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[Infographic] World Cup 2014 & TV tracking: How can you measure “drive-to-web”?


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Check out this infographic for key stats and factors at play, and the basics and benefits of TV Tracking by AT Internet.

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[Infographic] World Cup 2014 & TV tracking: How can you measure “drive-to-web”?

  1. 1. INFOGRAPHIC by AT INTERNET MY PRODUCT IS GOOD I I III I II I II I up 7.5% 75% TV ad TV ad WEB 90sec. TV WEB WEBTV It’s the worldwide event of 2014: the FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil. Advertisers are planning colossal budgets for their television ad campaigns. But is there a way to accurately measure, in real time, the impact of these TV ads on digital platforms? There is now – with TV Tracking. This worldwide event will draw a viewing audience of 3.6 billion to 4 billion people. There are more than 2.5 billion internet users in the world. AD BUDGETS TV advertising budgets in 2014 rose 7.5% over 2013 in preparation for major sports events. SECOND SCREEN 75% of internet users operate secondary mobile devices while watching television. On average, online traffic peaks 1:30 to 2:00 minutes after the TV ad is broadcast. The viewer/internet user sees a TV ad S/he then visits the advertiser’s website The analytics platform gathers data in real time THE CONTEXT THE GOAL QUANTIFY YOUR IMPACT ON THE SECOND SCREEN THE PROCESS OF MEASURING TV AD IMPACT IN REAL TIME THE ADVANTAGES OF TV TRACKING How will advertisers measure the real-time impact of their TV campaigns using TV Tracking? IN REAL TIME AND IN REAL FIGURES, MEASURE THE IMPACT OF TV CAMPAIGNS ON DIGITAL PLATFORMS Online traffic Time SOURCES : Ericsson ConsumerLab, « TV and media », Kantar Media, MAGNA GLOBAL Advertising Forecasts: 2014, AT Internet By using TV Tracking, an advertiser can: • observe, in real time, the web traffic generated by the TV campaign • identify the TV traffic source (search engines, direct, etc.) • measure revisits (after ad broadcast) • analyze internet audiences using socio-demographic data Reconcile ONLINE & OFFLINE data ✔ Quantify and compare your online/offline performance. ✔ Verify that the online audience is consistent with your TV targeting objectives (GRP). Measure the ROI of TV campaigns ✔ Assess the profitability of specific ads and conversions generated on your website. Optimize your media plans ✔ Identify the best ad/channel/time combinations based on tracked results. TV Tracking is a low-cost technology ✔ Minimum investment compared to overall spending on TV campaigns. WANT TO LEARN MORE? visit TV TRACKING AT Internet is a global player in Digital Analytics. It provides businesses with decision-making solu- tions and services that generate comprehensive analyses of their performance and presence on all digital platforms: web, mobile, and social media. ©Copyright 2014 AT Internet - All rights reserved THE FOOTBALL WORLD CUP & DRIVE-TO-WEB 3.6 B 2.5 B