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Inderpal Saund, Beijer Ref Australia


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Leading experts will discuss the current and future natural refrigerants-based training opportunities and experiences they gained in terms of safety in Australia & New Zealand.

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Inderpal Saund, Beijer Ref Australia

  1. 1. Training Journey
  2. 2. Why is Training needed?? • Create Understanding • Remove Fear • Spread knowledge
  3. 3. The Plan With the increasing need for awareness and training on CO2, we identified key areas which needed attention: • Applications • System types • Safety & Service
  4. 4. Program 2 day Program developed covered the following: • CO2 safety and handling • Applications and systems • System design / benefits • Calculation & selection • Control logic and installation tips and techniques. • Benefits CO2 technologies
  5. 5. Roll out Beijer Ref companies worked on a comprehensive training program which is aimed towards: • Consultants • Contractors • End Users Training sessions have been conducted onsite & classroom.
  6. 6. Feedback
  7. 7. Future From this point onwards Beijer Ref group will group all of our training on Natural Refrigerants under the global Banner of :
  8. 8. Future Roll out All BEIJER REF companies will have access to the training which will be a mix of hands on and classroom. Training brought to you !!
  9. 9. Future Needs With a growing demand for knowledge on Natural Refrigerants we see it’s key for all of us to help educate our local market. “As a group we need to remove fear and replace it with knowledge”