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LiveAd Product Suite - Presentation for AT Internet User & Partner Conference


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LiveAd Product Suite - Presentation for AT Internet User & Partner Conference

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LiveAd Product Suite - Presentation for AT Internet User & Partner Conference

  1. 1. LiveAd Product Suite TV & Online: joint-power Presentation for AT Internet User & Partner Conference 26th November 2013 © wywy GmbH 1
  2. 2. About wywy  Founded in March of 2012 , headquartered in Munich, Germany with offices and data centers in Germany, Israel and the United States.  Focused advertising technology company with simple-to-implement solutions for synchronized, cross-media advertising campaigns.  Specializing in real-time content recognition and advertising synchronization on the Second Screen.  Solutions based upon proven ACR platform through our acquisition of Idioma, an established media monitoring software company that was originally founded in 2000.  Voted Germany‘s Start Up of the year in 2012 by Deutsche Start Ups ( © wywy GmbH 2
  3. 3. Boom of Second Screen usage Increase in advertising efficiency through combination of TV and online cross-media campaigns First Screen Second Screen(s) Almost half off all smart-phone TNS Infratest 2013: Double screen study for advertising appeal of Weleda and tablet users use their gadgets daily as a second screen. More than 66% use a second screen several times a week. Nielsen, The Cross 97% rise in sales with synchronized cross-media advertising campaign. GFK/Coca-Cola/Google Study Platform Report, Juni2013 © wywy GmbH 3
  4. 4. TV-Commercial: First Touchpoint ” In the next twelve months we forecast a sharp increase in second screen usage. For up to 35% of Spreadshirt sales, touchscreen-devices could play an important role in the sales process. For this, from our point of view, TV-Advertising is going to be the key hand gear.“ Hugo Smoter, Marketing-Chef of Spreadshirt – November, 2013 1. Awareness © wywy GmbH 2. Consideration 3. Conversion 4
  5. 5. Challenge of TV Tracking  10% of a German mediaplan is always false ⌀ 5:22 minutes off compared to the mediaplan  80% TV-generated visits happen within the first 90 seconds after airing  Need of independent TV-spot tracking in real-time © wywy GmbH 5
  6. 6. Real time detection of TV-content 24/7 TV-monitoring with wywy Realtime tracking with wywy ACRtechnology Tagging and uploading TV-ad Javascript / REST API / csv file © wywy GmbH 6
  7. 7. LiveAd Analyze- Full Service Solution with ATInternet Mediaplan optimization:  Real-time presentation of short-time ROI of every single airing  Spotoptimization: call-toaction diagnostics  Optimizing the TV-Channel and air time  … Example for integration in Analytic Tool © wywy GmbH 7
  8. 8. LiveAd Flash Synchronizing online marketing with TV-ads for cross-media campaign First customers since beginning in July2013: © wywy GmbH 8
  9. 9. LiveAd Impulse Use your TV-ad: Synchronize your landing-page for impulse sales © wywy GmbH 9
  10. 10. Three alternatives for an easy to implement technical integration 1 Javascript    2 API Advertising client integrates wywy Javascript into website Javascript communicates with wywy backend, fetches real-time tracking information and makes it available to clients’ analytics tool via Javascript object  <wywy.js> result={ channelName: "RTL", commercialID: 1337, timestamp: 1380182286 };  © wywy GmbH  wywy pushes ad tracking information to analytics tool in real-time via REST API Analytics tool processes information internally for advertising client 3 CSV file    nelName=RTL& campaignID=23&commercialID=1337&ti mestamp=1380182286  wywy uploads daily CSV file with ad tracking information to clients analytics tool Analytics tool processes information internally for advertising client Note: This option does not offer real-time information channelName,ResultStartTime,ResultEnd Time,commercialName N24,8/12/2013 5:45:00 AM,8/12/2013 5:45:12 AM,SamsungS4_Park_Aug13 RTL 2,8/12/2013 6:21:56 AM,8/12/2013 6:22:08 AM,SamsungS4_NewYork_Aug13 10