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e-Extension Agenda 9th issue


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e-Extension Agenda 9th issue

  1. 1. Vol. IV No. 1 March 2011DA, IRRI Launch NMRiceMobileMake its Global DebutQ UEZON CITY, Philippines -- The Nutrient Manager for Rice Mobile or NMRiceMobilewhich was launched in line with thecelebration on the 24th Anniversaryof the Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Training Institute (DA-ATI) will be the first of its kind in theworld. NMRiceMobile is an easy touse mobile application that will greatlybenefit the Filipino farmers throughincreased rice production and higherprofits. NMRiceMobile carry out theprinciple of site-specific nutrientmanagement (SSNM) for rice that was DA’s Usec Bernadette Romulo-Puyat (3rd from right) and Dr. Achim Dobermann (3rd from left) unveileddeveloped by the International Rice the NMRiceMobile numbers, assisted by Mr. Mon Isberto, VP for Public Relations, PLDT-SMART, Ms.Research Institute (IRRI) together Karen Eloisa Barroga of PhilRice, ATI Director Asterio P. Saliot and Mr. Jose Luis Reyes of Globe Telecomswith Philippine Rice Research countries like the Philippines. This subscribers and *2378 for SmartInstitute (PhilRice) in mid 1990s. The will help the farmers and extension subscribers, an Interactive VoiceNMRiceMobile will be supported by workers quickly determine the best Response will accumulate informationan online decision-making tool called fertilizer management practice for a from the caller and then the softwareNutrient Manager for Rice which specific field or rice growing area. processes the information acquiredis aptly designed for rice growing By just dialing 2378 for Globe ►page 3 e-Extension Does FourPlay: Program Assessment and Planning Workshop HeldQ uezon City, Philippines -- It’s implementation. been said -- success is a Three years removed from process, wherein to be able the launching of the e-Learningto achieve your desired objective component of the Program and aor goal one has to take it step by year from the launching of Farmers’step. The e-Extension Program for Contact Center, these componentsAgriculture and Fisheries did not of the e-Extension Program areachieve the proverbial overnight specifically designed to respond to thesuccess as setbacks and challenges demands of its clientele. These effortsserved as speed bumps. But along have not gone unnoticed as local andthe way, these speed bumps became international pundits have alreadythe source for experience and recognized the Program.knowledge which have been used As the e-Extension Program e-Extension Coordinators discuss their respectiveto further improve the Program’s ►page 2 WFPs as part of their outputs during the assessment e-Extension Agenda March 201 1 1
  2. 2. NEWS Aurora e-Village Rolls Out its Phase-2 Project ImplementationA URORA, Philippines ― its services to the northern and Alleviating lives of rural southern towns of the province communities in the province such as Dilasag, Casiguran andof Aurora through the use of Dinalungan. The second phaseinformation and communications took-off with an information-technology (ICT) is the foremost goal dissemination campaign to createfor the establishment of the Aurora awareness and steer interest in thee-Village Project last 2009. Thus, communities by means of an ICTthe successful implementation of its Road Show in the said towns lastPhase-1 in the central towns – Baler, March 1 to 3, 2011, respectively.San Luis, Maria Aurora and Dipacualo The road show meant to impart Participants register before the start of the– has proven that the project’s a comprehensive overview about ICT roadshow. They were also given free IEC Materials.objectives are perfectly attainable. the objectives and services of Government of Aurora (PGA) formally As such, the project is now all set the e-Village Project to the locals. opened the e-Village Marketing Centerto expand its coverage and extend Furthermore, the e-Village services of of the Rice Processing Complex the Agricultural Training Institute (RPC) in Baler last February 28, 2011. (ATI) and the Philippine Rice This marketing center is among the Research Institute (PhilRice) services of the project managed by like the e-Village website and the Provincial Government of Aurora the Aurora e-Village Text Center alongside the e-village Text Center. as well as the e-Learning for The Aurora