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e-Extension Agenda 6th issue


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e-Extension Agenda 6th issue

  1. 1. e-Extension Agenda April 2010Vol. III No. 5 April 2010 Farmers Contact Center taps PLDT M ANILA PHILIPPINES -- In a world of technology advances where anyone who doesn’t embrace change gets left behind, there is a need to come out of our old- customs-shell and live in the world of innovation. When we need fast-search information, we refer to the internet. When we ought to reconnect with families that are oceans away, we do a voice call. When we want a short but frequent conversation with someone, we simply send a text or SMS. All these, made easy for us by each and every breakthrough in technology. Realizing all the things that technology innovations could do to make day-to-day living easier, then Agriculture Secretary ArthurThe signing of contract with PLDT was lead by then DA-Secretary Arthur C. Yap and C. Yap took hold of these andSecretary Bernie G. Fondevilla Glancing back to 2009 ►page 7 e-Extension Program Assessment and Planning Workshop Held What’s InsideA NGELES, PAMPANGA -- “Taking workshop for the e-Extension Program, ICTwares turnover a step further, a notch higher” aptly called “e-Extension CoMotion”. of the Aurora e-Village ----------- 2 this becomes the statementthat summarizes the accomplishments The e-Extension CoMotion ICT Roadshowof the e-Extension Program for The first assessment for the for Aurora e-Village --------------- 3Agriculture and Fisheries for 2009. program in 2008 featured the first Quo Vadis -------------------------- 4 Reviewing the past activities seven ATI Training Centers involvedand planning for the next steps in in the program, and the following Thoughts on theview of the more challenges faced year it included another seven more e-Extension CoMotion ------------ 5by the Institute, the ATI as the lead ATI Training Centers. This year’simplementing agency, held its third assessment featured the whole Any Pace, Any Place -------------- 5program assessment and planning network of training centers of ATI FCC’s Text Support wrapped up ►page 6 2009 with a bang ----------------- 8 1
  2. 2. Aurora e-Village e-Extension Agenda April 2010 Aurora e-Village Project Beneficiaries Receive ICTwaresB ALER, AURORA -- Acquiring the Barangays Nonong Bacor, Bacong right information at the right and Zarah together with Ditumabo time in a much faster pace--this Multi-Purpose Cooperative were theis the development that the farmers of identified access points while for MariaAurora will now enjoy. Aurora the barangay of Detailen, Through the help of ICT wares Cabituculan West, Bazal, Quirino,that were distributed to the identified Florida, Debucao and Maria Aurorabeneficiaries of theAurora e-Village Project, The municipalities of Baler,the farmers in Auroraprovince will now have San Luis, Maria Aurora andthe opportunity to Dipaculao were provided withacquire knowledge at ICT wares as part of the benefitstheir finger tips. of Aurora e-Village project Aiming for a faster Dir. Saliot delivers his message during the turnover ceremonyinformation transfer and a much easier Development Cooperative will serve astransaction-based farming business, the access points. general the agriculture and fisheriesthe computers that were distributed Also for the town of Dipaculao, sector” Saliot added when he deliveredwill be installed in the identified 19 the access points can be found in his message. Barangays Punagi, Aurora Provincial Administrator Salay, Mucdol, Ipil Alex Ocampo received the ICT wares and Dimabuno for the province in behalf of Governor Kababaihan Producers Bellaflor Angara-Castillo. Ocampo said Cooperative. that “Aurora Province is very fortunate Gracing the to be the recipient of this project.” He turnover ceremony also added that with these ICT wares were the heads of “Ang magsasaka ng Aurora ngayon ay the implementing hindi na lang traditional farmer kundi agencies namely techno farmer na rin.” President Antonio Training on Basic ICT literacy will D. Kalaw of the be conducted by ATI to fully utilize the Development ICT wares. The turnover ceremony Academy of the was held last February 12, 2010 at the Philippines, Atty. Rice Processing Complex, Baler, Aurora. Heads of implementing agencies turnover the ICT wares to Mayor Ronilo A. Beronio (BCNatividad) Arthur Angara of Baler, Aurora as one of the project beneficiaries of Department ofaccess