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e-Extension Agenda 2nd issue


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Published in: Education, Technology
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e-Extension Agenda 2nd issue

  1. 1. December 2008 e-Extension Agenda 1Vol. I No. 2 December 2008Online learninggets popularAmong AEWs“e-Learning a year after...”A fter its grand launching in December of 2007, the e- Learning component of thee-Extension program continues tomake waves. With its main objective ofproviding an alternative mode oftraining for agricultural extensionworkers (AEW), farmers andfishers. The e-Learning site wasable to amass a total of 1,518registered users, 878 enrollees and411 graduates. The 11 online courses currentlyavailable focused mainly on marineand fisheries, crops and livestock.  page 8ATI Caraga holds first-evere-Learning graduation in ButuanN (AEW) in Butuan City, is just one Last October 9, 2008 during o-frill. No-fee. Just with her of the 83 AEWs, farmers, women, ATI-Caraga’s Octoberfest fingertips knowledge was a and rural youth who finished celebration, a graduation ceremony click away anytime, the online course on Managing was held for those who successfullyanywhere. She surfed, studied, Common Diseases in Banana completed the said online course.and aced the tests. Then, few developed by the Agricultural “I’m very glad having enrolledmonths later she earned her course Training Institute-Regional Training in this internet-based course.certificate – not by means of the Center XIII (ATI-Caraga). They It helped me gain additionaltraditional face-to-face instruction are pioneers of this new extension knowledge especially on how tothough, but via the cyberhighway! program launched by ATI in the control various banana diseases Ms. Merilyn Laurenciana,an agricultural extension worker later part of 2007.  page 3
  2. 2. 2 e-Extension Agenda December 2008 e-Extension advocate lauds Philippine e-Extension program M r. Dean Powers, an this is not a temporary trend, considerable resources behind Australian advocate of but a fundamental shift. So the eExtension. There are already a eExtension recognized Agricultural Training Institute number of online videos in the crop the e-Extension Program as one has been appointed to lead the videos section of the site, including initiative that would surely boost the provision of eExtension services. one on the cultivation of Tilapia. This agriculture and fisheries sector. During recent Octoberfest particular video might alarm some In his blog celebration the Australia readers as Tilapia are the thinkeextension. Agricultural subject of invasive pest management com, Mr. Powers Training extension efforts. No doubt said, “No doubt Institute Philippine agriculture will benefit Philippine agriculture Director from their government’s foresight as will benefit from Asterio Saliot their program develops.” their government’s foresight as their promoted the use of the eExtension Moreover, in time for the mass program develops.” Here’s the services by web and mobile phone graduation recently held in Butuan complete blog post. as a means to free education. City, Philippines, about 83 farmers “The Philippine government While the associated web portal and extension workers graduated last has recognized that many in their is in its beta phase, and content October 9, 2008 after completing the farming community are accessing is in development, it is significant online course on Managing Common information electronically and that that the government should put Diseases in Banana. See banner story on the said event. (BCNatividad) Knowledge Management: an Alternative and Supplemental strategy to bolster ATI’s Extension delivery “ reason why we convened The we just have to work on an over- to integrate and harmonize the vast here is basically to put our all system for the establishment knowledge and data bases that are minds together so that we can of our Farmer’s Contact Center frequently asked by the farming and come up with better strategies, which connects our farmers and fishing sector. establish a collective effort and an technicians. It is by tapping our  page 3 integrated service with a common ICT that we can immediately The e-Extension Agenda understanding by optimizing the respond to the issues we have on Vol. I No. 2 December 2008 resources we have in hand. We hand in the field and thus, avoid don’t have to re-invent the wheel; repeating the mistakes of the past.” Editor Theresa Aurora B. Cosico These were the Writers Vic Thor A. Palarca remarks affirmed Benedict C. Natividad by Assistant Contributor Jason Paul Dads E. Jampac ATI-CARAGA Director for Layout Artist Benedict C. Natividad Technical Services Evelyn Aro- Editorial Consultants Antonieta J. Arceo Pamela MG. Mappala Esquejo during the Jose Rey Y. Alo e-Learning recently concluded Process Consultative Adviser Advisers Workshop in AD Evelyn Aro-Esquejo MNSA, CESO VI relation to the AD Alberto B. Maningding MNSA, CESO IV development of a Dir. Asterio P. Saliot MNSA, CESO III knowledge baseMr. Rey Alo, the e-Learning process adviser talks about theknowledge base.