e-Village Project is Agriculture and Fisheries and a joint endeavour of the Department Farmers’ Contact Center, among of Agriculture (DA) - through ATI and others were featured during the PhilRice, the Development Academy activity. of the Philippines (DAP) and the PGA In concurrence with the in cooperation with the Aurora StateThe motorcade during the ICT roadshow ICT Road Show, the Provincial College of Technology (ASCOT). (YCRAgsawa)e-Extension Does FourPlay....From page 1continues its process towards itsgoals, the Agricultural Training Institute(ATI), as the lead implementingagency, conducted its fourthassessment and planning workshop.Taking a look back in the past yearof implementing the e-ExtensionProgram is an important part of theprocess as new things can be learnedas well as strategies that would bebeneficial for the Program. Dubbed as the “e-ExtensionFourPlay in 2011: Assessment and The participants of the eExtension Program Assessment and Planning Workshop included thePlanning Workshop,” the activity e-Extension Coordinators and SOA Coordinators from ATI Network of Training Centersgathered together the technical staffof the ATI Network of Training Centers management and the system. These website, the newly launcheddesignated as the e-Extension four elements should have coordinated Nutrient Manager for Rice MobileCoordinators and School on the Air actions to achieve the objective or (or NMRiceMobile) and InformationCoordinators. a goal,” e-Learning Process Adviser Systems developed and maintained “FourPlay emphasizes the Jose Rey Y. Alo explained. by the Institute. The coordinators alsosynergism between the four elements Main points discussed were reported on their accomplishmentof e-Extension which are the clients, updates on the e-Learning and during the past year.coordinators/developers, the e-Farming components as well as ►page 8 ATIiNteractive as the ATI’s official 2 e-Extension Agenda March 201 1
  3. 3. NEWSRepresentatives of the different agencies and companies behind the NMRiceMobile during the launch of NMRiceMobile. Usec Bernadette Romulo-Puyatand Dr. Achim Dobermann of IRRI is joined by Mr. Mon Isberto of PLDT-SMART, Mr. Jose Luis Reyes of Globe Telecoms Ms. Karen Eloisa Barroga of PhilRiceand ATI Director Asterio P. Saliot.DA, IRRI Launch NMRiceMobile.... requires a lot of nutrients, some of the farmers.From page 1 them come from nature and some of “The country boasts some of the them have to come from fertilizers. world’s best rice scientists and mostand develops the text message that But here with NMRiceMobile, we have industrious farmers, aside from beingwill be sent back to the caller. a new way in doing it much better. home to IRRI. But observations persist In his message during the launch, The idea is to apply the right amount that we are slow in translating resultsATI Director Asterio P. Saliot ardently at the right time in the right way,” Dr. from research stations into practicalsupported the project and believed Dobermann noted in his message technologies that could increasethat the NMRiceMobile will be a step during the launch. production in a sustainable way. Thetoward the goal of the Philippines to Dr. Dobermann also saw the speed of dissemination itself is anotherbecome a rice-sufficient country. potential of NMRiceMobile to reach concern,” Alcala noted. “This is one of the endeavors the majority of farmers and benefit Alcala also stressed thewhere we can help our farmers in from the feature of the project. “It’s a prospective of reaching the farmerstrying to improve their technologies in through their mobile phones. “Ingrowing rice. We welcome a country where mobilethis development at ATI phone access stood atbecause this is part of a staggering 93%, theour efforts in bringing NMRiceMobile presents antechnologies down to the immense potential to enhance, iffarmers and fishers,” Director Saliot true milestone in our effort to provide not revolutionize, the way we deliversaid. better services for the benefit of our technical support and education to our The launch was attended by Dr. farmers. We’ve all learned how to clientele.”Achim Dobermann, IRRI’s Deputy reach thousands of farmers but it’s With almost two million riceDirector-General for Research and always been a challenge to scale it farmers in the Philippines expectedwas part of the research team that up,” Dr. Dobermann added. to avail the advantages of thestudied SSNM during its