$7.50 pints of Coopers Vintage Ale $6 vodkas$6.50 stubbies (Sapporo) 15. The Wakefield 6 – 10 $6 pints of beer $5 vodka $6 pints of cider4. Colonel Light Hotel 5 – 9 $6 pints of cider (Bulmer’s)$5 pints of beer (Coopers Pale and Carlton $5 house wine 27. Marble Bar 9 – 11Draught) $5.50 pints of beer (Carlton Draught) $5 vodka$5 house wine and bubbly $3 fresh pussy shots$5 fresh pussy shots 16. The Duke 6.30 – 11 $3 schooners of beer$7 Jäger bombs between 6.30 and 8 $4 pints of beer (Coopers Pale, Lager) 28. Garage 9 –125. The German Club 6 – 8 $4 vodka between 9 and 10$2 butchers of beer (Coopers Pale, Lager & Light) $4 bubbly 2-4-1 base spirits$2.5 schooners of beer (Coopers) between 8 and 11 $5 pints of beer$3 300mL schooners of beer (Coopers) $3.50 pints of beer (Coopers Pale, Lager) $5 pints of cider$4.50 500mL pints of beer (local beers, Coopers) $3.50 vodka $5 house red and white$13 jugs of beer (Coopers) $3.50 bubbly $5 fresh pussy shots$3.50 shots of base spirits between 10 and 12$2.50 house wine 17. Fumo Blu 7 – 9 $5 base spirits$8 carafes of house wine $6 base spirits $5 fresh pussy shots $6 local beers $5 house red and white $12 Fumo Blu cocktails $6 skittle bombs6. Crown and Anchor 6 – 9 $8 selected cocktails$5 pints of beer (local beers) 18. Belgian Beer Café 7 – 10 29. Little Pub on Hindley 9 – 127. Elephant 6 – 9 $5 pints of beer (Coopers Pale, TED’s)$5 imperial pints of all local tap beers and 19. Apple 7 – 11 $5 base spiritsGuinness $4 beer, wine, vodka and bubbly for the first hour $5 tequila shots and Jäger bombs$5 imperials pints of cider (5 Seeds) $6 shots$5 base spirits $10 cocktails$4 house wine & bubbly 30. The London 9 – 12after 9 $6 Alizé$6 imperial pints 20. The Havelock 8 – 10 $8 Johnny Walker Black$5 house bourbon, vodka and scotch 2 - 4 - 1 vodkas 2 for $20 Pulse$4 bubbly 2 - 4 - 1 Canadian Club 31. World’s End 9 – 128. The Old Exchange 6 – 9 21. Cameo Bar 8 – 11 $6 pints of beer (the James Squire range)$6 pints of local beers $5 pints of beer (Coopers Pale, TED’s)2 for $10 base spirits $5 vodka & scotch $7 Captain Morgan RTD 32. The Dragonfly 10.30 – 12.30 $4 Fresh Pussy shots $6 selected beers9. PJ O’Brien’s 6 – 9 $5 Jäger and Skittle bombs $6 selected wines$5 pints of beer $3 strawberry shots$5 vodkas 33. City Night Club 11 – late 22. Shotz 8 – 11 $6 stubbies of beer (TED’s)10. Sugar 6 – 9 $5 base spirits $4 skittle bombs$5 pints of beer (Coopers Pale, Super Dry) $5 pints of beer $5 French pussy shots$5 pints of cider (Somersby) $5 skittle bombs between 11 and 1$4 bubbly 5 for $15 shots 2 for $10 vodka$5 kool aid 2 for $12 Alizé$5 fresh pussy shots 23. Swish 8 – 11 2 - 4 - 1 base spirits 34. Woolshed 11 – late11. Austral 6 – 10 2 for $15 Jäger and skittle bombs $5 base spirits$5.50 selected pints $5 punch $5 pints of beer$10 jugs of beer (TED’s) $5 pints of cider$10 jugs of cider (5 Seeds)$5 vodkas
  4. 4. THE FULL AUES PUB CRAWL EXPERIENCE  Participate in the Unibar sköll off.  Chug a beer, and do Bob Hawke proud  Take a trip on the Big Night Out bus  Have a tequila slammer. Lick the salt off the hand of the person next to you  Score a fresher (if you’re fresher, score Tom Vincent)  Keep a tally of drinks on your forearm with a Sharpie  Participate in the group photo (9.30 on the corner of Pulteney St and Rundle St. Follow the noise)  Buy an AUES committee member a drink to thank them for organising the crawl (the crawlers with red shirts!)  Break the trend – walk past the Rundle Mall pigs without riding them  Chant “Engie, Engie, Engie, Oi, Oi, Oi” on Hindley St.  Chug another beer  Request Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” at every venue  Get a stranger to say “chemical” without saying it yourself. Points for subtlety  Ask a bartender to “surprise me”  Photo bomb some random’s picture  Start a dance party around a busker  Drink a Coopers beer  Visit a new pub crawl venue  Be the ultimate wing person and help a mate pick up by playing “Have you met Ted?”  Find shirtless Paul, get a picture with him (and yourself) shirtless  Laugh at girls wearing high heels  Give one of those sexy AUES committee members a piggy back  Throw the bartender for a loop and order a butcher of port  Introduce yourself to 10 other random pub crawlers  Find a guy with a beard. Stroke it and ask for wisdom  Have a titanic moment on the top deck of the Big Night Out bus, proclaiming “I’m King of the World!”  Have a drink in a venue you’ve never been to before  Tackle a bush/bin that was “asking for it”  Get a bartender to perform some flair  Snap chat your friends a photo you don’t remember taking  Chug a water (and thank me for it later)  Take a photo of a friend hooking up with someone they’ll regret hooking up with tomorrow.  Wear the green Leaders Guernsey  Give an AUES committee member your number  Dance to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” by Big & Rich at least once  Collect as many glow sticks as possible  Learn a new drinking song (a good starting point is one that goes “I wish all the ladies..”)  Sing your new drinking song  Leap frog to the next pub  Find a guy with a bald head and rub it to make a wish  Hand the drunk couple making out on the dance floor a condom  Sell your shirt as you leave, donate profits to charity  Ask the cab driver, “So how’s your night been?” on the way home  Don’t drive home - seriously don’t, it’s just not coolImportant Facts: Alcohol is a powerful drug. Like many drugs, alcohol is both toxic and addictive and it has the ability tomake you think you are invincible, all knowing, omnipresent and a bit of a god. In reality you may well be being a totaldickhead. Laws are in force to prohibit public drunkenness and menacing behaviour. These kinds of behaviour areconsidered inappropriate and unacceptable by the wider community (although legendary to our friends). Persons underthe influence of alcohol are personally liable for any damage they cause to person and/or property. When drinking,remember not to overdo it. When you feel you have had enough switch to water or soft-drink. No-one will think the less ofyou for it. If you feel you need help with alcohol abuse, contact the Drug and Alcohol Services Council at 13 13 40. If youneed help with finding alcohol, go to the next pub.Remember, drink responsibly!! The AUES accepts no responsibility for loss ofmemory, dignity, virginity, or possessions during the best night of your life.