  3. 3. December 2008 e-Extension Agenda 3e-learning Graduation... course went through the course’s learning tools such as pictures andFrom page 1 nine modules representing the nine audio/video media to supplementsince these have become a major the lectures in text form. e-learners common diseases namely Bugtok,concern among the banana growers likewise can consult experts Bunchy Top, Banana Mosaic,here,” Ms. Banana Bract Mosaic, committed to helping them throughLaurenciana email/chat services, message boards Yellow Sigatoka,replied when or real time telephone consultation to Black Sigatoka,interviewed answer queries and concerns. Panama Disease,by ABS-CBN Although the course is offered all Banana Freckle andButuan during a Moko. Each module is year round e-learners are required topress conference. finish it within two months only. divided into detailed Speaking Other online courses being learnings calledbefore a lessons that included offered in the said site include abacagroup of local production, citrus production, corn the disease’s modemediamen, ATI Director Asterio P. production, durian production, high of transmission, symptoms, andSaliot enjoined AEWs and farmers value vegetable production, coffee its control measures. After everyalike to avail of the free education production, bamboo growing, goat module, the e-learners took up aand training being offered by the production, seaweed farming, and ten-item end-of-Department of Agriculture through swine husbandry. module (EOM)its website Also available test where their As the lead in electronic in the web are aggregate scoreExtension Program in Agriculture farm and business should not beand Fisheries, ATI hopes to provide advisory services below 60% of theits clientele alternative means of and digital techno/ perfect score inaccessing information on new info kits that are order to pass theagricultural techniques to empower in web-based course.them to make better decisions. and printable and To ensure optimal learning e-learners enrolled in the banana experience, the course also contained downloadable form.(JPDEJampac)Knowledge Management...From page 2 The said knowledge base shallcompose of various agricultural e-Extension program:information that are frequently Gaining ground worldwide Tasked by farmers and fishers in thecountry. hrough the graduation’s, a website being “This time around, the media mileage in print, radio maintained by the United Nationsinception of the development of the and TV Food and Agriculture Organizationknowledge management system it was able to help the e-Extension (UN-FAO) and its partners.aims to gather the Frequently Program gain more ground not only Moreover, Mr. Dean Powers, anAsked Questions (FAQs), provide Caraga-wide but worldwide as well. Australian consultant, also picked upthe answers, and indicate the Among the media outlets who cov- PIA’s press release and became theinformation source by putting ered the e-learning graduation in Bu- basis of his article lauding theup this so called “tags.” A tag is tuan was the Philippine Information Philippine government in itsan online term used to direct an Agency (PIA) who wrote about the commitment in incorporating eE-internet user to a particular topic by event in its website at xtension into current extension ef-using a specific keyword. All of the ph last October 10, 2008. A similar forts. (Jason Paul Dads E. Jampac)knowledge and data base will be story was also posted at www.gathered from a pool of point/focalperson in every attached bureaus  page 8
  4. 4. 4 e-Extension Agenda December 2008
  5. 5. December 2008 e-Extension Agenda 5
  6. 6. 6 e-Extension Agenda December 2008Agrilink 2008 promotes “niche market”A s the financial crunch is strong economically-speaking and for the new comprehensive farm flexing its dreaded might, agribusiness is the way to survive this production and support program countries such as the USA financial crisis. to increase productivity, which isand European countries are already “The President used agribusiness called FIELDS short for Fertilizer,gearing up to prevent further plunge to define an entire national policy Irrigation and farm to marketinto the crisis, the Philippines is not on agriculture, it is the belief of the roads, Extension, Loans, Dryersan exception and now planning how President that if you want to be strong and Postharvest and survive this problem. in terms of self-sufficiency, in terms of