early stages While Agriculture Secretary NMRiceMobile, it is a positive move toin 1992. Dr. Dobermann emphasized Proceso J. Alcala in his message as the goal of being a rice sufficient andthe importance of having the right kind read by Usec. Bernadette Romulo- food secured country.of fertilizer for rice “at the right time Puyat, highlighted one of the major The launching of NMRiceMobileand in the right way.” problems persisting the agricultural was held last January 24, 2011 at the “The crops that we grow for our sector that NMRiceMobile could solve Serrano Hall, DA-ATI Bldg. Diliman,own food consumption and for feeding – which is the transfer of knowledge to Quezon City. (BCNatividad) e-Extension Agenda March 201 1 3
  4. 4. AT THE REGIONS School on Air graduation in Camarines Norte heldD AET, Camarines Norte -- The as well as DWLB 89.7 FM in Labo. certificates to graduates and the Subject ATI worked closely with the The SOA emphasized the importance Matter Specialists from the Department of local government units (LGUs) of increasing farmers’ yield and income, Agriculture and the LGUs who served asof Camarines Norte for the School on bringing to listeners the latest package of resource persons.Air (SOA) on the PalayCheck Rice technology on the PalayCheck system Topics included the PalayCheck keyProduction Technology. Dubbed as of rice production. It discussed simple checks, integrated pest management, andATIng Kaugnay SOA, it spanned six step-by-step application of the technology integrated nutrient management.municipalities and one cropping season. through per-module presentation of Mass media plays a key role in After five months of weekly radio topics to help farmers realize its income knowledge sharing. Particularly, radiobroadcasts, the SOA concluded with a potential. proves to be an effective and fast meansgraduation ceremony held last March The weekly lecture-discussions were of spreading information to a wide scope31, 2011 at the Little Theater, Provincial anchored by Cirlo Nuyles and Engr. Joey of audience in the countryside.Capitol Building, Daet, Camarines Norte. Belarmino of ATI-RTC5. The SOA was The Department of Agriculture Enrollees who passed the weekly fully interactive, being open to phone-in recognizes SOA’s importance as anquizzes since November 2010 and the questions and text messages from the e-Extension component.(PBImperial, ATI-final examination all came together for listeners. RTC 5)their graduation to receive their well- Before the SOA enrollees’earned certificates of completion. They final examination, a mobile forumwere from the municipalities of Basud, across the six municipalitiesDaet, Talisay, Vinzons, Labo, and furthered the farmer-enrollees’Paracale. participation, allowing them to voice The Office of the Provincial their questions. Likewise, resourceAgriculturist as well as the LGUs of speakers discussed finer details ofthese municipalities co-managed and their topics using visual aids. Thecoordinated the activity in their respective forum bridged the gap in technologyareas. The SOA was aired at 10 to 11 transfer through face-to-faceevery Friday mornings through three interaction.commercial radio stations, the DZMD AM The SOA culminated with The 292 graduates of the ATIng Kaugnay SOA on the PalayCheck Rice Production Technology in1161 Khz and Radyo ng Bayan in Daet, the awarding of prizes as well as Camarines Norte. BSU Embraces ChangeL obo, Batangas - Thirty one (31) students from the Batangas State University (BSU) Lobo Campusreceived their e-Learning Certificateson March 15, 2011 together with two(2) Faculty and Staff namely MarsPanganiban and Rowena Odoño.The students are taking up Bachelorof Science in Agriculture and BSForestry. Some of them took up morethan one course and one student,Mellanie Joy Magtibay even took upsix courses. She was very thankfulto ATI because she was able tospend her spare time during the night(after working on her assignments) Caringal promised to support the two ELO Coordinators, Rolandoto learn topics related to agriculture e-Extension Program of ATI. He Maningas and Mariel Dayanghirangand fisheries rather than spending so requested for hands-on activities to spearheaded the awarding of themuch time to computer games and reinforce the learnings derived by the certificates. They also launched the“Facebook”. students from the e-Learning courses. new on-line course developed by The Dean and Assistant Director Mr. Cesar Vida, Center Director of ATI-Region IVA on Vanda Production.of the University, Mr. Anacleto ATI-Region IVA together with the (RManingas, ATI-RTC 4A) 4 e-Extension Agenda March 201 1
