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Certified Professional Master Agile Testing information and highlights



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Certified Professional Master Agile Testing information and highlights

  1. 1. © Highlights and Information about CP-MAT (Certified Professional – Master Agile Testing) CP-MAT is one of the most cutting edge testing learning and assessment program recommended for every testing person who has more than 2 years of experience. While the testing around us changed the method, the agility and techniques being used have remained archaic. The testers are still using the same old templates and same old process which is full of inefficiencies. The world around testers has changed to such an extent that the agile mindset of undertaking testing is really a must have, irrespective of the development being done using agile frameworks or not. CP-MAT is the ONLY agile certification that covers two very important test design techniques. Mind Map Test Design Technique and Pairwise / Orthogonal Array Technique. These 2 techniques are extremely important for all agile testing professionals to truly take advantage of being agile testers. CP-MAT is the ONLY certification that offers an Agile Testing Tool Kit – which allows participants to start practicing Agile Testing after the program? Other certifications do not have any tool kit. The course design of CP-MAT is extremely agile, hands-on and practical. Details about the program can be found on the following URL CP-MAT is a 3 day program inclusive of last day exams (2). The exams consists of 1 hour of theory exam (40 Multiple choice Questions) plus a 2 Hour Practical exams (live sprints) where the participants have to use the agile tool kit to test multiple drops and multiple sprints. CP-MAT Improves Testing efficiency Increases Tester Confidence Brings testing rigor in agile teams  Gets classic QA adapt to Agile  Guarantees that testing is not one sprint behind  Gets the testing team practice latest testing design techniques and trends
  2. 2. © Some of the highlights of the program are • CP-MAT is the surest Way to master PRACTICAL Agile Testing • It allows tester to pick up newer ways of doing Testing • Differentiate how old ways of testing may not work in swift moving agile projects or how they can make their old ways more efficient • Learn optimized test design – utmost necessary to reduce defect leakage in a project. • Mind Map Test Design Technique • Pairwise/Combinatorial Techniques • Exploratory Test Design Technique • Increasing agility in finding defects • Program is completely hands on with a live Project (Multiple Drops, Multiple Sprints) • Agile Toolkit is shared with every participants, allows them to do session based exploratory testing • Allows participant to apply Agile Testing Strategy across live sprints • Allows participants to practice using Kanban Board/ Visual Board to plan testing activity is used • Participants learn affinity estimation using planning poker cards This is a unique program which assesses participants on behavioral and practical aspects. Some of the feedback from the recent training program held in one of the large IT Services Company is as below. Preferred Corporate Partner and Licensed Trainer for CP-MAT Organizations get benefitted by becoming preferred corporate partners. They are allowed to create their own internal licensed trainers (Under complete Knowledge transfer of ATA - Train the trainer program of ATA). If your organization is interested to become a preferred corporate partner and also want to sign up for internal licensed trainers please get in touch with
  3. 3. © Our social Media presence Website: Twitter handle @AgileTA Facebook Page: Youtube link: LinkedIn profile: SlideShare: Learning and sharing Presentations and information Conferences Active Meetup Community