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Session on Testing Activities in Continuous Integration and Delivery as an Exploratory Tester

  1. Testing Activities in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery as ExploratoryTester Agile Testing Alliance, Bangalore Chapter 29 Feb 2020 Srinivas Kadiyala
  2. About Me Software Tester since 29 Feb 2012. Domains: ● AUTO-ID ● E-Commerce ● Life Science Currently working as Principal Exploratory Tester at Moolya Software Testing Pvt Ltd.
  3. Agenda 1. What is DevOps 2. CI/CD 3. Testing Activities in CI/CD 4. Automation in Testing 5. Exploratory Testing… 6. Exploratory Testing in Action with Automation 7. Tools Used in Exploratory Testing
  4. What is DevOps? DevOps = Development (Dev) + Operations (Ops) DevOps grew out of Agile software development movement. Goals: Speed and Stability
  5. Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Continuous Integration (CI) is a Practice of frequently merging the code changes done by developers. Continuous Delivery (CD) is practice of continuously maintaining the code in deployable state throughout the lifecycle. “Testing is a cross functional activity that involves the whole team, and should be done continuously from the beginning of the project.” Continuous Delivery - Jez Humble & Dave Farley
  6. Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
  7. Testing activities in CI/CD ● Test Strategy preparation ● Guiding development with BDD. ● Exploratory Testing ○ Usability Testing ○ Regression Testing ● Automation in Testing ● Continuously reviewing and improving the test suites. ● Testing in Production-like systems. ● Taking control of test environments. ● Testing is a Team Problem and we test all the time.
  8. Credits: Dan Ashby, Continuous Testing in DevOps
  9. Automation in Testing ● Unit Tests, Integration Tests and End-To-End Tests are usual automated tests. ● Automation Tests give information very specific aspect of the system. ● Cannot provide deep or thoughtful insights.
  10. ExploratoryTesting is not Just Clicking Around..
  11. ExploratoryTesting ? Automated Testing Feedback is from Tools, whereas Exploratory Testing Feedback is from People. Exploratory Testing is an approach that focuses on learning - “What you know” and “What you don’t know”. ● Exploring the Requirements and System under Test ● Searching for unknowns of the System ● Focusing on Test Ideas and Performing Focussed Mission/Session-Based Testing
  12. ● Exploring Security Measures and Performance of the application. ● Working with Development Teams closely, problems and questions are asked directly. ● Effective Monitoring of Errors will help Exploratory Testing of the systems. ● Finding the Risks “We always find the most serious bugs when we go off the script” - Elisabeth Hendrickson
  13. ● Understand your system ○ Starting from installing the Server / Docker ○ Learn, Explore and Take Notes ● After Exploratory Testing, write down the Test Cases ○ Identify areas that requires Test Data Generation ○ Identify areas to Automate or Not ● Identify Areas that can be tested at Data Layer and UI Layer ○ Exploratory Testing: Deep Testing ○ Identify areas that can be Automated at Data Layer and UI Layer ExploratoryTesting in Action with Automation
  14. ExploratoryTesting in Action with Automation ● Note down time taken to complete the test. ○ Compare the time with automated tests. ● Incorporate Security Testing into Exploratory Testing ○ OWASP ZAP ○ Compare the results with Automated Security Scanners ● Incorporate Accessibility Testing into Exploratory Testing ○ More coverage with human centric. ○ Identify areas that can be automated and follows standards. Every Code, Config and Infrastructure change must pass a series of Automated Tests and Exploratory Tests.
  15. Focussed
  16. Tools Used in ExploratoryTesting Visualize the Thoughts: ● Mind maps -- XMind ● Models -- SFDIPOT Capturing Tools: ● Bugasura ● Test Buddy ● Nimbus APIs: ● Postman Monitoring: ● Sumologic ● Nagios
  17. References
  18. Srinivas Kadiyala LinkedIn: srinivasskc Phone: +91-9036156876