  5. 5. AT THE REGIONS TOT participants in Region 8 ICT Literacy Training in Region Briefed on e-Extension 7 reaps positiveT he series of training of to present the e-Extension program trainers (TOT) on AgriPinoy framework became a venue for components and services particulary the e-Learning, Farmers’ Contact resultthe e-Extension coordinators (eEC) to Center and the NMRice Mobile. The TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol -- Apromote the e-Extension program of participants learned to access the on- total of 30 Agricultural Extensionthe Department of Agriculture, which is line services and were encouraged to Workers (AEWs) composed ofbeing implemented by the Agricultural get information from the net. Agricultural Technicians and MunicipalTraining Institute. Mr. Baltazar also shared updates Agriculture Officers from the selected Not all training activities in the on the institutionalization of the municipalities of Bohol Province havecenter would mean opportunity to Techno Gabay Program to ATI successfully graduated in the ICTdiscuss the program. But with the starting this year. In Region VIII, the Training and Computer-based Datatime slot given to eEC Hazel Grace implementation of the program is Management conducted on FebruaryT. Taganas to discuss one module in already coordinated by ATI since year 22 to 24, 2011 at ATI-RTC 7 Trainingthe training, came the opportunity for 2000. Complex and Bohol Online, Tagbilaranfellow eEC Dennis Boyd R. Baltazar A total of 118 participants in the City. three batches of the Ably facilitated by the Agricultural TOT were briefed Knowledge Management Section team on the e-Extension and well-supported by NMRice trained program. This year, staff, the course aimed at enhancing the coordinators capabilities and orientation in hoped to conduct accessing and using web-technology more briefings to to improve the delivery of agricultural reach more clients extension services to the people from for them to broaden all walks of life. their access Some important topics given to agricultural much emphasis were Open Academy information for Philippine Agriculture (OPAPA), (DBBaltazar, ATI- E-extension, Farmers Contact Center,e-Extension Coordinator Dennis Boyd Baltazar briefs the TOT participants on RTC 8) NMRice and AEWs data base.e-Extension Program specifically its components the e-Learning, Farmers’ (EFLucero, ATI-RTC 7)Contact Center and NMRiceMobile. Agriculture Students briefed on e-Learning for A&FA round 80 agricultural students students to be more interested on DepEd representative during the from the Bauan National agriculture and eventually pursue agri- AgriPinoy Training of Trainers (TOT) Agricultural and Vocational related courses in college. for Batangas province last February.High School (BNAVHS) attended the This project is made possible ELO coordinator Rolando Maningas ofe-Learning briefing conducted by the thru the coordination of BNAVHS ATI-Region IVA conducted the briefing.Institute last March 17, 2011. The Agriculture teacher, Mr. Rodrigo (RManingas, ATI-RTC 4A)activity aims to encourage these Bautista who happens to be the e-Extension Agenda March 201 1 5
  6. 6. NEWSATI, PCARRD Conduct Joint ConsultativeMeeting on Techno-Gabay InstitutionalizationM ANILA, Philippines -- With (DA-ATI) from the Department of management of PCARRD decided that Executive Order 801 or Science and Technology - Philippine it is time to institutionalize the program the Institutionalization of Council for Agriculture, Forestry and to an appropriate extension agency onthe Techno Gabay Program (TGP) Natural Resources Research and the Department of Agriculture- Development (DOST- PCARRD) The consultation meetingAgricultural Training Institute now fully in effect, managers at the was participated by ATI Regional national level deemed Center Directors as well as the it necessary to conduct Regional Consortia Directors. The a consultation meeting main objective of the consultation with its counterpart meeting was to brief the participants at the regions to on the status of TGP and its communicate the plans institutionalization to ATI. DA-ATI for institutionalization. also took the opportunity to brief the The TGP is the consortia directors on the parallel PCARRD’s banner extension activities of DA-ATI in program to bring science- relation to the TGP. Part of the based information and meeting was also to discuss the technology services emerging issues and come up with closer to end-users in agreements and resolutions on the agriculture, forestry institutionalization. and natural resources The Joint DA-ATI and DOST- (AFNR) sectors. But with PCARRD Meeting was held lastThe joint consultative meeting was attended by ATI Center its nature as a mature February 24, 2011 in Bayview ParkDirectors together with the PCARRD Consortium Directors. extension modality, the Hotel, Manila.