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AT Internet & Mazeberry: from analytics to a fully optimised marketing mix


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Thanks to unified data from AT Internet, and Mazeberry’s ROI-focused KPIs, BforBank now benefits from a clear understanding of its marketing mix. Business risks are minimised and the acquisition strategy optimised.

This webinar is the perfect opportunity to discover the many benefits of combining AT Internet and Mazeberry:

- How to choose marketing channels that are most effective in increasing your conversions?
- How to make impressions part of your customer journey analytical framework?
- How to combine both ROI-driven management of your marketing spen, and an innovative & expansionist strategy?

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AT Internet & Mazeberry: from analytics to a fully optimised marketing mix

  1. 1. • Overview • BforBank environment • Marketing mix optimization • The importance of sharing data In Brief BforBank Webinar From analytics to a fully optimised marketing mix
  2. 2. BforBank in brief - The 100% online bank is part of the Crédit Agricole Banking Group - Day-to-day banking (current account, free Premier Visa card…) - Meet all savings needs (saving account, trading account, investment funds and life insurance) and real estate mortgages - Award-winning customer service
  3. 3. AT Internet – Leading in digital analytics > 20 > 20 000 > 200 milliards 6 1 96 % years of experience in analytics websites and apps monitored server queries per month EU certifications of the 2 solutions reviewed and validated by the French Data Protection Authority customer satisfaction
  4. 4. Take control of your investments & Adopt a data-driven approach to manage your marketing mix and product mix
  5. 5. Goal: lower risks when taking business-oriented decisions UNDERSTAND & SUPPORT OPERATIONAL TEAMS Acquisition Manager E-store Manager Adapt my media plan depending upon high-margin & strategic products availability Prep my eCommerce with marketing spend in mind to propel conversions OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY Upper Management Understand & anticipate market trends Actions to boost your performance OPPORTUNITY
  6. 6. The Mazeberry Suite:
  7. 7. Best of breed Simple Combine two market leaders: Analytics + Attribution & Contribution Comprehensive Agile Segmentation
  8. 8. • Stakes & Challenges • Insights & Uses Cases • The importance of sharing data BforBank Webinar From analytics to a fully optimised marketing mix
  9. 9. • Choice of channels that contribute towards an increase in conversions • Inclusions of impressions to fully understand Customer Journeys • ROI-driven management of investments Stakes & Challenges: BforBank
  10. 10. Performance Marketing PlatformAround 60% of your conversions follow this pattern: +/- 30 days The last-click model assumes that conversions occur in just one visit 1 day
  11. 11. Mazeberry Methodology Customer journey analysis Useful traffic Autonomy Role Interactions CPA ??? ??? ??? passer strikerinitiator initiator passer striker striker
  12. 12. BforBank enviroment Journey towards Attribution & Contribution “Rome wasn't built in a day…” Ad Server tweaked for Last Event attribution • Deleverage some marketing channels (retargeting, branded SEA) • Drawbacks: Monotouch attribution model - no understanding of all Touchpoints Mazeberry + Ad Server • Contribution & Attribution analysis of channels tracked by Ad Servers (paid channels) • Advantages: End of Last Event model – control of paid channels • Drawbacks: sole access to paid channels Mazeberry + AT internet • Contribution & Attribution analysis of all marketing channels (SEO + PPC + CRM) • Advantages: Full understanding of Customer Journeys - impressions included 1 2 3
  13. 13. Performance Marketing Platform I0I0I0I00I0I00I0 0I0I0I000I000I0 0I0I0I00I0I0I0I0I 0I0I0I0I0I0I0I0I0 I0I0 MTA: Multi Touch Attribution MMM: Marketing Mix Modeling Decisions Creation of a conversion hub Media spend - API connection with all leading ad networks (AdWords, Criteo…) - Fees integration - In-house costs integration Stakes & Goals - Margin integration - Setup of goals to reach: - CPA - Turnover - ROI / ROAS - Comprehensive tracking Clicks & Impressions - Trusted data across-the- board - Cross-device
  14. 14. Code 100%Plug & Play No implementation Limit the involvement of your IT department 30days Before your first insight Average time across all industries Kick off + Setup + Formation 365 days Past data Analyze past data to draw insights to better prepare future actions GDPR Compliant GDPR-ready Mazeberry is 100% compliant with the legislation to come Values behind BforBank’s project
  15. 15. Investigate: Look for Affiliates that bring in the most added-value. Re-allocate: Rethink marketing spend and work on interconnections between channels. Insights: Contrary to market trends, Cash Back affiliates tend to be Autonomous in BforBank’s customer journeys. Subsequent investments have been made. Key Learning Points Focus on Affiliation
  16. 16. Investigate: Integrate all information that make up customer journeys into the Mazeberry Solution (Click & Impressions). Re-allocate: Look at Post-Impression analyses for networks that have a strong tendency to hunt for new clients (Pathfinder and Initiator roles need to be favored to avoid a retargeting effect). Insights: Stop networks that cannibalize others. Key Learning Points Focus on Display PATHFINDER (PI) INITIATOR (PC) PASSER IMPRESSION (PI) PASSER (PC) STRIKER IMPRESSION (PI) STRIKER (PC) 1st impression (PI) Follow-up impression (PI) 1st click Post-first click impression (PI) Passer click Pre-striker impression Last click Display N. 1 12% 11% 5% 22% 10% 38% 2% Display N. 2 23% 12% 12% 3% 20% 5% 20%
  17. 17. Key Learning Points Focus on SEA Investigate: find keyword groups that have an effect within customer journeys, without solely looking at groups that seem profitable in a last- click environment Re-allocate: stop investing in keywords with a high CPC that do not have much effect within customer journeys
  18. 18. Share with your team • Federate your team around your data • Design campaigns around seamless strategies Manage campaigns with agencies • Take a step back • Information you can trust (Full-scale analysis) Key Learning Points Focus on Data sharing