points. Each computer was Agriculture (DA)-Philippine Rice The e-Extension Agendadesigned in an ATM machine-like kiosk Research Institute (PhilRice) and Volume III Number 5coupled with database on rice and Director Asterio P. Saliot of DA- April 2010other commodities. It will also have a Agricultural Training Institutesystem that is connected to the Rice (ATI). Editor Pamela MG. MappalaProcessing Complex (RPC) which will Kalaw, in his message, urgedmake transactions for farmers easy. the farmers of Aurora “not to Writers Benedict C. Natividad For the first phase of the project, be afraid of new technologies” Yovina-Claire R. Agsawafour central towns of Aurora specifically because this can be learned and Contributors Primalou Imperial, (ATI-RTC 5)Baler, Maria Aurora, San Luis and they can use it so that lives of Merrian Piquero-Soliva, (ATI-RTC 7)Dipaculao benefited in the turnover Aurora’s farmers will improve. Dennis Boyd Baltazar, (ATI-RTC 8)of ICTwares. The 19 selected access Atty. Beronio meanwhilepoints were composed mainly of talked about the role of ICT in Layout Artist Benedict C. Natividadbarangays and cooperatives in these increasing rice yield, “We could Editorial Consultants Antonieta J. Arceomunicipalities. In Baler, Barangays use ICT to increase our yield on Jose Rey Y. AloSuklayin and Buhangin together rice of Aurora” he said.with the Glory to God Multi-Purpose “The proliferation of these Advisers Asterio P. Saliot MNSA, CESO IIICooperative were selected as access ICT wares somehow empowers Evelyn Aro-Esquejo PhD, MNSA, CESO VI Alberto B. Maningding MNSA, CESO IVpoints. For the town of San Luis, our farmers and fishers and in 2
  3. 3. Aurora e-Village e-Extension Agenda April 2010 ICT Roadshow promotes Aurora Aurora e-Village e-Village project Facts and FiguresA URORA PROVINCE -- Aurora e-Village Project aims Intending to increase to integrate ICT as part of the awareness and a rural community’s life toknowledge about the Aurora improve access to information,e-Village project, an ICT enhance productivity,roadshow was held for the four increase family income andcentral towns of the Aurora improve quality of life in theprovince namely Dipaculao, community. It also aims toMaria Aurora, San Luis and Baler. provide a collective strategy inThese four towns are also the the adoption, dissemination,pilot areas for the first phase of and commercialization ofthe project. technology-based, market The Aurora e-Village project driven production system foraims to integrate ICT as part The roadshow was participated by the project agricultural productivity andof a rural community’s life to implementers namely ATI, DAP, Philrice and PGA competitiveness.improve access to information, respective electronic extension servicesenhance productivity, increase family For the first phase of the project, which will be part of the project. ATI’sincome and thereby improve the four municipalities of Aurora e-learning, Farmers’ Contact Centerquality of life in the community. It also and livelihood trainings are among will be the main beneficiaries,aims to provide a collective strategy namely Baler, Maria Aurora, the services that will be accessedin the adoption, dissemination, and San Luis and Dipaculao. Local through the Aurora e-Village project.commercialization of technology- cooperatives from these four The residents of Aurora had a glimpsebased and market-driven production municipalities will be capacitated of the e-services through the Mobilesystem for agricultural productivity and Internet Bus of PhilRice. to provide technology-basedcompetitiveness. information that they can As part of its extension efforts The project is being implemented share with the farmers. For for the project, the ATI gave outby the Department of Agriculture the second phase, the project bags of Information Education andthrough Agricultural Training Institute will be implemented in the Communication (IEC) materials to(ATI ) and Philippine Rice Research four remaining municipalities the barangay captains, MunicipalInstitute (PhilRice) together with of Aurora namely, Casiguran, Agriculturists and to the Farmers’the Development Academy of the Dingalan, Dilasag and Dinalungan Information and Technology ServicesPhilippines (DAP) and the Provincial (FITS) Centers in the selected Through the project aboutGovernment of Aurora. municipalities. 