(BCNatividad)Faster Web-based Profiling and MonitoringSystem Now Accessible for the 4-H ClubsL A TRINIDAD, Benguet – As the officers of the 4-H Clubs for Luzon. which are in line with strengthening Agricultural Training Institute The participants were briefed on the MIS of the Institute. (ATI) strengthen its Management the features of the 4-H website and Members of the 4-H Club canInformation System (MIS) through were able to register and update their access the Web-based Profiling andautomation and Information and profiles in the site. Likewise, they Monitoring Website at Technology (ICT), were also oriented on the e-Extension ph/4-hclub.the Institute developed a web-based Program and were able to register in The training was held last Marchprofiling and monitoring system for the e-Learning site and enrolled in the 14-18 at the Benguet State University,the 4-H Clubs. The 4-H Club is a rural various e-Learning courses offered. La Trinidad, Benguet. The secondbased organization for the youth in the Director Asterio P. Saliot during bacth of the training for Visayas andagriculture and fisheries sector. the closing program emphasized MIndanao will be held in May 2011.The 4-H Web-based Profiling and and encouraged the participants to (BCNatividad)Monitoring System will serve as a regularly update their profiles as welldatabase containing basic information as the content of their siteon the members of the 4-H club and to exchange and shareits various activities and projects. information and bestThe system will also be a monitoring practices.tool for the 4-H Coordinators in the To date, the Institutenational and regional level. has already developed its With this new system, a training Personnel Managementon the use of this web-based profiling Information System, theand monitoring system was conducted database for Agriculturalfor the Regional 4-H Coordinators, ATI Extension Workers andRegional RBO Focal Persons and the the Project MonitoringRegional 4-H Presidents and some and Evaluation System 6 e-Extension Agenda March 201 1
  7. 7. NEWS e-Learning Course “Growing Vanda Snapshots and Vandaceous Orchids”, now Briefings and trainings accepting enrollees! C orsages, center pieces, flowering Vandaceous Orchids”! pot plants and garden highlights The first online course on orchids, – these are among the things Orchid1 is composed of 6 modules Vanda Orchids are known for. But that tackle the general characteristics don’t you know that aside from their and types, cultural management, aesthetic value, these flowers are propagation methods, common also known for pest and diseases their promising management, market harvesting and Agriculture Students from Pangasinan State potential? postharvest handling University (PSU) visited the Agricultural Get to technologies as Training Institute (ATI) for a briefing on the know about this well as the business Institute’s programs and services, specifically and more when prospects of on the e-Extension Program for Agriculture you enroll in Vandaceous orchids. and Fisheries. The visit aimed to expose e-Learning’s This course the students on the activities in techno- “Growing is brought to us packaging and the various media used in agricultural extension communication. The Vanda and by ATI RTC-4A. briefing was held at the ATI’s Agriculture (YCRAgsawa) and Fisheries Knowledge Center in Diliman, Quezon City last February 9, 2011. What are our e-Learners say From our shoutbox messages and emails “Bringing e-learning to NIPSC Batad Campus is an opportunity and big help to our B.S.Agriculture students.Thank you so much, ATI!” - Eva Montero “Hi.Done with the BASIC AGRICULTURAL MARKETING EXTENSION.nag enjoy po ako.dami ko po natutunan.thank you so much” -Irish Felipe The participants of the International Training “Thank you so