The ATI gave out IEC The government specifically the food security, the only path is through materials for various productionDepartment of Agriculture (DA) the profitability of our farmers and guides. Visitors recognized thealready came up with a solution to that can only be achieved through materials to be helpful for theiravoid economic growth stagnation agribusiness,” Yap said. agricultural ventures. The ATIor worst economic recession. Tan and PGMA stressed that booth also showed production The 15th International agrilink could be the venue where guide video for crops andAgribusiness Exhibition & farmers and investors discover livestock and accepted newSeminars, 9th International Food possible foreign clients for their enrollees for the online courses.Processing, Packaging and Products products that could be exported. New AgriLink is the agribusinessExhibition, 4th National Fisheries market niche that would be substantial exhibition and conferenceExhibition and Seminars or in overcoming of the financial organized by FoundationAgrilink, Foodlink and Aqualink for crisis. “We have to look beyond for Resource Linkage andshort, held last October 9 to11, 2008 the traditional markets and explore Development, Inc (FRLD)at the World Trade Center, Pasay consumer mindset. I believe this is annually in October. From itsCity. With a theme “Sustaining what makes Agrilink, Foodlink and first show in 1994, it is nowAgricultural Growth through Aqualink the event that provides the the Philippine’s largest annualNiche Markets,” experts in the window to transnational consumers,” international agribusiness event,agribusiness sector believe that this Tan said. attracting hundreds of exhibitors“niche market” is the way to go in “Kaya napakalaki ang and thousands of visitors fromorder for the Philippines to survive importansya nitong Agrilink, Foodlink around the world.this crisis. at Aqualink, malaki ang naitutulong A good number of foreign or “I hope we are far to be upang paramihin ang ani at international companies from theaffected by the financial crunch in palawakin ang mga merkado ng mga  page 7 the US or some European countries. produktoThe problem is the United States natin mulaand Europe are the major market sa bukid atpower for our exports,” said sa dagat,”Lyndon Tan , this year’s head of the PresidentAgrilink, Foodlink and Aqualink GMAexhibits. “That’s why focusing on added.a niche specific market segment for Theone product is highly competitive Agrilinkand can uniquely satisfy a market exhibit alsogoal,” Tan added. served as a DA Secretary Arthur C. Yap medium tosays that the President understands the publicthat agribusiness is the key inorder for the Philippines to stay DA Secretary Arthur C. Yap checks the latest online content of DA’s e- Extension website during the AgriLink fair while Ms.Cosico answers his query.
  7. 7. December 2008 e-Extension Agenda 7Agrilink 2008..... More online courses..... While the course “GrowingFrom page 6 From page 8 Bamboo for Profit and a Healthy course module. The certificates will Environment” will bring onlineUSA, Netherlands, United Kingdom, be stamped and signed by the agency enrollees into the world of bambooIsrael, other European and Asian head. — all about growing bamboo notcountries were among the exhibitors. Meanwhile, three more courses only for its economic potential, butVisitors consisted of entrepreneurs and were added to accommodate and entice also for its aesthetic, environmentalprofessionals in agriculture, animal farmers who are interested on Seaweed and ecological significance. Goingbreeding, machinery and equipment, Farming, Arabica Coffee and Bamboo. through the course will equip theanimal health and nutrition, Seaweed Farming is a four- enrollees with rudimental andhorticulture, among others. module course that provide additional practical knowledge about growing FoodLink is the annual exhibition knowledge on the different aspects bamboo for various managementfor food products, processing and of improved seaweed farming objectives.packaging industries. This is where including site selection, preparation, Future courses on Agribusinessleading international equipment transport, seedling maintenance, Marketing and Abaca Pestsuppliers showcase their knowledge harvesting, post-harvest handling and Management as well as 32 moreproducts and technology to the local packaging of the seaweeds. courses on various technologies arefood