1,200 farmers will be trained Focusing on explaining the project The Local Government Unitsand its benefits, a briefing on the on rice production technology (LGUs) of the four towns were in full particularly organic farming,Aurora e-Village Project was one of the support led by their respective local managing cost, maintainhighlights of the roadshow. Likewise, government executives and officers. high levels of productivitythe ATI and PhilRice presented their In their welcome remarks, and quality; organize small the mayors acknowledged the village level clusters of farmers benefits of the project to their (cluster of 5 to 10 farmers) for respective municipalities and effective management at low encouraged their constituents administrative cost. to support the project. Anabelle Tangson, Mayor of The project plans to unify San Luis, Aurora, expressed farmers rice production process her appreciation to the project through synchronizing the and to the implementers planting, harvesting and delivery specifically Philrice for their schedules among large number techno demo farm and ATI for of farmer growers at the the first training conducted village level and synchronizing on off-season pineapple the provision of farm support production. services from land preparation The ICT roadshow was (tractors) to harvesting A briefing on ATI’s electronic extension services was held last February 4 and 5, (threshers). done which will also be part of the project 2010.(BCNatividad) 3
  4. 4. FEATURE e-Extension Agenda April 2010Quo VadisBy Primalou Imperial*Q uo Vadis! That was a phrase that struck me eons ago. mother extending both Whoever put it up in the arms to take care of oneschool’s bulletin board should probably hundred children all at the FCC has tohave put it in Pilipino or English, so the same time, each one lead eventually toI would have really understood what of them clamoring for electronic was trying to say, so I would have attention. At least, that The power of ICTreally asked myself and pondered upon was how it felt initially, should help farmersand meditated on my, er, direction. while we were working and fisherfolks get Nevertheless it is a phrase that on the pre-launching good price for theirkeeps popping up in my mind rather regional consultation produce.frequently lately. Other people must be workshop. But then again,asking themselves the same question. The FCC launch in arguably that is stillIt is good to ask oneself once in a Bohol held November several steps down thewhile where one is going – a kind of 28th is an eye-opener. The line.self-reassessment. determination in the voice of our The Secretary’s dictum The launching of the Farmers’ Director and the insights shared by the matches Director Saliot’s reminder:Contact Center (FCC) offered that rare Secretary perceptively stirred those the FCC is a concrete step towardschance to take stock of oneself… as who were present, probably more so empowering our agriculture andan institution, that is. It occurred to those who were involved in the nitty- fisheries that it was a turning point in the gritty of the preparations months Quo Vadis? There is no other way.Department of Agriculture’s history. before the actual launch. In the light of globalization, whichIt was a big move, rather akin to a Secretary Yap’s message exerts immense pressure on our was stunning in its clarity, producers to find more sustainable and yet demanding action: we efficient food and biofuel production need to give farmers the techniques; in the face of climate right information, at the right change, which Secretary Yap describes time. It was that simple. The as a handicap for our farmers and FCC aims, first and foremost, fisherfolks; in the midst of escalating to give timely and right prices of agricultural inputs… there information by bringing the is no other way but to get our act experts in agriculture and together. There is no other way but fisheries within the reach of to respond to the call… literally and farmers and fisherfolks. figuratively, within the context of the Further, agriculture is FCC. not (primarily?) a social concern; it is or it should be *Media Production Specialist & e-Extension Coordinator from ATI Regional Training a business concern – that’s Center V-Bicol Region why logically and necessarily Quo vadis is a Latin phrase meaning "Where are you going?" or "Whither goest thou?"Ms. Primalou Imperial, e-Extension coordinator from ATI-RTC V,assisted a client on registering at the e-Learning site during thelaunching of the Farmers’ Contact Center in Bohol last November 2009 4
