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Web Analytics wednesday Toronto - October 2011

- Agile Analytics : AT Internet has decided to make analytics Agile
- Business Cases
- About AT Internet

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Web Analytics wednesday Toronto | AT INTERNET

  1. 1. 1/ Organizers : • Christopher Berry – Syncapse - c.berry@syncapse.com • Antoine Gay – AT Internet - antoine.gay@atinternet.ca2/ Business Cases3/ About AT Internet4/ Who wins the bottle ? 
  2. 2. #wawto 3
  3. 3. DEFINITIONS: [Dictionary] “quick and well-coordinated in movement” *Antoine+ “Awesome and much better”AT Internet has decided to make analytics Agile, adaptable : To simplify tagging processes, data extract To optimize interpretation and comprehension To bring user knowledge & Online Intelligence
  4. 4. CONTEXT: Retailer group offering high tech product and services Launching a loyalty program campaign and dedicated website to its clients
  5. 5. TARGET: Built a strong CRM strategy and improve behavioral knowledge - Identified visitors/clients - Funnels multipath - HeatMaps SEGMENTATION - Behavior (content) - Devices Rely on a tool and partner (or vendor directly) with expertise and efficient response and availabilities
  6. 6. SOLUTIONS: Categories for identified clients and 1 user’s detailed visit Identified Visitor Categories in funnels / Conversion Rates Funnels and Behavior Path per clients categories or any segment Heatmap on Segments (ID users, sources, behavior, goals …)
  7. 7. SYNTHESIS: It is important to define the right tagging plan, and once that, be Many to One clear on your perimeter of analysis before you even start It is essential to identify blocking points to improve It is important to segment in order to analyze deeper and understand a behavior and reach your goals Immediate benefits = increase average revenue per user (ARPU) -> an Agile solution will make you an Agile analyst 
  8. 8. CONTEXT World leader in building materials(cement, aggregates, concrete and gypsum) 76.000 employees worldwide 1,963 production sites 78 countries 1 intranet 1
  9. 9. WEB ANALYTICS CONTEXT Managed by communication team Highly political position Strong expectations to understand data and create reports to the direction But low analytical maturity… 1
  10. 10. ANALYTICAL SOLUTIONS Level 1: o Training to discover the WA solution and the basis o Basic reports scheduled every week and month Level 2: o New client needs expression o One shot tagging audit + recommendations Level 3: o Dedicated AT Internet consultant o Work with technical agency o Presentation of quarterly insights 1
  11. 11. WHAT HAVE BEEN DONE? Improve the tagging plan to better analyze the main sections of the intranet: Business tools ; Health and Safety ; HR information ; Corporate information. Deploy a common dashboard to the communication team. Connect the LDAP to the WA solution to rely on the geolocalisation analyses of offices and production sites. Segment content analyses with LDAP information (services & responsibilities) to customize intranet by profile Connect WA solution with email platform to send customize internal newsletter. 1
  12. 12. IMMEDIATE BENEFITS Improve the bounce rate on the homepage Ensure that the health and safety news are read by the workers Improve the efficiency of the top managers by providing dedicated tools 1
  13. 13. Simply 3 Slides : 15+ years experience in the web 3,500+ clients from all sectors 350,000+ sites measured 50+ billion measured page views per month 150+ employees all over the world
  14. 14. Mobile & App Analytics Web E-ReputationAnalytics Digital WorkSpace NX
  15. 15. “The Company significantlyenhanced its core product, addednew product modules, andexpanded its corporate visionfrom web analytics pure play tobroad online intelligenceprovider.”"The Forrester WaveTM : Web Analytics, Q4 2011" -Forrester Research, Inc. October 6, 2011.
  16. 16. Antoine Gay Jean-Baptiste Roux Alexandre MétierHead of Business Development VP Sales & Marketing Country Manager / Consultant antoine.gay@atinternet.com jean-baptiste.roux@atinternet.com alexandre.metier@atinternet.com