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ATMOSPHERE Objectives of the Project (ICT Week Brasilia - Brazil)


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ATMOSPHERE is a 24-month project aiming at the design and development of a framework and a platform to implement trustworthy cloud services on top of an intercontinental hybrid and federated resource pool.

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ATMOSPHERE Objectives of the Project (ICT Week Brasilia - Brazil)

  1. 1. Co-funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 - Grant #777154 Objectives of the Project @AtmosphereEUBR
  2. 2. ATMOSPHERE is a 24-month project aiming at the design and development of a framework and a platform to implement trustworthy cloud services on top of an intercontinental hybrid and federated resource pool. Considering a broad spectrum of trustworthiness properties and their measures. Supporting the development, build, deployment, measurement and evolution of trustworthy cloud resources, data management services and data processing services, Demonstrated on a sensitive scenario of distributed telemedicine. ATMOSPHERE GOALS & PARTNERS
  3. 3. Activities Trustworthiness Assessment & Monitoring Framework Cloud services managing federated and hybrid resources Distributed Trustworthy Data Management Services Trustworthy Data Processing Services Pilot & Use Cases CommunityEngagement,Communication&Impact ExploitationandSustainability
  4. 4. Trustworthiness is considered in its multiple dimensions Security, Privacy, Coherence, Isolation, Stability, Fairness, Transparency and Dependability. Trustworthiness metrics define the properties that can be evaluated in each one of these dimensions A priori and a posteriori evaluation of vulnerability, performance, integrity, robustness, scalability, resource consumption, fairness, isolation, etc. Enabling creating self-adaptive applications Tracing the degree of compliance of regulations such as the EU-GDPR Privacy protection, traceability, confidentiality warning, etc. Trustworthiness life-cycle
  5. 5. A hybrid and federated platform to evaluate trustworthiness Considerng both Virtual Machines and LxD containers as first class hypervisors. Develop a federation model for LXD containers providing an AAI based on existing IdPs, a synchronized repository of microimages, a CLI and a service specification for managing the whole platform. Execution of applications through a function-oriented Dashboard. Federated Network management beyond the boundaries of the sites, Providing Network as a Service NFV and facing issues such as the scarce of public IPs. ATMOSPHERE will offer a multi-site network federation mechanism to enable the migration of configured resources without needing to change IP configuration and securely isolating multi-tenant federated networks. Considering containers as first-class resources for network federation. Hybrid federated container platform
  6. 6. ATMOSPHERE not only measures trustworthiness but provides a set of services to improve it. A Distributed Data Management Platform will be developed such services as storage, retrieval, update and access of data in a cloud, guaranteeing features such as confidentiality and revocation and access authorization. Policy engines for Secure Data Management. Based on enclaves and focusing on SQL and NoSQL Databases. Supporting Spark. Privacy preservation and annotation. Distributed Trustworthy Data Management Services Data sources PSFT in DTDMS Sensitive Data Original Data Derived Data Anonymized Data PSFTAssurance Forgotten PSFT date External Systems generates maintains removes
  7. 7. A layer of data analytic techniques implemented as a set of building blocks, as well as a framework for the development of applications from the building blocks on top of the Data Management Platform. Trustworthy evaluation in design and runtime Evaluation of privacy risks, estimation of execution deadlines for a given resource allocation. Detailed monitoring for the evaluation of performance, fairness, robustness and scalability with adaptive measures. Workflow orchestration. Trustworthy Data Processing Services
  8. 8. The use case of the project focuses on telemedicine based on the processing of echocardio images Depending on the features of the images and the processing services, different risks can be assumed. Processing services that could lead to the identification of personal data must comply a higher level of protection. Application will serve to measure trustworthiness a priori and dynamically in a broader sense, which will enable creating self-adaptive applications and tracing the compliance of regulations such as the EU-GDPR. Applications that cannot reach a defined level of certification can be still trustful for specific operations with lower risks, such as pure anonymised data, best effort computations and long-term research. Use Case
  9. 9. ATMOSPHERE will provide A definition of Trustworthiness Metrics. A platform to measure such metrics. A hybrid and federated container-based infrastructure. Performance modelling services for the applications. Trustworthy Data Management and Processing services. A use case on telemedicine Expected Outputs & Exploitation plan
  10. 10. Improving Trustworthiness of Data Analytics Contact Ignacio Blanquer – - (Universitat Politècnica de València) Francisco Brasileiro – - (Universidade Federal de Campina Grande)