  5. 5. FEATURE e-Extension Agenda April 2010Any pace, any placeBy Merrian Piquero Soliva*T he “any pace, any place” slogan the 10th Ubi Festival held at Tagbilaran indeed justifies its purpose. City, Bohol with the theme: “Industriya Not that this was used during sa Ubi Palambuon, Hagit sa mgatraining but the advocacy certainly Bol-anon” which I peeked our e-blackflourished wherever and whatever bag and pen at one of the booths.activity related to extension. Honestly, I felt a spark of happiness At first, I didn’t put much emphasis that our advocacy thrived in the dailyseeing Agricultural Extension Workers undertakings of our AEWs. I thought,(AEWs) bringing with them the e-black they just use it during training (thatbag and ballpoint pens plus the made my hunches wrong).e-button during meeting and or office With that little speck of endeavor, Ivisit most especially if these people just hope that we can capture more of whatcame from a training from ATI. we have started. What amazed me a lot was whenATI-RTC 7 formally launched Yummy *Media Production Specialist & e-ExtensionYam: Online Course on Ubi Production Coordinator from ATI Regional Traininglast January 21, 2010 in time during Center VII-Central VisayasThoughts on the e-Extension CoMotionBy Dennis Boyd Baltazar*A nother year had passed component of the e-Extension program on the implementation of the web- that brought together the comes the challenge of making it reach based agricultural extension workers e-Extension coordinators for to the ultimate clients, the farmers. database.the e-Extension CoMotion: 3rd Program This years assessment and The activity however, was not justAssessment and Planning Workshop planning workshop updated work. The coordinators had fun duringlast March 15 to 19, 2010 at Oasis coordinators on the components of the team building activities that wereHotel in Angeles City, Pampanga. the e-Extension Program and on the integrated in their schedule to foster Year 2009 was a momentous yearfor e-Extension with the launching ofText Support Center in February and An e-Extension coordinator reflects oneventually the Farmers Contact Center what have transpired on the e-Extension(FCC) in November. With both servicesformally launched under the e-Farming assessment and planning workshop institutionalization plan camaraderie and teamwork. of the Techno Gabay As in the past, 2010 is another program. The coordinators challenging year for e-extension assessed the previous coordinators. It could be true that good years implementation work gains more work and we could of the e-Learning and agree with Steve Pavlina who said: "If e-Farming components of you want to achieve some really big e-Extension program and and interesting goals, you have to learn formulated action plans to fall in love with hard work." for 2010 particularly in the promotion of the FCC and *e-Extension Coordinator from ATI Regional the e-learning courses. The Training Center VIII-Leyte coordinators were also briefed Dennis Boyd Baltazar: Year 2009 was a momentous year for e-Extension 5
  6. 6. e-Extension e-Extension Agenda April 2010Glancing back to 2009.....From page 1 Snapshots Briefing on e-Extension Programrepresented by its designatede-Extension coordinators. With this,the ATI Management only hopesthat all should be in the same pageand go into a unified directionthus the assessment being called“e-Extension CoMotion”. The activity aimed toupdate the coordinators on thee-Extension Program, assess the The e-Extension coordinators revised theirimplementation of the e-Learning WFPs after the discussions on the indicators.and e-Farming components and theplanned institutionalization activities In his opening remarks,of the Techno Gabay Program being Maningding commended theimplemented e-Extension Program as the “moreby the organized program among the several programs of ATI” The e-Extension assessment is in the sense that it a yearly undertaking, wherein can be seen, heard coordinators from the 17 ATI and felt not only LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN -- The 10th by us but also by Training Centers gather to review our clients. He National Convention of the League of Municipal Agricultural Officers, Municipal and assess the activities for also added that Agriculturists and City Agriculturists of the e-Extension done the past year “among the five Philippines Inc. (LeMMCAP) was held last major programs of March 10 to 12, 2010. the ATI the e-Extension One of the highlights of the event was Program is the cutting edge of the