much. The course on AgriMark has added a lot of knowledge Course (ITC) on Value Chain in Agricultural Products visited the Agricultural Training that I can also share to lighten the burden of marketing issues in the agri Institute (ATI) and were briefed on the sector. Again thank you.” e-Extension Program. The 20 participants of -Amalia Cadorna Vestal the training course comes from various ASEAN member countries like Cambodia, Lao PDR, “I am now very thankful being within the world of agriculture even if I Myanmar and the Philippines. The training hated this things before. For the time being, I’ve always been looking for course aims to enhance the knowledge and some ways to add-up and in-depth my knowledge in the field of agriculture, skills of the participants on agri-supply and and e-learning is an option of making this. I really appreciate this program value chain in agricultural products. The because it can give know how for those individuals who loved agriculture and briefing was held at the Computer Laboratory also it gives a wide array of knowledge for those techician in the field, for of the Agriculture and Fisheries Knowledge them to share to the farmers out there.” Center, ATI-Central Office last February 10, 2011. -Paulino R. Molit “Thank you for the help extended... Mabuhay ang e-Extension!!!! ” -Victor Serafica “Now I’m arleady done with my coures ‘seed to seed online course on corn production’ I’ve gain a lot of knowledge from it.” -Wilver Cabalbag e-Extension Agenda March 201 1 7
  8. 8. NEWS A Short Story of a Client- e-Extension Does FourPlay.... From page 2 turned-Graduate Furthermore, with the impendingI Institutionalization of the Techno n a land near the Agricultural about the Department of Agriculture’s Gabay Program to ATI, the Training Institute’s Central Office e-Extension Program specifically coordinators reviewed the existing (ATI-CO) in Quezon City, a on the e-Learning Component. The plans and strategies that will beyoung professional named Aaron program stirred his interest and shortly incorporated in their work and financialJed Tumbali lives. Aaron Jed is a after discovering what e-Learning is plans for the new functions that will beTechnology and Livelihood Education about, he created a user account, given to them.(TLE) instructor at St. John of Beverly, enrolled and completed some of the ATI Director Asterio P. SaliotQuezon City. As a person whose duty online courses, one after the other. emphasized the importance of theis to impart knowledge to others – his And just recently, he returned Assessment and Planning Workshopstudents, in particular – he constantly to ATI-CO, this time to receive his to the Program and reiterated thatsearches for other materials that would Certificates of Completion as well as endeavors such as this will only makeenrich his awareness and expertise in personally meet-and-greet some of the the Program better. “We want makehis field. e-Learning Support Team. it a very strong program that would Once upon a sunny day, Aaron Up to now, Aaron Jed regularly convey information to people at theJed dropped by ATI-CO to purchase visits the site and looks out for online grassroots particularly the farmers anda technology-based video material. courses and materials that he could the fisherfolk. And this is also a vehicleDuring his visit, he was oriented use for his classes.(YCRAgsawa) we can make so that the ordinary people, the citizens of this country will feel that the government is trying to reach them,” Saliot said. Saliot also noted that the coordinators should also gain from this activity and “hope that after the assessment, everybody will be satisfied, inspired, committed and persevering. And above all everybody will remain steadfast because challenges can come and go.” The e-Extension Assessment and Planning Workshop was held last January 31 to February 5, 2011 at the Segundo R. Serrano Hall, ATI-Central Office.(BCNatividad) The e-Extension Agenda Volume IV Number 1 March 2011 Editor Pamela MG Mappala Writers Yovina-Claire R. Agsawa Benedict C. Natividad Contributors Rolando Maningas (ATI-RTC 4a) Primalou Imperial, (ATI-RTC 5) Erma Lucero, (ATI-RTC 7) Dennis Boyd Baltazar (ATI-RTC 8) Layout Artist Benedict C. Natividad Editorial Consultants Antonieta J. Arceo Jose Rey Y. Alo Advisers Asterio P. Saliot MNSA, CESO III Evelyn Aro-Esquejo PhD, MNSA, CESO VI Alberto B. Maningding MNSA, CESO IV 8 e-Extension Agenda March 201 1