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Industrial Approach IOT: Practical Approach



Industrial Approach IOT: Practical Approach by "Shardul Rao" And "ShitalKumar Panse" from (IotLynx). The presentation was done at #doppa17 DevOps++ Global Summit 2017. All the copyrights are reserved with the author

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Industrial Approach IOT: Practical Approach

  1. 1. + Making Sense of Things IoT: A Practical Approach Industrial IoT Shardul Rao, Shitalkumar Panse IOTLYNX Technologies Private Limited
  2. 2. Making Sense of Things +Agenda n  Introduction n  IoT: Overview & Architecture n  Build vs. Buy and Decision Points n  DevOps Opportunity n  Conclusion
  3. 3. Making Sense of Things +Introduction Shardul Rao 23+ years of experience in Hardware and Software product development.Worked for16+ years in USA at DEC, Dialogic, Intel and Nielsen Audio. Holds a Bachelors (India) and a Masters (USA) in Computer Science and MBA from NewYork University. Shitalkumar Panse 23+ years of experience in Telecom and Unified Communications / Contact Center Service development, while working at Tata Communications and VSNL. Holds a Bachelors in Electronics & Telecom from COEP and GMPE from IIM, Lucknow.
  4. 4. Making Sense of Things + IoT: Overview & Architecture
  5. 5. Making Sense of Things +What is IoT? n  Network of Physical Things n  Embedded with Electronics, Software, Sensors, Actuators and Network Connectivity n  Ability to transfer data without human interaction n  Improved Efficiency, Accuracy and Economic Benefits
  6. 6. Making Sense of Things +IoT Landscape Applications Wearables Health Home Vehicles Retail Agriculture Supply Chain Industry Connectivity Hardware Software Cloud
  7. 7. Making Sense of Things +Industrial IoT
  8. 8. Making Sense of Things +Benefits of Industrial IoT IoT Fault Avoidance Predictive Maintenance Loss PreventionAutomation Optimal Utilization Cost Savings Improved Efficiency Better Control
  9. 9. Making Sense of Things + Processing IOT: High Level Architecture Micro-controller Sensors & Actuators IoT Gateway Internet IoT Protocols Web / Mobile Clients IoT Cloud SCADA Gateway Connect Collect Consume Wired/WirelessProtocols
  10. 10. Making Sense of Things +Security Sensors & Devices Communication Cloud
  11. 11. Making Sense of Things +Configuration & Management Sensors Controllers Servers Users
  12. 12. Making Sense of Things + Build vs. Buy & Decision Points
  13. 13. Making Sense of Things +Build vs. Buy:What’s Best? Do I have the expertise? Can I hire? Can I build and sustain the solution? Is what I need readily available? Is it customizable? How do I protect my data / IP? Can I get good support and service? Finance: CapEx vs OpEx?
  14. 14. Making Sense of Things +Hardware Sensors Cloud Power Gateway
  15. 15. Making Sense of Things +Connectivity Wired or Wireless Protocols Security Accessibility
  16. 16. Making Sense of Things + Reporting / Analytics Software Device Management Alerting Monitoring
  17. 17. Making Sense of Things + DevOps Opportunities
  18. 18. Making Sense of Things +DevOps n  Hardware n  Sensors n  Devices / Machines n  Hardware n  Connectivity n  Software n  Protocols n  Features n  Analytics n  Security Patches
  19. 19. Making Sense of Things + Conclusion
  20. 20. Making Sense of Things +Conclusion Problem Statement IoT $$ Integrator Complete Solution BuildVS. VS. Generic Solution Industry-specific, Standardized CustomizedVS. VS.
  21. 21. Making Sense of Things + Q&A