briefing on the e-Extension ProgramDepartment for Agriculture and Fisheries, particularlyof Science and Technology-Philippine the Institute.” focusing on the newly introduced service,Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Saliot also commented that “the the Farmers Contact Center (FCC) andNatural Resources Research and e-Extension Program is very clear and the new e-learning courses being offeredDevelopment (DOST-PCARRD). The have created a difference among us." through the Program.activity served as a good forum for He added,“More challenges will comeformulating corresponding action plans your way but I know that you willat the national level and at the center accept it because it is another chancelevel. to make a difference for the country.” During the assessment, ATI’s top Activities and Discussionsmanagement were represented by The four-day assessment includedDirector Asterio P. Saliot and Assistant discussions and activities related toDirector Alberto Maningding, both e-Extension and it components. Ms.have nothing but positive feedback for Antonieta J. Arceo, Officer-in-Chargee-Extension. of the ATI Knowledge Products Management Division presented the e-Extension DILIMAN, QUEZON CITY -- Guests updates and discussed the from the Institute of Chartered plan of institutionalizing Accountants of Sri Lanka (ICASL) the Techno Gabay Program recently visited the Agriculture and (TGP) in ATI as well as Fisheries Knowledge Center (AFKC) some activities that will Computer Laboratory for a briefing be implemented within on the extension modalities through the year. The coordinators the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), specifically also presented their the e-Extension Program of the accomplishments for their Department of Agriculture where the respective centers. Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) is With the the lead implementing agency. The visit e-Extension Coordinators from the 17 ATI Training implementation of the aims to learn new methods on how to Centers gather to review and assess the activities deliver their services through ICT. for e-Extension done for 2009 ►page 8 6
  7. 7. e-Extension e-Extension Agenda April 2010 will just be one call orFCC Taps PLDT..... a text away. Likewise,From page 1 the Department’s technical expertise willdirected it towards an agriculture- be readily accessibleoriented mechanism. As such, the to the agricultureFarmers Contact Center (FCC) of the sector at theirDepartment of Agriculture (DA) was fingertips.established. For the FCC to be With the FCC, the farmers and fully operational, thefishers can easily access information Agricultural Trainingthey need in their farm activities. Institute (DA-ATI)Information on current prices of tapped the Philippinecommodities, marketing of farm Long Distanceproduce, and control measures for pest Telecommunicationsand disease incidents, among others Company (PLDT) for their products and services For the FCC to be fully which includes operational, the DA-ATI tapped On-Call, the products and services of PLDT Netcast, DSL internet connection and mobile communication. Castañeda, Vice President and the Leading the DA team, Yap Corporate Relationship Management along with Undersecretary Head and Mr. Anthony Lim, the Bernie G. Fondevilla sealed Assistant Vice President and the Head an agreement last February of Government Relationship Business. 2010 for the said services Thus, being a partner in this with PLDT’s Mr. Renato DA and PLDT finalized their partnership after initiative, PLDT vouched for their signing of contract assistance in advertising the FCC hotlines and charging a minimal cost What are our e-Learners say of Php 7.27 per call to the FCC using Smart and Talk N Text numbers. The FCC may be contacted through From our shoutbox messages these hotlines: 1-800-10-982AGRI (or 1-800-10-982-2474) for provincial toll- I have successfully registered in e-learning tonight after our free calls using PLDT lines; 982AGRI lectures during the Basic ICT Literacy for FITS Center-Bohol…” (or 982-2474) for calls within Metro – Cecile Opada Manila; 391DA (or 391-32) for text messages using Smart and Talk N I already finished the course..ang saya! i really enjoyed it a lot..” Text; 0920-946AGRI (0920-946-2474) – Eloisa Aileen Trinidad for mobile calls and text messages using Globe, TM and Sun Cellular; Im done with the AGRIMARK1 course.., e-learning is for emails; e-interesting, e-xciting! hope u enjoy it too!” and www.ati. – Darwin Sarabia for the online discussion fora and instant messaging. I am Elmer Santiago. I have selected From Seed to Seed: Online That’s the Farmers’ Contact Center, Course on Corn Production as my course. ang inyong kaagapay sa usaping - Elmer Santiago agrikultura.(YCRAgsawa) You all have a lot of conversations here. That’s great. – Khean I just finished the module on growing bamboos. I had a lot of fun...I’m also interested with yummy yam ubi prduction. I hope to enjoy this module also. - Febe Keith Pabiran 7
