February 2012 BlueStar Newsletter


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February 2012 BlueStar Newsletter

  1. 1. The Blue Star Newsletter February 2012 The Mobilization & Deployment Readiness Program is yet striving to be an asset to the Blue Star Card holders. During this month, it is our goal to equip you with information regarding happiness after homecoming. Anyone desiring a reunion briefing, please call and set up your appointments as soon as possible. Curtis L. Williams Mobilization & Deployment Readiness Program 334.255.9578. Operation Security (OPSEC) Military Community Awareness As a military family member, you’re part of the OPSEC team and play a crucial role in ensuring your loved ones’ safety. Understanding and following OPSEC ensures your safety at home. For example, use common sense when hanging yellow ribbons on trees, sticking magnets on cars, or wearing clothing that advertises your deployment status. These may be seen as opportunities for others to recognize your vulnerabilities. Help your service member feel confident about your safety and security while he or she is deployed by protecting yourself. Social Networking: Status updates, countdown calendars, and other online displays can jeopardize your safety as well as the safety of your service member. The military is making decisions on how to manage social networking in a way that allows a continued line of communication between service members and their families without jeopardizing Operations Security.  Watch constantly for military updates and restrictions on the use of these sites.  When using social networking sites, take your unit’s cautions and suggestions seriously.  Consider using communication sites that are set up in partnership with military requirements. The site www.websitesforheros.com provides a password-protected, secure website for a military family. Set this up before you leave.  Remember that even when using military sponsored networking sites, your information is never 100% secure. UPDATE Child Care for Family Readiness Groups (FRG) Funding from the Army Family Covenant to pay for child care for official FRG meetings ended in October 2011. It is now being restored with funding from Children Youth and School Services (CYSS). For making child care reservations and additional information, call Pam Williams at 334.255.2375. Fort Rucker Tax Center 334.255.2937 The Fort Rucker Tax Center will open and remain open thru 15 April 2012 to help Retirees, Soldiers and Families prepare their income taxes. The Tax Center is located on the 3rd floor of Bldg 5700, Rm 371F. The Center will be open Monday thru Friday from 0900-1600. Tax assistance is provided on an appointment basis. Upcoming Events FRG Training February 6, 2012 0800-1230pm Bldg 5700, Rm 284 Care Team Training February 29, 2012 0800-1230pm Bldg 5700, Rm 284 FRG Training March 29, 2012 0800-1230pm Bldg 5700, Rm 284 POCs: Curtis Williams Mobilization & Deployment Program Manager 334.255.9578 curtis.l.williams2@usarm y.mil Ruth Gonzalez Relocation Readiness Program Manager 334.255.3735 ruth.e.gonzalez@us.army. mil