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The New Gives and Takes in a testers role


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The New Gives and Takes in a testers role by Rajini Padmanabhan

Published in: Technology
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The New Gives and Takes in a testers role

  1. 1. The New Gives and Takes in a Tester’s Role -Rajini Padmanaban
  2. 2. Slide 2 Spot The Difference!
  3. 3. Product Quality as it stands today… Slide 3 Collective Ownership Need for domain knowledge Drive to Understand competition Need to think beyond bounds of core test team
  4. 4. Let’s take the case of Facebook Anger mounts after Facebook’s ‘shadow profiles’ leak in bug Facebook 'bug' worse than reported; non-users also affected Here’s the email 6M Facebook users affected by the network’s privacy flaw will receive Slide 6
  5. 5. Let’s take the case of Facebook Facebook does not have, need testers. How testing is done? 1. Facebook has lot of automation not by scope or coverage, by lines of test code 2. Everyone at facebook uses it and reports issues 3. Aggregate error logs and user reports help determine bugs 4. Major clients are forced to use it and report bugs 5. Ex-facebook employees have privileged channels to report issues Why no QA discipline? 1. Not having QA makes it a more fun place to work 2. It is a website and issues can be fixed fast 3. Social networking isn’t critical to users 4. Facebook has a lot of momentum and lock in Post on Facebook Puts The Brakes on the Hacker Way Facebook’s move toward greater testing is a sign of maturation at the company Slide 7
  6. 6. Did You Know – Facebook’s Bug Bounty "India is home to the largest population of security researchers participating in the Facebook bug bounty program since its inception in 2011. The country also holds the top spot for most bounties paid," Adam Ruddermann, Facebook’s technical program manager
  7. 7. Understanding a tester’s role at this time… Slide 8
  8. 8. The cross-roads Slide 8 Administrative Tester Technical Tester Empathetic Tester Developer User Expert Analytical Tester Social Tester Source:
  9. 9. Gives and Takes in a tester’s role Striking the right balance Slide 10
  10. 10. What can I give away? • All together – • Detailed documentation and test artifacts creation • Pure script based testing approach • Obsession on age- old metrics that don’t add value Slide 10
  11. 11. What can I give ? • To another team member – • BVTs to developers, build engineers • Sanity regression tests to developers • Early troubleshooting tests to operations • Accountability for quality to everyone Slide 11 Retain Independence and Exercise Caution as You Give Away
  12. 12. What can I take ? • Ownership to build a professional testing culture • Controlled freedom with responsibility • Competing product quality evaluation • Triage representation • End user issue analysis • Role of a quality ambassador • Drive for continuous, conscious and collaborative qualitySlide 12
  13. 13. Determine to “thrive” not just “survive” Slide 13 10 lessons to thrive as a tester • Tailor test documentation, use modern technology • Use test design techniques as a review technique • Provide management with feedback on their decisions • Learn to be a weather person • Test the tester’s tests • Strengthen your test environment • Stand out and be different • Become a pioneer or explorer • Believe in yourself • Take time to sharpen your axe Source: professional-tester
  14. 14. Myself as a Tester Niche Holistic view into testing Enhanced confidence Empowerment to thrive For my team Better task load balancing Improved collaboration Enhanced respect for each other’s role For my product Improved test coverage and quality Empowerment to meet market dynamics Increased market acceptance For my users A good quality feature rich product on time A WIN scenario for everyone! Slide 17
  15. 15. The Hare and Tortoise Story The Tortoise And The Hare Scenario 1 Moral: Slow and steady wins the race
  16. 16. Why did I lose the race? The Story Goes On – Scenario 2 Moral: Slow and steady is good but fast and steady is even better
  17. 17. There’s More – Scenario 3 How can I can win the hare? What should I do? Moral: Identify and leverage core competencies, explore newer playing fields for growth and advancement
  18. 18. One Final Take – Scenario 4 Hi, buddy. How about doing our last race again? Great! I think we could do it much better, if we two help each other.
  19. 19. Teamwork is about situational leadership and empowerment; letting the person with relevant core competency for a situation take leadership and let the group shine together Moral Revisited!
  20. 20. Take-Aways Slide 18 • Quality - a core attribute in product success • Identify new playing fields; customize tester’s role • Retain independence, harp on collaboration • Remember the new hare and tortoise story! Excited to share a book on “New Software Testing Roles” – published by CRC Press later in 2016 Workshop on Re-invent Testers – by James Bach, in Dec, in Noida ( ntingtesters.shtml)
  21. 21. Additional references • profiles-leak-in-bug-7000017167/ • users-also-affected-7000017318/ • facebook-users-affected-by-the-networks-privacy-flaw-will-receive/ • • need-testers/7191 • story.html • content/uploads/2015/07/State_of_Testing_Survey_2015.pdf Slide 21
  22. 22. Thank you For more information, please: • Contact us at • Visit us at • Read our blogs at • Follow us on Twitter at USA Office International Headquarters Noida Uttar Pradesh, India Phone: +91-120-4292222 (Three additional testing facilities in India) Farmington Hills Michigan, U.S.A. Phone: +1-248-719-3409 Slide 22