  8. 8. Farmer’s Contact Center e-Extension Agenda April 2010 FCC’s Text Support wrapped List of Online Courses up 2009 with a bang! T hese are the list of e-Learning Courses currently offered throughD the e-Extension Program. Enroll now ILIMAN, QUEZON CITY -- Just Other queries received by the at as the Text Support of the Textline are as follows: Pest and Farmers’ Contact Center opened Disease Management on various Establishing Feed Resourcesthe year 2009 with a blast by unveiling commodities with 163 queries; ATI for Your Goats (Developed byits 5-digit text hotline – 391-DA Programs and Services with 138 DOST-PCARRD)(391-32), it finished inquiries; Marketing Starting a Slaughter Goat Enterprise (Developed by DOST-PCARRD)off the year with concerns with 107a whack as it The text support service questions; and Citrus Growing: A Promising Enterprise From Seed to Seed: Online Courseaccumulated was launched on February Programs of on Corn Productionqueries that 2009 and has since been the Department Managing Common Diseases in Bananareached receiving a record number of Agriculture Growing Durian the Better Wayfar-off (DA) with 38 Abaca Production: Cultural Managementthe expected of queries. queries. Practices of Abacanumbers. With this success Growing Bamboo for Profit and a As such, the queries on agriculture kicked off by the Text Support, the Healthy Environment (Developed by DOST-PCARRD)and fisheries (A&F) sent to the Text remaining components of the FCC Production of High Value Crops inSupport reached a stunning total were launched by November last year, Greenhouseof 2,751. Of which, the e-Learning opening further its services to call, Savoring the Green Brew: ArabicaProgram of the Agricultural Training email, and online communication such Coffee ProductionInstitute (ATI) came to be the hottest as fora and instant messaging (IM). Seaweed Farming (Developed bytopic with 1,757 queries. Among these The FCC is the alternative delivery DA-BAR)were inquiries on enrollment keys, channel for the e-farming services Basic Agricultural Marketing Extension Yummy Yam: Online Course on Ubi Production Glancing back to 2009..... From page 6 Farmers’ Contact Center (FCC), the coordinators roles and responsibilities also expanded, including some major concerns on the implementation of the e-Farming component of the Program. In addition, Ms. Milagros C. Urbano of the ATI Extension Governance and Planning Division presented the Agricultural Extensionconfirmation of new user-registrations, of the Department of Agriculture Workers Database and discussed thecertificates of completion, and some through the e-Extension Program for added roles and responsibilities oftechnical assistance in accessing the Agriculture and Fisheries, where ATI is the e-Extension coordinators for thise-learning site. the lead implementing agency. It is a endeavor. Second, with 278 texts which quick-helpdesk on A&F concerns that Revisions and adjustment onwere stray SMS and queries as well farmers, fishers, extension workers the 2010-2011 Work and Financialas congratulatory notes, simple and agri-entrepreneurs may refer to. Plan for the e-Extension Officesacknowledgements for sent replies/ It is being manned by ATI’s Contact specifically the indicators wasanswers to Clients’ queries such Center Agents in collaboration with also discussed followed by theas "Thank you". This was followed DA’s bureaus and partner agencies. preparation of the regional work andclosely by the A&F Technologies with As such, through this initiative, the financial plans for e-Extension.270 queries pertaining to Cultural technical expertise of people in the The third program assessmentManagement, Dryer Equipment, New Department will just be within arm’s and planning workshop was heldTechnology, Process Application, Soil reach for the A&F sector.(YCR Agsawa) last March 15-19, 2010 at the OasisDeficiency, Varieties / Breeds / Species, Hotel, Clark, Angeles Pampanga.and Vermicomposting. (BCNatividad) 8