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50+ ways to improve tester - programmer relationship


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50+ ways to improve tester - programmer relationship by Ajay Balamurugadas

Published in: Technology
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50+ ways to improve tester - programmer relationship

  1. 1. 50+ ways to improve tester-programmer relationship - Ajay Balamurugadas
  2. 2. Beyond Functionality • Not just Functionality testing. Can you list ten different quality criteria?
  3. 3. Bug Reports Good Example: Call Log: Missing entries after five calls in twenty minutes. Bad Example: When a user calls many times, he does not see few entries in the call log. -Detailed steps, Attachments -Why should it be fixed? -Mention the tests conducted
  4. 4. Attitude • Serve them (by questioning) • Respect them and their skills • Know their timings & breaks No one likes to be disturbed !!!
  5. 5. Collaborative learning • Highlight heuristics, OFAT, MFAT • Highlight testing challenges • Ask what does the code do? • Technical Limitations • Similar Code?
  6. 6. Work To-get-her • Have programmer as one of your mentors