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Presentation on monitoring the industry using mobile application technology. ATIM App.

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  1. 1. Tobacco industry Monitoring Using Mobile APP Technology Lekan Ayo-Yusuf, BDS, MSc, MPH, PhD Director: Africa Centre for Tobacco Industry Monitoring & Policy Research
  2. 2. Outline • Why monitor industry • What does ATIM do? • What does the Industry do? • The journey to developing the Industry Monitoring APP • Demonstration of the App • Questions
  3. 3. The Epidemiological Model Nicotine Addiction and Tobacco Control Agent Tobacco Products Environment Family, Social, Cultural, Political Economic, Historical, Media Vector Tobacco Product Manufacturers & Tobacco Industry Host Smoker/Chewer Incidental Host Involuntary Smoker Source: Orleans & Slade. (1993); Giovino. (2002).
  4. 4. Industry interference & weak funding are major barriers to Tobacco Control in Africa
  5. 5. What does ATIM do? Two aims: 1. To collects data on tobacco industry interference activities on the continent. 2. To disseminates information on tobacco industry interference across the region to tobacco control advocates, policy makers and the general public. These ensure that the tobacco industry does not interfere with efforts by governments to implement tobacco control policies.
  6. 6. How does ATIM function?
  7. 7. What does ATIM do?
  8. 8. IQOS opens store in Sandton
  9. 9. Where did ATIM start work? South Africa and East Africa: • Set up tracking and monitoring of tobacco and tobacco control activities in the two regions, particularly South Africa and Uganda. • These track meetings, developments, media reports, media statements, and policies in countries On the rest of the continent: • Reports on the basic movements in these countries starting with 10 priority countries covering almost half of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa
  10. 10. Media ATIM.xlsx
  11. 11. Consumer complaints were lodged against advertising for British American Tobacco’s illicit cigarette Advert. Ad was withdrawn - SA ‘A most preponderant practice however, is the TI use of point of sale advertising to undermine the ban of tobacco advertising in the TCA’ - Gambia
  12. 12. TIM tool – Activity tracker (Now an app)
  13. 13. Introduction to the ATIM Monitor App
  14. 14. Introduction to the ATIM Monitor App
  15. 15. Introduction to the ATIM Monitor App Media ATIM.xlsx
  16. 16. Introduction to the ATIM Monitor App
  17. 17. Introduction to the ATIM Monitor App
  18. 18. Introduction to the ATIM Monitor App
  19. 19. Thank you Funding support acknowledged - The Union - The European Union through the WHO-FCTC Convention Secretariat - Africa Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) Contact us: Centre Director: Lekan Ayo-Yusuf