industry. Arabica Coffee course presents lined up to be offered for 2009. Products on exhibition include the A to Z of growing high quality All the full online courses arepackaging equipment, processing Arabica coffee in the Philippines. currently exclusive to Filipinos heretechnologies, refrigeration equipment It starts with seed selection, crop and abroad because of the courses’and various foodstuffs. FoodLink production management, harvesting, local recommendations. Browseprovides a broad platform for postharvest processing, and ends with food and equipment marketing. The knowledge learned for a list of available courses of yoursuppliers to promote their products from this course will be supplemented choice.(VTPalarca)and services. It is a venue to meet food with field demonstrations andbuyers and penetrate the lucrative supervised practicum by selectedPhilippine food industry.(BNatividad) collaborators and partners.Techno Guide onBanana ProductionOut Now!!!Includes the following brochures: Banana Varieties Harvest and Post Harvest Propagation of Bananas Field Planting and Cultural Management Integrated Pest Management
  8. 8. 8 e-Extension Agenda December 2008 More online courses on DA e-Learning siteM ore online courses are now user and both as a registered and at the available in the e-Learning same time enrolled user. site. There are six courses Each certificate course is brokenthat are on rolling mode and four down into modules and each modulecourses that are on test run. is made up of lessons or key concept The courses that are on rolling which may contain an “unscored” self-mode are Banana, Citrus, Corn, assessment question. A field activityAbaca Duarian and Goat while course which requires face-to-face interactionthat are on test run are Coffee arabica, is also optional to some course lessons.Bamboo, Seaweed Farming and High All courses after the test run areValue Vegetables in Greenhouse. launched nationally as rolling courses. For starters, there are three (3) In order for enrollees to graduateentry points to the e-Learning website and get their course certificate, theyas a public viewer; as a registered page 7 have to pass the module teston each e-Learning a year after... Knowledge Management...From page 1 From page 3 Present during the workshop The course Managing common were representatives from the and agencies”, Mr. Jose Rey Alo,diseases in banana has the most different agencies and line bureaus ATI’s e-Learning process advisornumber of enrollees with 146 as well coming from the Fertilizer and the most number of graduates Pesticide Authority (FPA), Bureau The knowledge management(80). This 9-module course is a of Plant Industry (BPI), Fiber system inclusive of the contentcomprehensive guide on how to Industry Development Authority therein also serves as a cursor toeliminate the common diseases in (FIDA), Cotton Development the experts and authorities on topicbanana. The online course on high Administration (CODA), Bureau like technical advisory services,value vegetable in greenhouse ranks of Agricultural Statistics (BAS), investments and market trends, datasecond on the number of enrollees Bureau of Post-Harvest Research on agri-producers and suppliers, andwith 115 followed by Feed resources and Extension (BPRE), Philippine online farm and business advisory.for your goats with 101 enrollees and Coconut Authority (PCA), In this regard, the initial39 graduates. Bureau of Agricultural Research knowledge base that will be The corn online course has 71 (BAR), Bureau of Soils and Water developed shall serve as referenceenrollees and 21 graduates, durian has Management (BSWM), Bureau guide for the delivery of a text99 enrollees and 21 graduates, citrus of Animal Industry (BAI), GMA- support center as another accessiblewith 48 enrollees and 30 graduates. HVCC, GMA-Corn, DA-AMAS hotline for clients’ queries.Slaughter goat enterprise has 41 and the Knowledge Product The Text Support Center will beenrollees with 27 graduates. Management Division (KPMD) launched in January 2009 initiallyCourses on bamboo, coffee arabica group of the Agricultural Training as quick helpdesk for eExtensionand seaweed is on its test run stage Institute (ATI). (VTPalarca) Program for A&F. This will laterwherein for two months the course evolve into Farmer’s Contact Centerwill be offered and it will be evaluated where voice and text messagingby its enrollees.(BCNatividad) shall be accommodated.